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Chapter 4

I was lucky he gave me the money, for now, I could afford to eat decent meals. I could also afford to buy ice cream and more groceries.

I was going to eat healthy for the next 2 weeks if I used the money carefully. Most times I only had breakfast and dinner. I was silently grateful he gave me the money even though I didn’t tell him out loud.

When I got to the restaurant I ordered 8 pieces of chicken then headed to buy all the stuff I needed to buy from the supermarket next door.

I hurried back to the house and unpacked. I prepared the vegetables and packed them well for preservation, I emptied cereals in respective cereal containers then proceeded to put the drinks plus Hunters beer cans into the fridge so that they got chilly.

Looking at the clock it was 5 pm. I better get started on dinner coz he didn’t specify what time of the night he will be coming. The night starts at 7 pm but I’ve been to dinners that have started at 6 pm and others at 8 pm

I cooked some vegetable rice and made some soup. I have never used so much concentration and energy in preparing a meal. The fact that he paid for it made me walk on eggshells as I made it. I also made some vegetable salad and fruit salad

Well okay. I have never made such a beautiful meal for myself. If only I could afford it. I set the pots, bowls and eating utensils on the small dining table. I looked at the time and it was 6.45 pm

That took me long enough to prepare... I thought to myself.

I hurriedly went to freshen up as I was expecting a guest. I wore simple black plants and a decent blue top. I sat down on my one seat sofa and thought of what to say during dinner. I started panicking when I thought of what to do if he overstayed after would I keep him busy and entertained....what will he say about my status of having an expired visa. I had to try my best not to get him angry or try to beg him not to report me if at all he makes up his mind to report me.

I needed to calm down. I listened to my playlist singing along as I waited. My heart felt like it was coated in ice. I was so not looking forward to dinner. He had forced me to host him, what more will he blackmail me to do? I felt pressured and stressed that I got a headache.

At 7.45 pm I heard a knock. It was definitely him. I went ahead to open the door and when I saw him my heart rate increased for a few seconds before getting back to normal.

He was dressed casually as was expected on a Friday evening. What did I expect that he would dress in a nice suit like we are going for dinner...please..... Like I was dressed in princess gown myself.

“Welcome” what else was I to say. Should I add Hunter or Officer? Should I tell him to feel at home?

“Thank you, Ava, please move aside so that I get in”

“Sorry”, I said as I excused him and he got inside.

I led him to a sink to wash his hands then offered him a seat at the dining table. This was awkward.

“ to eat,” I told him in a low voice

This man is blackmailing mind began to wander... You are hosting a murderer and the devil’s agent. I shook my head lightly and the pain that came with it due to the headache I had earned myself took my thoughts from overthinking. It was not a good time to wander off and listen to such kinds of thoughts I was already so scared and my hands were cold

“Serve me,” He said in a low voice

I came to realize when he is giving you a command or an order he will speak in a low voice until you piss, annoy or anger him then he will raise his voice

I went ahead to pick a plate and serve rice. My hand was shaking slightly. I saw him look at me and I tightened the grip on the serving spoon so as to try stop shaking. I poured some soup and put some vegetable salad on his plate. I politely handed him the plate as I took a bowl to put some chicken pieces for him

“How many chicken pieces should I serve you?”

“Put any amount for me”

“Are four enough”

“Yes Ava, thank you.”

I proceeded to place the four pieces of chicken in his bowl. My hand was still shaking

After placing his bowl next to him, I felt a grip on my wrist. The air around me was already tense and now I felt like the air was thinning. I started to hyperventilate.

“Calm down Ava, try to relax. I mean I won’t harm you not unless you force me to and you can trust that I won’t kill you”

I nodded my head in agreement as I forced myself not to let down a stream of tears that were dangerously close to coming out, and proceeded to take my seat on the opposite side of my small dining table. If only it gave us enough distance apart I would be a little more comfortable.

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