She's a Good Girl

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Straightening up, he takes a step towards me until he's directly in front of me. His dark gaze staring into my soul from his six-foot frame. A shiver runs down my spine. "Oh Walters," he chuckles humorously. "Elle!" I hear Matt yell from behind me where I had ditched him. As Ashton bends down to meet my much smaller frame, I swallow loudly. His breath tickling my ear, I shiver. "Game on, Princess." ••••• Elle Walters was given a choice: four years in prison or The G.O.O.D. Boarding School Academy. Easy choice, she thought. However, hopes of just getting through the next few years don’t go as planned with an ex who wasn’t all he said he was, a headache of security detail, an annoying roommate, and the extremely antagonizing Ashton Wikes. As her past begins to catch up with her, things get out of control more than ever. She doesn't know who she can trust anymore. After all, who can you trust when you barely trust yourself?

Romance / Action
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Chapter One

Feeling the satisfying crunch of my victim’s nose, I quickly jab the knife into his stomach. With a twist of my hand, I hear an almost inaudible gasp as he falls to the ground, limp and lifeless.


I slowly turn around, but I can’t find him. All the Crystal Reapers I see are the bloodied corpses lying in the alleyway. The coward can’t even face his own mistakes, yet he’s still the leader of the Crystal Reapers. I shake my head in disgust.

“Elle! Behind you!” Kaiden yells.

I turn around just in time to see a flash of bright silver as the last remaining member of the Crystal Reapers thrusts a knife into my stomach. I barely register the lethal gunshot he takes. I gasp in pain and fall to my knees. The only thing I can focus on is the warm blood running through my fingers. Warm and sticky. I attempt to apply pressure but immediately stop as pain begins to pulse through my whole body. The one thing I do register, however, are the police sirens getting closer and closer by the second.


The pain worsening, I try to crawl forward towards my gun but only manage one step before my legs buckle, forcing me to collapse on my stomach. The pain worsens at the impact, and I groan aloud. Using the last but if strength I have, I roll myself onto my back, falling right on a bullet-torn bag of cocaine. I am immediately consumed in a white cloud. My blood continues to gush through of my hands, turning the pristine power a lumpy red color. Moaning in pain, I contemplate the outcomes, knowing I will have to take the hit. I frown at the twinkling lights above me. This will be a messy situation.

My eyes slowly focus as Kaiden and Jordan stand above me.

“Go,” I cough, feeling suddenly lightheaded. “Go...”

Jordan hesitates, but quickly turns, her blonde hair fanning behind her as she runs down the alley. Kai is the only one left. He stands in front of me with tears I have never seen before streaming down his perfect face.

“Go,” I demand, trying not to cry.

He shakes his tear-filled face, unwilling to leave me here to bleed to death.

“Please,” I croak out. “Go! I’ll be fine.” I can’t decide if my heart hurts more or my stomach.

The sirens are almost here; the loud wailing sound doesn’t escape my ringing ears.

Kai takes a few jerky steps towards me, bends down and slips a USB stick into a pocket of the inside of my coat.

“I love you baby. I’m so sorry for what I did. I’m a real bastard, but always know I’ll never stop fighting for you until I die. I love you,” he whispers kissing my bloody mouth softly. He slowly backs away, regret filling his face. Confused I open my mouth, but nothing comes out. I hear his feet quicken until he is gone.

Guess it’s just me, the drugs, and a bunch of corpses. Just like the beginning, I laugh ironically, only for the blood to begin to bubble up. Lord knows I’d give anything to go back and not get involved in all this. It spiraled out of control so damn quickly.

The metallic taste fills my mouth. Darks spots begin to mix in with the blue and red enclosing lights, and my blood pulses loudly in my ears. For the first time in a while, I’m genuinely scared.

“Yeah, we need an ambulance here, Shit. There are so many bodies. Hurry- it’s 245th Street, West side...”

The darkness slowly closes around me and everything fades to nothing.


An obnoxiously repetitive beeping noise fills my head, and I groan. I try to open my eyes, but all I see if an empty blackness. I can feel my breathing pick up as I begin to panic.

“Oh, it’s okay, Dear, just take some deep breathes, and I’ll got get the doctor.”

I try to follow the voice’s instructions and take a couple shaky breaths. Slowly, the room comes into focus. My vision, while still a bit blurry, manages to take in the white room that I’m in.

The sterile smell of the hospital makes me wrinkle my nose in distaste.

“Ah, I see you’ve awakened Ms. Walters.”

I look over to my left and see a middle-aged man, probably in his mid-forties, standing there dressed in blue scrubs. My stomach seemed to drop at the sight of him. I’ve always hated hospitals.

“Now, I’m sure you may be confused, but after we run some tests, we can answer any questions you may have for-”

“I have a question,” I interrupt, distracted by the handcuffs around my left wrist binding me to the bed. The pit in my stomach grew. “The hell is this?”

“A safety precaution, Miss Walters,” the doc smiled grimly at me. “I tried to have it removed after the first week, but it is procedure giving the… circumstances.”

A week? “What do you mean? A week?” I could hear my voice become higher as all of sudden breathing seemed hard. My eyes began to sting, and I blinked furiously.

The doctor shifted slightly, apparently uncomfortable. “Well, considering the injuries you sustained, your body suffered tremendously. Aside from your fractured wrist and excessive blood loss, you also had some internal bleeding in your stomach. The knife missed the organs, luckily, but you underwent two consecutive surgeries.”

I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself. “How long?” I asked again.

“Four months, Miss Walters.”

Four months? I brought my hand to my face, trying not to cry. Four months. What had happened in those four months? Where’s Kai? Where’s Jordan? Did they come here?

“Have I had any visitors?” I couldn’t decide which answer I wanted. On one hand I knew it would have been stupid and dangerous to come see me after what happened with the Crystal Reapers, but selfishly I wanted someone to care and know what was happening to me.

“No,” the doctor swiftly shook his head. “Is there someone I can call for you? There were no emergency contacts listed under your name, and I couldn’t find any capacitated relatives…” he trailed off, looking at me expectedly.

Ignoring the question, I move to the only topic left we haven’t discussed.

“When can I be released?” I interrupt, jiggling the handcuffs around my wrist and the bed rail.

“Um,” the doctor seems taken aback by the bluntness of my question. “Once we made sure all of your vitals are good, some officers will be here to escort you to the station,” he moves towards the door. “Your wrist is completely healed, and as for your stomach, just treat it nicely. What I mean is if it hurts, don’t do it.” He lingers by the door and turns to walk back in, but I ignore him.

I give him a curt nod and turn my attention back to the ceiling. The white ceiling.

“Ms. Walters, wouldn’t you like to know what happened?” the doctor nears my bed and hovers over me.

I sigh, wanting nothing more than to sleep and then go home. Back to Kai, back to Jordan. Home. “I’m good, Doc,” I give him a half smile. “I was there I know what happened.”


“Can I please be alone now?” I snap, tuning over to face the wall to by right, wincing as a soft pain shoots through my stomach. There was no response, but I heard the door quietly swing shut. I stare at the wall in front of me.

The horrible white wall.

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