Forcefully His

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Chapter 15

Ava’s POV

Life at my new small apartment was great. I was still working for Matt and during the weekends I would do some online work. I did not have a lot of money on me. I survived on bread and jam for both dinner and breakfast.

Life at school was smooth and I got extra time for reading at night since my work ended by 10.30 pm latest. I was for sure getting in a little more money per day- with the online job -than before but I needed to pay back the loan and save for my fee since the semester was almost over. I was back to my usual way of life before I met Hunter.

A life of hustles and fatigue every day. I was happy again. I never took freedom for granted.

I never want to land in such a situation again. That is why I will work hard even if it means flirting with men online and having dirty conversations.

At least that job won’t hurt my feelings like Hunter did.

Hunter’s POV

I decided to give her 2 weeks break to heal physically and emotionally from all the pain I had caused her. I know it was painful for her even though I purposefully hurt her.

I had to give her the break because there was no way I would let her go, and I wanted her to let go of bitterness because I was going to be around for so long.

I had a background check on her and she had some weaknesses that I planned to use to keep her around when she manages to pay for her Visa. I will keep her to myself, she will learn to live with me whether she liked it or not.

I headed to her apartment to see how she was doing but I was welcomed by an empty apartment

‘So she decided to run away. I will get her and when I do she better have an explanation as to why she ran away. She was full of defiance and if I was not careful I was going to kill her with my punishments.’

I headed to the landlord to see if I could get something about her whereabouts.

The landlord handed me my suitcase and informed me that all he knew was that she moved into a studio apartment because she couldn’t afford a one-bedroom apartment.

I knew she was going through a hard time. I was a rich man and there is no way I could bail her out of her visa crises. I was enjoying the game too much. I understood her problems and I tried my best to make sure she at least had food. I was planning to pay her fee coming semester as long as she gave herself to me without defiance and accepts to marry me.

Blackmailing her was not the only way to keep her around. I was from a powerful family and our word was final when it came to governing the county. I was the chief of police and keeping her around for me was not going to be a challenge considering all the power I have.

Call it an abuse of power but I needed this girl in my life. My heart softened when I saw her so scared of why police were in her house searching it thoroughly. I was a strict man and never really abused my power but when needed, I never minded pulling a few strings.

When I left the apartment I sent some junior patrol officers to go to all the studio apartment buildings and question whether a dark skin girl called Ava had recently moved in.

I was going to find her. She was not about to escape me. I will make her understand she is beneath me and she will never run.

‘See you soon my love’ I said out loud lost in the thoughts of how beautiful she is

‘Beautiful and MINE’ I growled.

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