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Chapter 14

Hunter’s POV

I wondered why Ava was running late and it was past 11 pm.

She was not replying to my texts and she was not picking my calls. I got worried because the town was never safe past 10 pm. I decided to track her down using her phone. When I arrived outside the building which the tracker had led me to, I got furious. It was some cheap club which was not even worthy of the title club. They probably sold illicit brew inside there.

I took out my license and handcuffs from the backseat of my car and headed in.′ If I find her messing around I would arrest her and throw her in jail.′

I will let her spend the night in a disgusting cell before taking her out and whipping her mercilessly’ I thought to myself.

I searched for her in the club and I almost didn’t recognize her when my eyes landed on her. She was in a short and a crop top. Her belly was out in the open. Her thick thighs and curves were being caressed by another man who seemed fascinated about her body, my body. She seemed to be an expert in lap dancing as she clearly seemed to enjoy it.

Was she a whore? The way she moved those hips with a pleasured expression on her face made me feel disgusted. Was she a part-time whore? I would have known because I was doing some background check on her.

Then I saw her turn around and straddle the man. The man tried to kiss her and I couldn’t watch it anymore.

I felt a wave of anger come upon me. I went and arrested her as I would arrest a stranger. I threw her in the backseat and got into the car. I started driving not caring to look at her. My jaw was clenched the whole time. I was trying to restrict myself from taking her to the cell. When I heard her talk it made me feel like stopping the car and administering her punishment at the side of the road.

I quickly took the road toward her apartment building leaving the one that leads to the police station.

When we arrived, I took her out of the vehicle and got into the elevator. I saw her taking peeks at me.

She was not going to get out of this one. She will feel my wrath. I got her out of the elevator and pushed her into the house. She fell and I took a look at her.

‘I need to control myself before I damage her for life’ I thought to myself. I proceeded to administer her punishment but I lost myself to my anger.

I woke up Sunday morning to see my beautiful black angel sleeping beside me. I softly kissed her cheek and spooned her all morning.

Memories of last night came to my head

Her skin was beautiful and she felt so good when I took her. I was blinded by rage. I had meant to only belt her, give her some pain and fear so she could learn and be always afraid of disobeying me.

I had gotten hard belting her beautiful back with her counting loudly for me. I lost it when she begged. I hated when criminals begged yet they are still hiding some information and at that moment Ava begging before her punishment ended made me feel the need to cause her much more pain. The flashback of her straddling a man and behaving like a whore made me lose it yet she was begging me to stop. I then decided to take her roughly, to give her pain, degrade her, let her know to whom she belonged to and to also relieve my hard-on.

The whole time I was blinded by rage and fury that if she dared to annoy me in the middle of teaching her a lesson, I would have broken her bone. I was completely lost and I enjoyed the pleasure her body brought as I took out my anger. I then heard her whisper, ‘Please....just deport me’

I froze at her words. I looked at the position I had kept her, her dark skin was now having an ugly red color, her head was pushed against the beddings. My nails were almost breaking her skin because of how tight I was holding unto her hips. She was a crying mess. I realized that I had forgotten the importance of teaching her a lesson and I was now using her to let out my anger. I needed to release so I proceeded slowly and released inside her.

I then cleaned her and put her in the covers instructing her to sleep. She was tired, her body needed to recover. I know I was not easy with the belting and I never went easy with my punishments.

It was noon and she was not yet awake. I made enough food for her lunch and dinner. I then got ready and waited for her to wake up. 3 pm and she wasn’t awake yet. I looked at her sleeping form and felt guilty when I remembered her begging me to just deport her.

I imagined the pain I could have caused her at the moment for her to just prefer being deported after all she had fought for. I could never get her deported. Even when she manages to pay for her visa, I will look for another way to keep her around. I then woke her up, gave her medicine and left.

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