Forcefully His

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Chapter 9

Mondays...I disliked Monday because of the sudden change from a weekend mood to a serious formal mood.

I got ready and headed for the day’s classes.

My morning lecturer was always brief and even though she tried her best not to bore anyone I didn’t pay attention. I was busy wondering where I would get a new job.

“Ava, I noticed you don’t look cheerful today,” my friend Millie said with a lot of concern

“Millie I am stressed out, I lost my job and without a job, I have no fee, rent, and food.”

“Talk of luck, my cousin is looking for someone to help clean his shop every evening from 9-10.30pm. I can help you get the job”

“Thank you! My face lit up. When should I go apply for the job?”

“Let me call him right now”

She excused herself and made a phone call then headed back to me.

“He said that if you will accept a salary of 800$ per month then you can start the job today.”

That money was like half of what I got from Mr. John. I had to take the job anyway. It was better than nothing.

“I’ll take it. Where is the shop?”

“I’ll take you there after the evening lecture.”

“Thank you, Millie, I really appreciate it.”


After Millie left I went looking for Joanne. I needed to vent to her my problems. When I found her I went and hugged her, she pulled me and made me sit on a bench under a tree. I broke down then told her about how I lost my job and how this new job that I had been offered could not even pay for my rent coming month.

I also went ahead to share with her my problem of not having renewed my visa and how Hunter was giving me a hard time.

“Calm down girl. I understand you and I’ll help you out. I need you to come party on Friday and Saturday and I’ll show you how to make some money just by partying”

“Huh, that is possible? How exactly will I be making this money?”

“Flirting! With bored men”

“Fine Joanne. I’ll try it out”

“You’ll just need to go there every Friday and Saturday for 1 month and the money you’ll get will be enough to renew your visa and also have a little bit more to spare depending on the customers you handle. I’ll take you there on Friday to register you and introduce you so that on Saturday you can start.”

That got my attention. It made me so happy. I don’t care what Hunter said about other men and me being his. If this was going to help me escape him and also survive then I would definitely try it out

“Thank you very much, Joanne!” I said hugging her tight

“Cheer up! Let’s go study coz we both know we don’t have time when we get home late at night” she said and I giggled

After the evening class, Millie and I headed to her cousin’s shop. The cousin was so polite to help me around with my first day. My work included taking out the trash, cleaning the shop, arranging everything, generally making the place ready for its morning customers. It was a huge bakery shop. No wonder they needed help with this place. I requested Matt (Millie’s cousin) to give me my off day on Saturday. He happily granted me my request. I was happy because just as things seemed to fall apart I had friends who helped me and gave me hope

Within a month I would be free!!! I danced a little to that thought.

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