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"You don't know how much I'd love to taste your body, baby," were words, Dereon had been longing to hear. Dereon Parker, the personal assistant to the hot sexy badass R&B singer Lyric Treble, has been holding a deep secret for years from her famous best friend. She’s been in love with Lyric since they were in High School. How could she ever compete with the flock of beautiful women parading in and out of his bedroom every other night? When Lyric's old flame resurfaces, will that give Dereon the courage to confess her love? Or will a song collaboration with another fellow up and coming male R&B artist with the piercing hazel-green eyes, spark the beginning to the hot steamy love affair Dereon had been so desperately craving?

Romance / Erotica
Lisa Monae
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Chapter 1-Nocturnal Desires(Sample)

“Lyric, move your ass!”

I opened the doors to his million-dollar penthouse, already frustrated because I knew his ass was nowhere near ready.

But I should know better than to let this even raise my blood pressure. Why do you ask? Mostly because this was typical, Lyric bullshit. Always partying all fucking night and totally ignoring what I told him ten hours ago about his 8 A.M. radio interview.

I walked down the warm, cognac colored hallway towards his bedroom.

“Lyric, please tell me you’re up,” I yelled again.

Now, this is the shit that pisses me off. We have thirty minutes to get to downtown Atlanta, and that’s pushing it. But like I said, this is just typical, Lyric bullshit, I should be used to it by now.

We’ve been friends for eight years and his assistant for over six years, and he always does this.

I make it to his bedroom door about to turn the knob, but I hesitate.


What’s 47?.....that’s how many times I’ve had a little piece of my heart chipped away by opening his bedroom door. Blonde girls, brunette girls, dark-haired girls, light-haired girls, Lyric didn’t discriminate.

Oh, yeah, there was that one time I walked in on him getting his dick sucked by the rainbow hair chick, the 25th time. Yeah, Lyric really did appreciate all of the female form....well, not including my female form.

I knock.....praying that God would spare my heart today. I hear nothing and take a deep breath and continue to push his door open...I hear the shower running in his bathroom. My eyes scan the room for remnants of a woman, but to my surprise, I don’t see anything.

“Lyric, how long are you gonna be,”






I turn to see his bathroom door halfway cracked.....he’s showering....oh, Jesus, he’s showering!! The silhouette of his tall, sculpted, chocolate body peaked through the steam on the glass enclosure. Lord, why does he do this to me? I feel my clit start to throb.

“Down girl,” I say under my breath. One of my many failed attempts to keep me from getting hot and bothered. But let’s be honest; I secretly craved for these moments with him. Call me lame, but it was my sad, freakish, and delusional way of me being intimate with him...

I know....I’m a pervert...I’ve come to terms with it...


I suddenly snap out of my mental rant and realize Lyric was talking to me.

“Yeah.....what did you say?” I blurt out, turning my head to make it seem like I wasn’t staring. His sexy face peeking through the glass shower door.

“Can you hand me a towel from the linen closet?”

I exhale softly walking inside the bathroom, trying to avert my eyes to the closet. I grab a thick towel out, back up towards his shower, and reach my hand with the towel out to him.

“Lyric, why are you just now getting out of the shower? I told you to be ready when I come to get you!”

“De, why do you always bitch about me being late? You should be used to this by now,” he chuckles as he steps out of the shower.

He stood 6’ 2” tall with a well-defined six-pack. Mmm… those thighs you could crack walnuts with. Creamy, chocolate skin that was alluring as a Hershey kiss with tattoos all over his arms and chest.

I watched as the water droplets slid down his chiseled chest to the unknown, and I felt that tingle in my core again...WHY DO YOU TEMPT ME, DEVIL?

Lyric arches an eyebrow and gives me an intrigued look. I turn around quickly to look in the mirror. I start to primp my hair to hide the fact that I was staring.

“What’s up De.....you see something you need?” he asks huskily.

“Huh?” I say bewildered, looking at him through the mirror.

He steps forward right behind me, grabbing my hips firmly pulling me into him.

“I said....did you see something you need?” he repeats grazing his juicy lips against the arch in my neck.

I gasp, suddenly surprised by his actions. I feel the wind leave my lungs and flow slowly out of my mouth. I can’t believe this is happening right now! Years of not being noticed, not being the one that catches his eye! He finally sees me as more than just the best friend!

A moan leaves my lips. I lean into Lyric’s kisses, reaching back to grab the back of his head pulling him closer and giving him total access to my neck.

“MMMM, I....I...n-need....I....I...ne n-need....”

I bring my hand down from his head, then, guide both of them behind me to his towel wrapped around his waist. I hesitate at first. Then, he suddenly spins me around smashing his lips to mine. He grunts softly letting me know he was enjoying my lips just as much as I was enjoying his. His tongue meets mine and entangles like two long lost lovers. Sliding my hands down his chest savoring all his lines and muscles on his silky skin.

My hands hit the rim of his towel. I hesitate once again. “Grab it,” he tells me assertively. I loved that alpha male in him. It was always a panty soaker. My hands start to ease their way in. The extra addition of my hands makes his towel unravel and hit the floor, finally exposing all of himself. I gently grab hold of his chocolate stick....stroking it...tugging it gently and bringing it close to my pussy.

We finally break away from our kissing session.

“Is that what you need De?” he queries in a sultry voice.

“Yes, baby.......please,” I say softly out of breath.

The look of lust and desire in his eyes had my pussy dripping....that look of desire and fire, it was all for me! All for me, needing me to douse his internal flames.

He picked me up to the bathroom counter, hiking my skirt up. His hands roamed around my thighs as if he was searching for something. I was more than happy to let him explore all of my curves.

“You ready for me?” he whispers as he gazes into my eyes.

“I’ve always been ready for you, Lyric.”

He grabs my hips pulling me closer to his ten inches of pleasure, grazing it against the outskirts of my moist panties.

“Pull them to the side.”

I move swiftly to do as he asks.

“Anything else baby?” I barely get out, huffing from the anticipation.

He leans closer to my earlobe, sucking on it softly....“Lyric, I can’t take it anymore. Put it inside me, please!”

“I can’t, De.”

“Why, baby? What’s wrong?” I said pulling his head deeper into my neck.

“It’s time to wake up, De.”


I hit my fucking alarm in displeasure. Why the hell is my alarm going off right now? Of course, I’ve set it for 8:30 P.M. instead of A.M.

“Ugh, another fucking dream.”

I haven’t had any of them in a while, but this past week, it’s been every night. Seven nights of torture and this last one was the worse! This one had me sweating profusely, and I needed a release like crazy.

“Damn, I need to get laid, ugh,” I grunt as I reach for my drawer with my vibrator inside. Lately, Mr. Magic Wand has been getting me through these crazy nights. I turn on my flat screen TV and hit play on my DVD player....something about watching others getting great pleasure, made my climax hit even harder.

I pull my panties past my thighs, tossing them to the floor and hit the ON button. Sliding my purple wand down onto my clit. The initial feeling makes my hips arch up. I grab my breasts pinching on my hardened nipples, taking in all the pleasure it’s giving me right now.

“Oh fuck.......oh fuck,” I moan out about to climax when I hear banging on my apartment door.

“What the entire fuck, are you kidding me right now?”

Who the hell could it be this time of night? I jump out of bed frustrated, grabbing some pink jogging shorts I had tossed in my closet.

“De, stop beating your meat and open the damn door already!”

It’s Lyric.

I run to my door opening it with a scowl on my face.

“What the fuck, Lyric? Can you not bam on my damn door while you are screaming obscenities so loud that the neighbors can hear? This is not that kind of neighborhood.”

He looks right at me and frowns.

“De, it’s 9 o’clock at night. Why the fuck are you dressed for bed? We need to go hang out. You’re always cooped up in the damn house, and it’s time to get your shit together......let’s go hang out, like old times!”

He looks at me with those eyes...........those damn, chocolate brown eyes. I let out a sigh and allow him inside, and I was about to speak when the sounds of a woman moaning comes from out of my bedroom.

Oh, my God, kill me now!

“Deeeeeeeeeee, what’s going on?” he asks, laughing out loud.

He runs to my room, and I run after him.

“Lyric, what the hell, man! Can a girl have some privacy?”

He stands in front of my TV, thrusting his crotch at the screen and smacking the air as if he was actually smacking a woman’s butt.

“Damn, De, I didn’t think you were into this kind of stuff. I thought you like to get off reading those sex books you like to read!”

“Go to hell, Lyric,” I said growling at him and turning the TV off with my remote.

He grabs the DVD cover left on my dresser....“Big, Bubble, Booty Bitches.”

God, just take me right now. I’m ready, just end my suffering.

“Give it to me, Lyric!” He laughs teasingly as he holds the case out of my reach. I try one last attempt at grabbing the DVD case when I lose my balance and fall to my bed taking Lyric down causing him to land on top of me.

For a few seconds, we catch each other’s eyes, and I feel him trying to make out what’s behind them. They say when you stare into someone’s eyes, you can see into their soul, their wants, their desires, and right now my eyes are screaming, “Lyric, I want you, all of you.” But I’m a coward, afraid to express to someone who’s supposed to be my best friend, how I honestly feel. So, as much as I love looking into his beautiful eyes, I break the connection.

“Ha, I got it,” snatching the case away with a huff.

He rolls over to the side and stands up. He starts to stare at something, but it’s not me.

“Wait, wait, wait, pornos, lube, De, is that what I think it is lying in bed? Oh shit, you really were beating your meat,” he yells with a devilish grin.

OK, where is my coffin so I can lay in it!

“We are not talking about this,” I was definitely blushing.

“Oh, we gonna talk about this. Maybe not now, but we are! But anyways, get dressed. We are going out...There’s this new club downtown I wanted to check it out.”

“Ugh, do we have to? I was just about to go to bed,” I whine.

“Apparently not,” he says wiggling his eyebrows and pointing to my vibrator laying on the bed.

“Ugh, I hate you, Lyric.”

“No, you don’t. You love me girl,” he says with a big grin.

Yes, I do love you…….every little piece of you!

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