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I opened the door but it was not Melissa it was three guys. The same guys from the mall. "Who is at the door Liz?" Blue asked "MINE!" The one with the brown eyes and black hair said ☆Also on wattpad☆

Romance / Fantasy
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Home alone

Lizzy’s pov

I woke up to my mom knocking on my door.

“Kids time to wake up, breakfast.”

Yup, I share a room with my two besties, Melissa and Blue. We all live together in the woods. There are 4 rooms and two bathrooms. One for Melissa’s parents, one for Blue’s and one for mine, then the last one for us girls.

“Coming!” M shouted

My mom walked back downstairs and we all started getting out of bed, we didn’t share one, there are three beds in one big room.

“Well guys today is the day we get to show our parents we can be home alone.”

Blue was right, today was the day the adults are leaving to go on their vacation. We were all excited but I was a little nervous, we were 17 and just graduated except Melissa, she still has 1 month left of school. She would have graduated with us but some stuff happened and she had to miss school for a while and started getting bad grades. So she has to fix all the stuff she missed in the month then can graduate, we all believe she can do it before the month because she is the smartest one out of us.

We got up and headed downstairs to eat. After eating we headed back upstairs and changed out of our pajamas.

I wore my normal black skinny jeans with a crop top that said Sexy with my black leather jacket.

Melissa wore her orange/pink dress with her brown knee high boots and leather jacket, while Blue wore blue faded ripped jeans, and her brown t-shirt with her leather jacket.

“So after they leave we go get coffee then head to the mall? ” Melissa asked

“Ugh, please no mall.” I groaned

“You’re no fun. Ok, what do you want to do Lizzy?” M huffed


“Fine, then we head to the mall later. Promise?”

“Promise.” I said

“B, promise?”

“Ugh, ok fine. Promise.” Blue fake smiled

We sat on the couch and put on a random movie we found. After 2 hours Melissa started talking really fast saying random things. She does that alot when she is bored and has something she wants to do or something in her mind.

“Ok fine! Let’s go to the mall.” Blue huffed

“Yay!!!” Melissa cheered

“Are we all taking the same car or our own.” Blue asked

Yes we all have our own cars

“I’m taking my motorcycle I don’t know about yall.” I stated

“Agreed!” they said in unison

“Ok let’s go then.”

We rode to Dutch Bros got our coffee then headed to the mall. When we got to the mall I parked and turned off the ignition. The girls parked next to me and we all got off and went in.

The mall was surprisingly not packed at all, there was some people but not as much as usual. We walked around to the different stores for around three hours. When we were done we started walking to the exit and passed three guys who kept staring at us as we walked by. I looked at the girls and they were staring at the guys as well. I pulled them out the door and to our bikes.

“Come on guys let’s go home.” I said

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