The broken girl and her bad boy

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"What's your name?" He said "miranda" I signed "are you mute? He signed back I just stood there, he knows sign language? ☆Also on wattpad☆

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Miranda's Pov

*beep *beep *beep

I fling my arm over my eyes and use my other one to turn off my alarm. I never want to get out of bed but if I don’t then the twins will also never get out of bed. When I finally get out of bed I wear my normal washed out blue jeans and black skulls hoodie.

I guess I should introduce myself, i’m miranda. I have bright sea blue eyes and black hair I also have one blue truck and one black matte motorcycle. I have two younger siblings and two older but only one alive. The two younger ones are twins, Adam and Melanie. The older ones name is Jackson then there was Luke, he was my twin I would’ve done anything for him and he would’ve done anything for me.

I walked to the twins room and woke them both up then went down stairs to start making breakfast. For breakfast I decided to make eggs and toast. As I was finishing with the last of the eggs I heard footsteps coming from the stairs then saw both the twins all changed and walking to the table to eat. I give them their food and sit and eat my own. Your probably wondering where our parents are, well our mom is never around always working and our dad...well he left us before the twins were born for his new family. I haven’t seen him sense I was 7 and now i’m 17. When the twins are done eating we hop in the truck and I drive the twins to school then go to my own.

-at the school-

When I arrived at the school automatically people were looking and I hung my head low enough for my hair to cover my face while still looking at the ground. You see at school i’m mute. Have been ever sense Luke died, I only ever talk to the twins.

My thoughts were interrupted when I bumped into Victoria

“Hey mute, watch it!”

I just lowered my head further and walked away. When I was almost in first period I ran into my best friend April. I’ve known her for as long as I can remember. When she found out I was mute we taught each other sign language so we could still communicate.

Are you ready for class? She signed

Not really I just wanna go home. I replied

“I feel yeah.” She said

We both walked into math class and sat at the back. I tuned the teacher out and started drawing in my notebook. My phone buzzed in my pocket and when I checked it, it was Jackson

From Jackson You better be home right after school and make snacks, I have friends coming over, don’t be late or you’ll get it.

I didn’t respond and just put my phone away. I looked up at the board just in time to see the homework. I was debating whether I wanted to do my homework at lunch or home.


Eh i’ll do it at home.

April caught up to me and signed Wanna go to our tree?

Yea I replied with a shrug

As we were walking to our tree we passed Brett and Victoria. If I haven’t mentioned it brett is a jock and victoria’s boyfriend.

“*cough* Slut *cough*” April said as we walked by

Good one I signed with a chuckle

When we neared our tree we saw someone standing their with there back turned facing us.

“Hey asshole get away from our tree!” April shouted

He turned around and replied “It’s not nice to call someone an asshole, April”

We just stood there jaw dropped.....

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