Living a Profoundly Unconcerned Life After Being Wronged!

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As destiny has proclaimed - I might as well just enjoy my life.

Romance / Children
Vanessa Nicole
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Seven long years

I’ve waited for you

I gave you one last chance…

Now, Your Highness, you no longer have to worry about me.

I, Wang Chushan, will no longer show my love, dedication, devotion nor will I show myself before you.

You married me and now look at me.

I’m the only one

The only one out of all the consorts – humiliated, gossiped about and hated, just because I love you.

You all don’t know this...


Seven years is my limit - I’m finished.

Your father loves all his wives, your brothers love all their wives, you love only three out of your four wives…

It’s enough now, I no longer want to be hurt by you all.

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