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Chapter 8

Stan’s POV

I stood there watching my best friend get angry at his girlfriend. I knew Hunter too well, He was a beast no wonder even at work he would interrogate the most stubborn criminals because his torturous ways always made them spit out the information that was needed.

I could not stop him from talking to her but I could stop him from hitting her. I placed my hand on his shoulder ready to resist any movement meant to hurt Ava

I was not shocked to hear him say he would punish Ava because he hated disrespect. The look on Hunter’s face as he told her about punishing her made me fear for her. He would totally do it and make sure she learns a good lesson.

Ava looked broken. She flinched as she was being talked to. She had lost her job and I could tell she was not from having a great morning before she came here. I wonder why she decided to raise her voice at an angry Hunter. Maybe she was sick and tired, or just got the confidence to stand up for herself.

When I saw her sit at the bench and cry I decided to talk to Hunter

“Hey buddy, you’ve calmed down?”

“Yeah, I am cool, sorry you had to see that”

“It is okay dude but you are too hard on her”

“She needs to learn or else she’ll keep on repeating it”

“I understand but she looks like she is having a hard time”

“That should be no excuse for disrespect”

“She lost her job dude, look at her cry, how do you think she feels after losing her job then head home knowing she is going to get punished later?”

“Just forget about this, I promise you I will not change my mind. I will belt her like a small child that threw a tantrum and destroyed the library”

“Okay buddy, just don’t hurt her badly but I hope you change your mind.”

At least I tried to get her out of trouble. I wasn’t perfect. I also hated disrespect but I never casually belted my girlfriend for disrespect. I would only hurt her for extreme mistakes like this one time she got angry at me for not giving her attention then for revenge she went got drunk and I found her with some other group of people downtown in the middle of a fight. I was so furious at her I couldn’t hold back my anger. I lightly punished her to let her know that I was disappointed and angry. I was afraid that if it ever happened again and something went wrong I would probably get her dead.

“Let’s play!” I said and we got back to the sporting mood and a happy mood.

Ava’s POV

I finally stopped crying and decided to watch them play. I was not about to head home and wait for a Monster Hunter too come give me a whooping, no way. Watching them play was exciting it took my mind off my troubles for a while

1 hour later and they are still playing. They were vigorous and full of energy. They have some stamina!

They are cops so fit and always kept fit. When they stopped playing they were sweaty. I saw them come toward the bench talking about how good of an exercise it was and praising each other for their skills. They were so happy.

When they got to the bench they picked up their bags. Hunter sat next to me and proceeded with talking to Stan about the sport they had just played. He was acting like I was invisible. They got out their drinking water and drank as they rinsed their faces.

Due to the nervousness, I pushed my legs together and looked at the ground. Was this a good time to bring up the topic again and try to get me out of the punishment?

The way he had described my punishment in anger made me quiver. I was not ready for any kind of physical pain, and more emotional pain. The way he was ignoring me made me keep quiet and I decided not to bring up the issue.

If at all he decides to ignore me and leave me here I would just wait then head home and await my horror. I promised myself to obey his rules so as to avoid such a situation in the future.

I felt a hand go across my back and pull me closer. I did not dare lift my eyes to face him

“How about I go change then you’ll tell me what you want to have for lunch..... It is already 1 pm” Hunter said in a soft tone as if to soothe me.

I nodded in agreement without lifting my eyes from the ground

They stood up and headed to the changing rooms. When they came back Hunter grabbed my hand. We said goodbye to Stan who got into his car and drove away waving at us. Hunter opened the co-driver door and told me to get inside. I got in, his car was so cozy with a theme of dark brown in the inside. I loved it. The inside of it smelt great too. He got around the car and took his place at the driver’s seat.

“What do you want for lunch?”

I got so scared to even answer. I thought about what would make him happy. I guess I took too long before answering because he repeated the question.

“Ava darling, what do you want for lunch?”

“We can..... go to the park and get some hotdogs and juice,” I said looking at my thighs

“Okay, sounds fun”

When we got to the park we walked around admiring nature, children, pets, and people. The park always was a peaceful place. I didn’t feel hungry until I saw a hotdog place. Hunter went ahead to order some hot dogs.

“4 hot dogs please and soda for me,” he told the man

So he can use the word please, I thought to myself

“What do you want for a drink Ava?”

“Ummm cocktail juice,” I said softly, looking in his eyes

I saw him smile at me as he repeated the order to the man.

We grabbed our meal, grabbed a table and started eating. It tasted so nice considering how hungry I was. I had not taken anything for breakfast.

The rest of the evening was spent participating in a sport that we had been invited in by a stranger because we were a couple. It was a fun interactive evening. I forgot about my worries and enjoyed the happiness that came with the park.

At 6 pm when the sport came to an end, Hunter informed me that it was time to head home. We got into the car and he drove slowly to my apartment. My heart started to worry. I hid my worry with a smile.

When we got outside my apartment he parked the car and faced me. I felt so scared and I couldn’t hide it anymore. With my head facing down I started to play with my fingers

“I am truly sorry sir”

There was no response. Why did I bring it up? He had probably put it all behind him.

“Are you........still going to punish me?”

He grabbed my jaw and lifted my face.

“Go into the house Ava. Tomorrow you’ll have a busy day with school and looking for a new job. We will talk later. I had a great time with you.”

“Thank you very much,” I said earnestly.

As I was about to open the door and get out he pulled me back

“Give me a peck”

That won’t be difficult, I told myself. I leaned in and pecked his cheek. Before I could pull away he held both sides of my cheek and forced me to kiss him. It took me by surprise. I relaxed and kissed him back.

He had forgiven me, there was no need to anger him and get the punishment I had just escaped. When he broke the kiss I asked for permission to leave

“Yes Ava, you can go now......Be safe”

“Enjoy your time sir.”

I quickly got out of the car and headed to the apartment I went straight to bed and listened to music till I fell asleep. I was emotionally tired and a good sleep was what my brain needed.

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