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Don't sit home crying for him. The words rang through Dereon’s head every day over and over again like a broken record. It had been a few months since Javion swept into Dereon’s life like a whirlwind. Sweeping her off of her feet and landing into her bed. Who would have thought he would have left out it just the same, leaving Dereon behind to pick up the pieces to her already damaged heart. Moments like this you need your best friend to lean on. Unfortunately, Dereon and Mr.Ego AKA Lyric haven’t been seeing eye to eye since she came out of the closet about her true feelings for him. When Dereon finds out some unpleasant information about Lyric’s supermodel girlfriend, he doesn’t take it too well. Will this bit of tea tear them apart permanently? Or will Lyric find comfort in the arms of the very woman he scorned? Or will the man with the hazel-green eyes blow back into Dereon’s world like a tornado causing disastrous effects? Boundaries will be crossed, sheets will get steamy, and those dire questions will be answered in this sensual sequel.

Romance / Erotica
Lisa Monae
4.8 5 reviews
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Chapter 1-Moving On(Sample)

It’s been three months since I watched Javion walk onto that plane. I’m not gonna lie. That first night, without him, was excruciatingly painful.

Everything seemed to remind me of him, and when I’d realized he was gone, I was a big sack of water, to say the least.

But I got a text the next day from him saying: Remember what we talked about, Princess. Love you.

Don’t sit home crying for him. The words running through my head like he was right here saying them. It really started to make sense when I became severely attached to my cell, waiting and checking for messages from him.

I knew touring could be busy as hell, and I wasn’t expecting for him to call me every day. But when the weeks would roll by, without a word from him, and with the rising multitude of unanswered text and voice messages, I had to really reevaluate if he really loved me as much as he said he did.

So, I decided I wouldn’t give him that power over me. The first thing I did was change my cell number, so I didn’t have an excuse to look at my phone anymore.

Not to say it wasn’t hard, but it definitely was a process. One day at a time, I encouraged myself to do new things. Go out more and enjoy life instead of staying cooped up in the house worrying about a man who was obviously not worrying about me.

Not saying that it wasn’t hard, the memories would haunt me like a ghost when I was home. Arguing about whether the Cowboys or the Falcons were the better football team. Us cuddling on the couch. Him playing in my hair. Fucking me on the kitchen counter. Well, that one I didn’t mind reliving in my head.

I had to escape him, or I could never start to move on.

Miranda and I have been hanging out more, outside of Flexspan. I loved her company, and she is definitely becoming a best friend to me, and I love her for that.

Our favorite thing to do nowadays is hitting the malls for some serious retail therapy. Cause what puts a smile on a girl’s face more than a brand new pair of shoes and an outfit to go with it.

“How does this look on me, De?”

Miranda walks out of the changing room with a red, form-fitting bodysuit.

“Girrrrrl,” I growled at her laughing at her eye rolls.

She walks back into the changing room putting her clothes back on.

“Miranda, I like that one. It is really sexy. Cat woman meets red she-devil!”

“You think it looks good enough for a date with Vince, though?”

“Stop it, this is your tenth date with Vince. I think you could go in a potato sack, and he’d still find you attractive, Hun.”

“Ugh, he is so damn sexy! I just want to skip dinner, so he can peel me up out of it. Damn, I hope he has a big dick.”


“What? I’m just saying it sure would be a waste to be that sexy and have a gherkin.”

“A what?”

“You know the little pickles in the jar, a gherkin pickle.”

“What the hell, Miranda?” I was hysterically laughing. After a minute I caught my breath and wiped the tears out of my eyes.

“Hey, you’re laughing, but your girl here is way backed up and overdue for a nice vaginal workout, and a gherkin is not gonna cut it. Your girl needs a Mandingo in her life.”

“Miranda, please stop talking right now, you’re making my stomach hurt from laughing.”

“OK, OK, well I’ll take the gherkin if he at least has some good head to go along with it.”

“Miranda, I can’t take you, your way over the top today.”

“But anyway, how is your love life? Have you tried going on a date like I told you to?”

I rolled my eyes at her. Miranda’s been a great friend and a great distraction from myself. She’s been advising me to start dating again, so I can get over Javion. I’ve tried flirting with a couple of guys when I’ve been hit on, but it just never felt right with any of them. I would always compare them to him. I know it’s crazy, I guess my standards are high.

“No, I haven’t.”

“De! I told you to be open to the idea!”

“I have been, Miranda! It’s just...it’s just.........Look, nothing has peaked my interest yet, OK.”

“De, I love you like a sister from another mister. So, it’s out of love I’m just gonna call you on your bullshit.”

A grin emerges from my lips. “Ugh, I hate you, Miranda!”

“Thanks, I love you too, sweetheart. Babe, it’s going on four months now. It’s time, and there is only one Javion, but he’s not an option right now, and he won’t be for a long-ass time. Besides, didn’t you tell me you haven’t heard from him in like eight weeks? Let’s be real. He’s on tour, with A LOT of women. Men get lonely too, people change feelings. You know how you told me Lyric was fucking everything in a tight skirt when he was on tour. So, not to rain on your parade, Hun, but I’m being realistic. It’s time for you to start living your life again. He told you not to wait for him, and he’s right. You shouldn’t. Go let someone else make you happy, Chica.”

The thought of Javion with somebody else was upsetting to me. I didn’t want to be anybody’s fool with this unrealistic fantasy that a year would fly by, and Javion was going to come sweep me off my feet again.

With a gentle smile on my face, I just nod, agreeing with her.

“Go ahead and let somebody else get a lil’ bit of that Pom Pom.”

We both laughed at her bad attempt at a Jamaican accent. Miranda’s right, though, I guess I need to try a little harder. I told myself that I wouldn’t pine over an unattainable man again.

We pay for our items and transcend on our mini shopping spree. I was admiring a pair of Giuseppe’s through the window of a shoe store when I heard an all too familiar cackle fill my ears. My skin began to crawl when I turned to see Veronica hugged up on somebody who was definitely not Lyric.

“Is that the Wicked Bitch of the East?” Miranda whispered to me.

I nod my head without a verbal response. It was definitely her, no mistaking that. I even gave her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the guy was a friend or maybe even a fan. I mean, she was a supermodel.

The benefit of the doubt went straight out of the window when I saw her let the mystery guy stick his tongue down her throat while grabbing her butt.

“That nasty slut. She’s got some nerve,” Miranda said with her smartphone in hand snapping a picture of them.

I don’t know what came over me while the scene unfolded right before my eyes. Lyric and I were not on great terms right now, and our friendship had been null and void for months. But there was no way I could let that conniving bitch get away with this shit!

I walked off, leaving Miranda’s side and trudged my way over to the lovebirds. I could hear Miranda calling for me to come back. I finally found myself right in front of the lovely couple.

“Well hello, Veronica, funny seeing you here,” I said with a devilish grin.

She takes a minute to pull her tongue out of the guy’s throat. I could see the color leave her face when she realized that it was me.

Ugh, ugh, Dereon, good to see you,” she stuttered to get out.

Yea right bitch!

“Oh, yes, I’m sure it is, and who is this here?”

The guy nudges her after she’s quiet for a moment. “Babe, aren’t you gonna introduce me to your friend?”

“Yes, babe, aren’t you gonna introduce us? Oh, don’t worry about it. I’m sure she’s overwhelmed by that breathtaking kiss you guys were having. By the way, I’m Dereon, and you are....?”

Got you, bitch! Checkmate!

“Hi, I’m Talon, Veronica’s boyfriend,” he says extending his hand for me to shake.

“Oh, you’re her boyfriend, hmm that’s strange. Last time I heard her boyfriend’s name was Ly-.”

“DEREON, a word with you, please,” she grits through her teeth. She grabs my hand and yanks me till we were an earshot away from Talon.

“What’s wrong, Veronica, you look a little flustered?”

“Look, let’s cut the bullshit, Dereon. Lyric doesn’t have to know about this.”

“Now, now, Ms. Vanderbilt. Lyric has every right to know about this. Especially, when it has to do with his girlfriend being a two-timing, thirsty slut.”

Veronica gives me a sinister smile. “I’d watch how you talk to me. It would be very regretful on your part.”

“Bitch, the only thing I’m regretful of is not stomping your face in right now. But since I’m in such a loving mood today, and I’m a fucking lady, we’ll save it for another day.”

I stepped closer to her to speak right in her ear. “I guarantee that bitch.”

I turned to leave and walked back over to Miranda.

“Uh oh, you a bad bitch today,” Miranda says giving me a high five.

“I try sometimes,” giving her a grin.

“Just in case she wanna say you a liar I sent that picture to your phone.”

“I got it, girl.” I shook my head looking at that picture.

We went along with our day, but I was lost in my thoughts. How was I gonna tell Lyric? He and I aren’t on the best of terms at the moment. As much as I hate Veronica, he still loves her, and I know what it’s like to have your heart broken by infidelities. This was gonna crush him.

Three days had passed since the mall incident, and I still haven’t told Lyric about Veronica.

It’s like there was never the right time to say it. Either he was super busy and brushed me off, or there were too many people around. Not to mention, I was scared shitless to tell him.

I just couldn’t keep this secret anymore. It’s been eating away at me. I was so tired of not being able to sleep at night.

I finally found the courage today walking up to the studio, hoping I could catch a moment with him. I don’t think I was ready though walking into the tail end of a conversation with him and Chauncey.

“Are you sure you wanna do this, man?” Chauncey questioned.

“Well, I’m as sure as I’m going to be,” Lyric responds fiddling with something in his hand.

He catches sight of me. Chauncey turns to see what caught his eye.

“Hey, Lyric, you got a minute?”

A sudden flash of light catches my eye, and I see what he’s holding. A very large engagement ring perched proudly inside of a black, ring box.

Chauncey kisses my cheek to say hi and bye, but my eyes are still holding focus on the rock Lyric had in his hands. As soon as Chauncey leaves the studio, I started questioning him.

“What’s that?” I asked with my head cocked to the side in confusion.

Lyric snaps the box shut quickly, shooting me a salty gaze.

“What do you think it is?”

This is bad.

Really bad!

Really, really bad!

I’m lost for words. I’m so nervous right now, and I’m trying to find a way to break it to him gently.

“So, what do you want?” he asked looking annoyed.

“She’s not what you think.”

“What are you talking about?” He cuts his eyes at me.

“I saw Veronica in the mall a couple of days ago....k-kissing another man,” I finally got out. My heart was racing, and my palms were sweaty as hell.

He dropped his head down to the floor. Then, he tells me in the softest voice, “I don’t believe you.”


“I said I don’t fucking believe you!” His hands were balled into a fist. The fire in his eyes could burn me alive right now.

“Look, Lyric, we haven’t been on the best of terms, but I would never lie to you about something like this. You know that!”

Lyric started laughing sarcastically, making my blood begin to boil.

“I know what this is, you’re jealous!”

“I beg your pardon. I may be a lot of things, Lyric DayShawn Treble, but jealous is definitely not one of them!”

“Well, I think you are. You’ve been waiting by the sidelines for Veronica and me to fall apart. So, you’re desperate now, and it’s fucking sad.”

“Really, Lyric? Desperate? Don’t fucking flatter yourself. Face it, Lyric, your girlfriend is a cheating, slut whore. She had her tongue so far down that dudes throat, she could take his temperature.”

He walked closer to me. His chocolate, brown eyes were full of fury. Not too many times have I been scared of him, but right now, I was shaking in my loafers.

“Slut and a whore, huh? I guess you should know coming from somebody who comes to work covered in hickeys and bite marks.”

Did he just call me a.....

The fire inside of me was raging now!

But, it pushed me to the edge and before I could blink, my right hand was making contact with his face. The sound of the smack and the sting of my hand quickly brought me back to reality.

“Lyric, oh my God, I’m so-.”

“Get the fuck out!”

“I didn’t mean…”

“I said, get the fuck out! You’re done! I’m done with your ass and don’t fucking come back!”

My eyes start to well up, my voice quiet in tone. “Is that what you want, Lyric?”

“I want you out of my fucking life!”

I felt the air leave my lungs. So many feelings right now, and I’m not sure which one to grab hold of.


That’s what I was feeling, just damn numb.

“Whatever Lyric the superstar wants he gets, right,” I rubbed away the tear that tried to escape my eye. I turned around and walked away, never looking back. I never even brought up showing him the picture Miranda took. I didn’t feel that I needed to, he knew me, we had been through so much together! I would never ever lie to him about anything like this, that’s what pisses me off the most. I just really hope he finds in Veronica what he was looking for.

Tonight was relax and relate night with Miranda. Which usually involves us in our jammies binge eating popcorn and sweets and watching chick flicks.

It’s been a week since Lyric fired my ass, and well, I think the shock of not working for him anymore hasn’t set in yet. But I’m keeping on as life is regular to have some type of normalcy.

“Popcorn, check. Movie, check. M&M’s, check. Ice cream, check. Ok, Miranda, all I need is you, but of course, you’re late as usual.”

I finally hear the knock on the door as I run over to answer it.

“Damn, girl, what took you so......long?”

Standing at my door was Lyric with a black eye. And was that the smell of alcohol. Is he.......drunk?

“What the hell are you doing here?”

That’s the million-dollar question.

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