Forcefully His

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Chapter 5

“Are you going to just sit and watch me eat?”

“I am sorry, I’ll serve myself now. How do you like the food?”

“It is delicious you make really delicious food. It is a warm meal”

“Glad you like it”

I served my food in a bowl. I loved eating from bowls rather than a plate

We sat quietly and ate. My heart was glad when he finished eating because that silence was making the air so tense.

After he was done I cleared the dishes and pots and brought him a fruit salad

“Get me a beer”

Does he ever use the word please?

“On It!” I said, quickly getting him his beer can from the fridge

“How old are you”

“23 years”

“And where are you from?”

“I am from Ghana”

“African, that’s beautiful. Why are you in the country?”

I couldn’t open up a lot of information to him right now. I had to keep it simple and give a plain answer

“I came to search for a better life, opportunities, and money.”

“Would you then explain to me why your visa is expired?”

Well, here it goes...The one-shot I have to convince him to give me more time.

“Officer, I have been having a financial crisis but I feel that in 4 months I will be able to renew the visa. I pay for my fee, rent and I don’t earn a lot of money. I will try my best to not be in this situation ever again, please don’t get me deported. I have been through so much and suffered a lot to get here so I beg you to give me a chance and help my efforts not go down the drain”

At this point, I was talking with a lot of bitterness. I wasn’t afraid of looking vulnerable I needed to get mercy or pity

“I see, I will keep your little secret as long as you listen and obey everything I tell you”

Did I really have a choice? I didn’t. It was not worth bargaining. I was on the wrong side of the law and I had to play this thing right. One mistake I could lose all I have worked for

“Okay officer, I hear you, I am willing to obey”

“Let’s start by you calling me Hunter and not officer...... Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No Hunter”

Why would he start asking such questions? He was comfortable around me but I wasn’t around him. I guess that’s why calling him Hunter feels weird and him getting personal alarms me.

“Good for you, you don’t have to go through the pain of breaking up with a boyfriend”

I gasped at how cold his words were

“What do you mean?”

“From the minute I set my eyes on you, you became MINE. I don’t want anybody touching what’s mine. I don’t share and don’t let any male come near you or touch you. You understand?”

For a minute I became confused. It never clicked my mind that things could take such a turn. It was okay for him to blackmail me with other stuff but this was deep. How could I have this man as my boyfriend?

“I am not ready for a relationship, I don’t want a boyfriend” I informed him

“You have no say in this, I am more than a boyfriend. I own you.”


“No buts.....I demand only 3 things from you; honesty, obedience, and respect. Is that clear “He asked raising his voice

“I can’t let you make this big change in my life, please consider my.....”

“Shut up! When I say you have no say in this I mean it. I need you to start practicing what I demand from now. I’ll ask again, is that clear? He asked through gritted teeth.

Tears fell freely and trickled down my face. I looked up to meet his eyes. He was impatiently waiting for an answer. I heard him mumble some curse words.

“Ava don’t make me get up from my seat because this is clearly disrespectful. You should always answer my questions immediately without hesitance!”

I could not comprehend this man. I could not comprehend what was going on. My life had changed all over sudden. I would never have thought of this ever happening to me. More problems had come into my life.

I heard him move the chair back and he stood up. I could feel his anger radiating around the room. His hand was folded into a fist. That was one huge fist; I did not want to get hurt and still get deported.

“Yes........hunter... sobb.... it is clear.” I forced myself to reply to him in fear of getting hit. I began to sob out loud.

“Ex....cuse..... Sobb..... Me.” I left the table and went to the kitchen. I tried to calm myself down.

I heard Hunter open the can of beer. ‘He is celebrating for achieving his first step to destroying my life.’ What a cruel man.

When I managed to calm down I made my face and returned to the dining table. I served myself a bowl of fruits and sat quietly. I felt his gaze on me. I couldn’t look at him with puffy eyes and a red face.

“Look at me,” he said in a calm voice

I did not want to disobey. He made it clear he expected me to obey his rules immediately. I don’t want to come in contact with his fist of fury that I had just seen him make. I looked at him and he smiled a little

“You are beautiful,” He said.

“Thank you” I whispered

“Why don’t we move to the couch darling”


I was scared, was he about to make his move and use me then leave calling it a night

“Get your laptop we are watching a movie”

I went, took my laptop and set it on the small table in front of my large couch. I sat on the sofa beside him but he pulled me and laid me by my side with my head on his lap. He played with my hair as we watched the movie, more of him alone watching the movie. My heart was beating fast and my thoughts were everywhere.

“Relax darling, everything will be alright.” I heard him try to assure me. I guess he felt my aura of fear and discomfort. Midway in the movie, I relaxed and actually giggled when a funny scene came. I decided to accept fate as it was.

Worst case scenario would be me getting deported and as long as I was still fighting for my dream and not deported, I feel that’s something to be grateful about. I smiled and decided to embrace my dark fate, after all, there might be some light at the end of this dark tunnel

It would not be easy but I’ll have to try. After the movie, Hunter patted my head

“Time to leave young miss”

“I’ll see you off. Help you catch a cab.”

“I have my car in the parking lot”

“Well okay, let me see you off to your car then.” I was trying to start getting comfortable around him

He seemed shocked by my new attitude and he pulled me close and gave me a hug. That’s our first time being that close. I was tense at first but when I relaxed I lay my head on his chest and accepted the hug.

I walked with him down the stairs to the parking lot as he thanked me for hosting him, more like forced. He had an expensive-looking car and lucky him he didn’t seem to have money issues. He looked content.

Being chief, having a nice car, nice clothes, I assume he has a nice place and affords his daily needs. That sounds like a nice life. When he started the engine I took the elevator back to the 3rd floor.

My life had changed and I had to adjust. This turn was huge and scary but I had to be strong. I cleared up the dining table and threw his can of beer in the dustbin. He must be so cruel to celebrate when he is causing me pain. I shut my eyes tight when the memory of him firing at the man flashed in my head.

Maybe the nature of his job made him like this. If not that then his personality and nature got him that job and he is, in reality, a cruel man. If it is the latter then I was not lucky and something told me the latter was correct. He was a cruel man. I quickly ignored my thoughts. I will be fine.

I did the dishes then headed to sleep.

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