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Chapter 6

Saturday was here. I had to study whether I liked it or not otherwise my workload would be so hectic coming week. I woke up to find a text

‘Thanks for yesterday, have a nice Saturday’

How did he get my number? I checked my call log and saw his number in the sent outcalls. I guess he called himself using my phone yesterday and got my number.

I ignored the text shut down my phone and headed to the bathroom. I did not want any distractions today. I had to accomplish, My study goal.

After freshening up I got to my books and after one hour of trying so hard to pay attention, I finally got into it. The day was smooth with few 1hr breaks in between 2.5 hours of intense study sessions. I snacked on the vegetable and fruit salad that remained the previous day.

The day was a success; however, I had to go to my night time job. I took a 1-hour nap, showered and headed to my workplace. Most days I got there early and today was one of those days. I smiled at Mr. John (my employer) and got into my work uniform.

I was always happily working for him because he gave me a decent pay for my job and not forgetting that, that job catered for my needs and kept me surviving. I loved my job even though it was hectic. The night hours moved by fast and the place was less busy on Saturdays probably because people would prefer to eat home-cooked meals on Saturdays.

I took out my phone and saw a text message from Hunter

‘Why didn’t you reply to my text? Meet me tomorrow at the basketball court near the G gas station, I will be there with my friend playing some games, be there by 10 am.’

Looks like I received a command and my Sunday is now booked. I didn’t want to ask why I needed to meet him at the basketball court. He probably didn’t want to ruin his plans or disarrange his plan of spending time with his friend but he was okay with ruining and interfering with my plans so that we could meet. He was selfish! I guess I’ll have to wear sportswear on a Sunday in case he insists we play.

A customer got in and I was happy to serve him and pack his take out. We didn’t get a lot of tips here, they weren’t stingy I just like to think they just have what is enough for them.

After my shift, I excused myself and took a cab back home. I felt good that my day was smooth and I had accomplished my goals

MR. John’s POV

I couldn’t bring myself to tell her.

She is always on time and I know she needs this job but I just have to let 5 workers go and she is one of them. I need workers who can work 10-hour shifts, not a 2 or 4-hour shift like her. I will just have to write her an official text and email to inform her early in the morning.

Ava’s POV

The morning arrived.

I have to meet up with hunter today.

I took my phone to read the texts and I found Mr. John’s text. After reading his text I couldn’t help but cry. I pulled the covers over my head and cried bitterly under the covers. I couldn’t lose that job

Mr. John was an old man and his business had not been doing all that well. He had to let some workers go and I got fired, he had to let me go. He had sent me the paycheck for the whole month even though the month was not half over. It was a kind act and I really appreciated it.

My life was a mess. Where was I to begin? I stayed in bed crying until I could cry no more. I didn’t want to think about it much because it was depressing.

At 9.30 am I got out of bed to shower. My eyes were puffy from crying. My whole face was red and looked kind of swollen due to roughly wiping the tears on my sensitive skin. I definitely was going to run late. I took a cold shower and wore grey sweatpants and a white baggy long-sleeved t-shirt.

I quickly headed down to the basketball court and from afar I could see Hunters vehicle. I just pray he won’t bring up the fact that I am 45 minutes late. Last time I checked he wasn’t that entire patient. I slowly approached the court fingers crossed.

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