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Chapter 7

I found my entrance to the court; Hunter and his friend were there already sweaty. I watched them play for a little while and it was beautiful. Sweaty well built men all the calves and arm muscles in the display for you to see. ‘Seems they are having fun’.

They then stopped playing for a while and started talking while laughing. I took the opportunity to let Hunter know I had arrived.

He looked so handsome with his handsome jawline. He was smiling and laughing and that made him look so handsome and warm.

When he saw me, he abruptly stopped laughing and put on a stern face. His friend also stopped laughing when he realized that Hunter’s mood had changed. I got to where they were and greeted them with a lot of nervousness


“Hello, you must be Ava, I am Stanley, and you can call me Stan”

“Nice to meet you, Stan, hello Hunter”

“You are late! And you didn’t bother to reply to my texts yesterday” He said firmly with a tone of anger

“I’m sorry but I have an exp.......”

“Shuuuut!” he said, his jaw clenched and with his arm raised threatening to slap me

I did have explanations. Well, to be honest, I didn’t have any explanation for not replying to his texts, I plainly ignored them and if he hadn’t shushed me I was about to come with some preetie good excuse, the power of the brain. I, however, did have an explanation for being late. My face could still show features of someone who was from crying for a long time

“You forgot about what we talked about over dinner? Did you really show obedience?”

Obedience my foot. Arrogant man. Why can’t he ask me why I didn’t do what he expected of me before getting angry? Narcissistic person. I felt the heat of anger rise. I was about to get angry at something new.

“You are an awful person Hunter.....You can clearly see my face is still puffy and my eyes are red. I don’t know whether you can see it but I am from crying!” I started shouting

" You should have asked me why I am late before getting angry and threatening to hit me” At this point, I could see Stan getting uncomfortable but he didn’t leave and I thank heavens he didn’t because at this point Hunter would have already slapped me.

“I lost my job! The only thing that helps me survive. You are making my life more miserable, you are a curse in my life!”

Immediately I said that Hunter gripped me by the back of my neck. I looked at his face and it was red filled with fury

“Take it easy Hunter” I heard Stan tell him

The grip on my neck got tighter as he pulled me closer towards him

“That was disrespect and I won’t take any of it from you. I will punish you so that you learn because clearly you aren’t planning to obey my rules” He said through gritted teeth

I tried to move away from him as he was so scary at this point. I was afraid he might push me to the ground and start beating me up. I looked at Stan who looked confused about what he should do. His hand was on Hunter’s shoulder probably to refrain him if he decided to knock me up

“I thought we would have some fun today, play some games then go to the park but you ruined it. I want you heading back to your place now!”


“Call me sir..... Until you learn to respect and to obey my rules then you can call me Hunter once again”

A short episode of anger came when he said that. Respect! He expects that after making a huge difference in my life that I would just be perfect and fit like his perfect piece in his puzzle.

“Respect is earned sir, and this anger issue of yours won’t earn you any” I spat

“Go home Ava, I’ll be visiting for a short time tonight. I promise I will whip you like a small child. I will belt you till you submit. Trust me you are lucky because if today was a workday, you would also take an extra whipping for my work frustrations” He sounded so dominant and cold.

He let go of my neck. My eyes were filled with balancing tears; my skin will peel due to the tears that kept irritating it. I looked at the ground like a small baby. Compared to his size I was a little bit tiny and that made his size domineer my size.

“I am sorry ”

“What?” He asked me in a tone to try hint something

“I am sorry sir”

“Ava, go home because right now you are annoying me. You cannot run away from your punishment. You are guilty and I’ll have to teach you a lesson otherwise you will keep on annoying and angering me and who knows what I’ll do in that moment of anger. Now be a good girl and head home baby.“His voice was calm but I could tell he was holding himself back

I turned and started walking away from him. I let the tears fall. I cannot stay in the house knowing at a certain hour I will be punished mercilessly like a small child. It made me feel little again. I was powerless. If I decide to sleepover at my friend’s place I will disrespect him the more. Who knows how much more of a beating I’ll get or worse, what if he decides to finally report me when I tire him

As I got closer to the exit I sported some benches which had some bags on. I decided to stay there, cry my heart out as I wait for Hunter and Stan to finish playing then talk to him, and see if he changes his mind.

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