Forcefully His

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Chapter 16

Saturday morning was here. Sprinkles of fun, happiness, and joy.

This was a day I purposed to talk to as many clients as possible. I wanted to get a lot of money fast and pay the debt. I went to the shower to freshen up. I took my time dancing in the shower and also singing in the shower.

My bathroom was tiny but it was a preetie good size for the studio. As I got out I happened to see my back in the hind mirror. I could see the evidence of the night I had been belted like a criminal. I sat down on the toilet to stop the flashbacks from coming.

I let myself sob when I remembered of how he didn’t let me talk during the painful punishment. How he called me a whore. I felt misunderstood, I felt dominated. I remembered when he took me by force, roughly using me and giving me as maximum pain as he could. I cried when I remembered my feelings as he used me yet I was not allowed to talk and I had no powers to fight. I felt like I was drowning underneath him, forced, abused and not allowed to talk.

I was still scarred and no matter how much I had tried to suppress my emotions for 2 weeks it finally caught up with me and I had to cry to let it out. I had tried to ignore the fact that Hunter had hurt and abused me.

I sat down for an hour assuring myself. I got dressed, cheered up then opened my laptop to start working. The first customer was a 35-year-old man just like Hunter. He was kind and considerate as we texted each other. He requested me to dance for him for some extra money but made it clear it was okay for me to say no and that I wouldn’t lose him for a customer if I said no

He was the total opposite of Hunter. I had talked to him a couple of times and today I felt ready to dance for him at his first request. All I needed to do was just do some sexy dance in booty shorts and a crop top. I stood up from my study desk, moved my chair and started dancing for him. I held unto to the bed behind me and twerked for him. I was going to get good money for this.

Suddenly I heard a knock. I excused myself and told my customer to give me a minute. I opened the door and I was met by an angry Hunter.

He looked at me with his face showing how angry he was. My customer called out for me and Hunter heard him

He pushed me aside and walked to the study desk where my laptop was. He shut down my laptop then threw it so hard on my bed.

I got so scared. I hadn’t seen him in 2 weeks and when I do I meet and angry Hunter.

We stood there looking at each other. I tried to get a courageous look so that I could inform him that he doesn’t own me anymore.

He started pacing around the room and he stopped in front of my shelf. He started looking at the books and magazines there then turned to look at me.

“Why did you run away?” He asked with a dark tone.

“I needed to move out of that apartment sir..... I couldn’t afford it”

“So you left without telling me.....yours truly...Haven’t you learned?”

“Actually I managed to pay for my visa... You don’t own me and I don’t have to follow your rules anymore.” I said with a low scared voice. I was still very afraid of this Officer. I associated him with cruelty.

He took out his camera and went to my shelf. He took some pictures then showed me pictures of some white translucent powder in a clear zip bag.

I gasped when I realized what it was. It was methamphetamine.

“I see you keep on getting into trouble miss. Why would you have an illegal substance in your house.” He smirked

“You put that there; I swear I don’t use those things. You put it there when you walked to my shelf.”

“Are you accusing me, Miss Ava......? I really don’t want to get you arrested for this plus I might decide to revive your case from 8 months ago.”

Did he know about that? Why was he trapping me once again?

“Why do you do this to me?”

“Because, I want you by my side, Forever. You are mine baby.... I can have you even without blackmail but this seems fun because you will be less defiant knowing that any time you might get into trouble with the authority.”

“I swear I didn’t have that sir.... (I started crying).......I didn’t have that... I am innocent.... Why do you want to ruin me? If I am truly yours why do you give me a hard time?”

He came and hugged me. I pulled away and hugged myself

“Don’t touch me, sir.”

“Just because I gave you a 2 weeks break doesn’t mean you start disrespect. I expect you to obey the rules better than before since you know the consequences.....otherwise, I won’t mind putting you to your place.” He said firmly

He then attempted to hug me again and I gave in

“There now dear..... I don’t want you talking to that man I’ve seen on your laptop again. I forgive you for being naïve thinking you had escaped me.”

“I don’t want this anymore....please.....leave me alone.”

“By now you should have already realized I am not letting you go.” He said tilting my jaw up to meet his eye

I let a stream of tears fall. I saw his eyes soften when my tears came out.

‘I can’t delete what is written for my destiny’ I thought to myself. I pulled away and went to my bed. I covered myself and cried, not embarrassed by the fact that he was there watching me.

#This is just to inform you that I will be updating, the story is not complete.

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