Forcefully His

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Chapter 12


“I haven’t told you to get up; we are not yet done here.”

My back was already in too much pain. If he went on I would have a rugged back.

“I am going to deliver 30 nice hits on your beautiful back my dear and I need you to help me count. Shall we begin?”


A painful strike landed on my back

“Shall we begin?” He asked again

“Yes sir”

“Good girl” I could feel him smirk

The first strike landed on my back. It was hard and painful compared to the rest.


Another landed of equivalent strength with the first






Was he punishing one of his criminals? He was not easy on me

On the 15th strike, my counting was not audible because of my crying. I was screaming and crying



I felt blood trickling down my back. Those strikes were of constant strength throughout. He was definitely angered and at this point, I felt as if he was taking out his anger on me and not punishing me.

“Twenty”, I whispered and screamed.

“Sorry sir, I have learned my lesson...... please “I cried out loud. I couldn’t take ten more strikes

“Damn it, Ava, I hate it when they start begging,” He said grabbing my arm roughly and pushing me to my bedroom

“Now listen carefully, any sentence, any word, any scream will earn you a broken bone.” He informed me through gritted teeth.

“Kneel on the edge of the mattress”

I quickly obeyed. The air around me was thinning.

He went behind me and dropped down my tight shorts. He pushed me forward so that I supported myself with my forearms even though my wrists were handcuffed

I turned to see his face and all I could see was an angry Hunter. He was raging furious and I feel he was not thinking clearly. I saw him open his zip and pull down his trousers. He forced me to face forward when he realized I was looking at him.

This was not happening. My hyperventilation made me feel as if it was all a dream but the pain I felt told me this was reality.

“I will treat you like the whore you proved to be”

With that, I felt him enter me forcefully and I put my head on my beddings and bit them

“You are not a maiden but you are tight,” He said through gritted teeth

He started thrusting

“You probably lost your virginity whoring around”

His words really cut deep. I was only trying to get some money. Why was he treating me like this? Was this part of the punishment?

“I am enjoying what is mine, Ava...... It seems like I will enjoy drilling discipline into you.”

With that, he increased the force of his thrusting and I let out a scream

“You scream again and I’ll break your arm.” He said as he gave me a hard spank.

I let him abuse me as I tried to relax so as to make it less painful for me. I could hear him grunt in pleasure as he held unto my hips.

He made sure he was thrusting to hurt because all that time all I felt was pain

He started spanking me hard and it all got too painful to handle. I tried pulling away but I was pulled right back to meet his thrust. I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Please........ just deport me “I tried to shout but it came out as a whisper.

He stopped his thrusting for a second then went on but with less force. I forced myself to think of happy things but it was impossible. I felt him quicken his pace and he released inside me.

He flipped me over and uncuffed me. He then went for a towel and water; he carefully wiped my body; my face, my back and the blood that was between my thighs. He was so rough that I bled. My body was in so much pain and I couldn’t clearly tell where the pain was from

I did not dare resist any of his actions. When he was done, he got me inside the beddings

“Go to sleep” He commanded

The bed dipped and his arm went around my waist to pull me close to him.

“I am fine, I am okay” I whispered to myself

“Ava, sleep,” He said impatiently

How was I supposed to go sleep when a monster was holding me by his side?

My tired body gave in and within 20 minutes I was asleep in the monster’s arms.

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