Forcefully His

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Chapter 13

I was woken up by Hunter lightly stroking my face. When I saw him, I quickly pulled up the covers to hide from him. He sighed and pulled the covers gently to expose my face. I was shaking slightly in fear. He gave me a peck and smiled at me.

“You have really slept, darling.....It is 4 pm”

Is he serious? I shifted my eyes to read my bedroom wall clock and it was 4.10 pm

I had overslept. I tried to get up but the pain that shot through my body made me cry out in distress.

“Here, have some painkillers,” He said handing me some white, circular tablets.

“Thank you” I whispered.

“Now turn around lie on your stomach for me dear”

I got scared but when I saw him with some ointment tube in his hands I didn’t resist.

He rubbed my back with ointment and then helped me lie on my side.

I was afraid of him and his presence made me very uncomfortable

“I have to go dear. I have made enough food for your lunch and dinner.”

“Thank you very much, sir”

Why was he being so gentle and caring whereas yesternight he was a monster? He hurt me more than I have ever been hurt before. Was he being apologetic? I wish I could ask him but I wanted him gone

He took his car keys and wallet leaving his suitcase with some of his clothes and necessities over.

“I’ll call you at night sweetie.... Goodbye.”

Immediately I heard the entrance door close I called Joanne

‘Hello Joanne.....please come over, I need your help.’ I said holding back a sob.

I mastered strength and got out of bed. Every step I took came with a lot of pain and I had to walk slowly. I took my phone and started taking nice pictures of my sofa, dining table, some of my beautiful dresses, pots, everything that I could live without.

I then posted them in a second-hand store and sent some to my friends. I needed money really fast. I needed to renew my Visa and be free.

When Joanne arrived I told her all that had happened but left out the bit where Hunter had forced himself on me. I then requested her to stay with me until I felt better. I was scared of being alone.

I talked to her and made plans of how I would move to a smaller apartment maybe a studio apartment because my new job could not pay my current one-bedroom apartment. I also requested her to talk to her police friend who had bailed us some few months ago and help get my visa renewed because I knew renewing an expired visa would be troublesome for me if I didn’t have connections.

Lucky for me all my furniture and utensils plus my 2 dresses had been bought by Tuesday. I took the money, added the amount I had earned at the party house and borrowed Joanne the remainder. She then went ahead to talk to the police friend who agreed to help after listening to my story of how I was been blackmailed by an officer.

That week was very hectic but I loved the feeling I got with all the rush to try set myself free. Joanne got me a studio apartment in town which was very much affordable, at 650$. We went to check it out and it was beautiful, the toilet and bathroom were inside the apartment, there was a washer and drier at a small space, a kitchen space and spacious counter and it also had a balcony facing a beautiful garden. I requested Matt, my employer, to give me half of my pay since the end month was a week away so I could pay for the apartment, booking it for myself. Joanne helped me clean it and we got the key officially from the landlord who told me to move in the coming month.

I got angry and tired of Hunter blackmailing me. If I will have a miserable life under his mercy then I’d rather starve, have a loan to pay and lose nearly everything than have a monster like him in my life. The following week my visa came. Tears of joy rolled down my face and I knelt to pray giving thanks.

End month came and I decided it was time to move out. Joanne helped me move. I left Hunter’s suitcase with my former landlord and instructed him to give it to ‘Mike Hunter’ a Police Officer who had left it behind months ago. I had lied like a pathetic idiot. I was silently grateful that Hunter had given me some space because now I could move out without him knowing.

I arranged my small apartment which accommodates all my stuff since I had sold most of them.

I put my small fridge in the living area, my cleaning equipment in a small closet, and my clothes in the other closet.

I set my study desk and bed in the room that served as the living area/bedroom. I loved my small space and I was going to do fine in it.

I decided to look for an online flirting job. I didn’t want Hunter to find me at the party house again if he decides to look for me.

I registered myself in a site and all I needed to do was entertain my bored, single clients. Some of them were definitely married but I like to think most people who go to such sites are single. Let’s be serious guys, I was earning 800$ per month and rent was 650$. I needed to pay a loan, fee, food, transport money and most importantly I needed extra money to save every month so that I would never find myself in blackmail situation again. I needed this online job.

The change from a big apartment to a studio apartment felt weird and downgrading. I was sure that I was going to starve maybe for 2-3 months so I could pay Joanne the money she loaned me but all that did not matter, I was free from Hunter, I was free!!!!!!!!

I made a cup of black coffee and sipped it while staring at the garden from my new balcony.

‘You are a strong girl Ava. You are a powerful woman.’ I nodded hard to that thought.

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