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Chapter 3

It is Friday! Happy Friday!

I shouted in my bedroom as I kicked the duvet and got off my bed. I did a little happy dance. Friday and Saturdays always had a nice feel-good morning. They are like the only days that sprinkled some joy, happiness and a fun mood unto you before you open your eyes. Friday was also the day I never got to go to work at 8 pm. I was free to attend parties but I always chose to stay home and catch up with my school work

Got to start cleaning! I told myself.

I quickly connected my phone to my speaker and played my playlist. That always hyped me up for general cleaning or any other house chore. After cleaning while dancing or dancing while cleaning I headed to the bathroom and took a nice refreshing shower. I knew I would enjoy my breakfast when I am fresh. I then headed to the kitchen to make breakfast. I was out of milk and I only had one bun left. I made coffee switched on my laptop, watched my series and enjoyed what I had for breakfast. I purposed to head out to buy ice cream and other food products in the afternoon.

I was so relaxed. I had finally calmed down and I felt like I had never been stressed. My day was going to be lovely.

After the series I called my classmate who shared some notes on all the classes I had missed. I was happy and proud of myself. I was getting back on track. I quickly made a weekend timetable to cover all the topics I had missed lectures on.

I did not fix anything on Friday. It had been a long time since I last gave myself a treat. I decided to let things flow since I was not about to change my status any time soon.

Afternoon arrived and I grabbed my purse put it in a shopping basket and headed to the supermarket. I decided to also spare some cash and buy myself 3 pieces of chicken at my favorite restaurant which was a couple of blocks away. I was happy to walk there and of course, I decided to buy my goods from a supermarket that is near the restaurant.

The afternoon was cool and Friday mood was in the air. People had casual clothes on, happy faces on like there was not a trouble in their lives. It was a party mood in the streets. As I was walking I saw a police car and I got confused for a second

I had passed by so many police cars for the past 2 months and never had I ever been stopped or gotten caught, I assured myself....moreover I had never seen the chief around

With that thought in mind, I shook my head and proceeded to walk. The police car door was opened and the chief walked out.

“Ava Bridget?”

“Yes officer” I replied

“How are you doing?”

“I am fine officer”

“The name is Mike Hunter; Officer Hunter is what my colleagues call me”

“Officer Hunter” I whispered and tried out the name

“Where are you headed to?”

“To the supermarket officer”

“Please call me Hunter. Why would you go to shop far away from your street?”

“I need to get something from a shop a block away from here.”

“I will be coming for dinner tonight. I expect you to be serving me tonight.”

What did he say? Did I hear him clearly? Whatever in the world am I supposed to say?

Thank God it is Friday. People always have plans on Friday night, it is not unusual.

“I I said as I stuttered. It felt so wrong to lie to him, an officer but I had to. I was not ready for any uncomfortable moments

“Cancel them” he plainly told me

I looked up to meet his eyes, his face was so stern

“Excuse me off.....”

“Hunter”... he cut me short before I referred to him as officer

“Excuse me Hunter but I have plans, I cannot cancel”

Well, that sounded wrong....′ Hunter’... I felt uncomfortable calling him that.

“I said cancel them! That is a command” He raised his voice

I got so pissed at him. Why would he not show respect and try to push me around? I was never going to let anyone push me around. I had done so much and came from a place where I do not need anyone pushing me around

“Sorry mister but you are mistaken; I am not canceling my plans to have a stranger cop in my house. I am not going to let you push me around.” I said with so much anger in my voice. I almost spat at him

“Stranger cop? So you wouldn’t mind if this stranger cop pretended not to know about your visa and decides to check it out here then arrest you in public because we both know you are in trouble Ava”

Wow...this got messy. He was right. I was now under his mercy and since all he wanted was dinner it wouldn’t hurt, right?

“I don’t.... have enough to host you ......Hunter”

This excuse was honest and if it would make him cancel his plans the better. I would be so lucky

He reached out for his wallet from his pocket and handed me a 100 dollar note.

“Here”, he handed me the note

I looked at the ground as I reached out for the money.

“Buy some chicken and cook me some rice”

He is arrogant! I am hosting him and he has to command me what he wants to be made for dinner

“I thought one should be surprised for dinner hosted by another person” I tried to hint to him that he should not order around if he is being hosted.

“Make me whatever I have told you.....and buy me a pack of beer cans. Buy yourself some drinks then keep the change.” rude

“Yes ......can I please go now?

“Be safe, I will be seeing you tonight....Ava. He said my name with a tone that I could only think of as mockery.

I forced a smile and resumed my journey

I was in some mess and if I don’t handle Hunter well I could get deported.

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