The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 10


I cuddle with her and close my eyes and whisper goodnight.


Miranda’s Pov

When I woke up mel was right next to me cuddled into my arm. I moved my arm a little to get it out from under her. I got out of bed and my ankle still hurt but I went and made breakfast anyway.

When I got downstairs I saw jackson sitting there. I was shocked, he is never awake before I am. I looked at the time on my phone thinking I just slept in but I didn’t. I stopped staring and walked to the kitchen, made breakfast and walked it to him.

He saw me limping and just stared at my foot. I looked at him confused and when he finally lifted his gaze he saw me giving him a confused look and just grunted but looked away.

I heard one of the rooms upstairs open and close then heard footsteps on the stairs. I went back to the kitchen to dish up the plate to whoever is coming down.

I got a message and gave mel her food at the table then checked it.

From noah: Hey, wanna go to the cafe and hang out?

To noah: I don’t know, I kinda have a lot to do today

I didn’t like lying to him, but my brain was telling me it wasn’t a good idea. He responded almost instantly

From noah: Please I really want to hang out with you, we could go to the park and you can bring the twins and i’ll bring kicker. He has been asking to see melanie. Please I could use a friend right now.

To noah: Alright be there in an hour and i’m bringing war.

From noah: Perfect! see you then :)

I smiled and got the twins and me ready after waking adam up

An hour later

We were on our way to the park in my truck but something ran infront of us and I had to slam on my brakes. War was sitting in front so I had to put my arm out so he didn’t go flying. I turn around and make sure the twins were alright before I jumpted out and checked on the creature. It was a puppy.

I approached it slowly hoping not to scare it anymore. It was shaking and limping on his left back leg. I grab him carefully and walk back to the truck using it to help with putting pressure on my ankle.

We finally got to the park and I got the twins out and let war out and I grabbed the puppy and bundled it up with my sweater. The twins wouldn’t stop asking me questions on the way here. We walked over to noah and he watched as I limpted with a little bundle in my arms. He looked at me and was about to ask something but was interrupted by mel

“KICKER!!!” She screamed and ran to him exitedly

“Hey melanie!” He replied hugging her

I just smiled at the pair.

“Hey are you ok?” He finally asked after the kids ran to the park

I just nodded my head not being able to sign with the puppy in my arms

“Watcha got their?” He said reaching for it but I pushed his arm away

I uncovered its face and saw it sleeping. I smiled and showed him.

He had a huge smile on his face.

“What’s its name?”

I shook my hoping he gets what i’m trying to say, he did

I walked to one of the benches close by and set the puppy on the table.

“I grabbed her when she ran infront of me on the road.” I signed

“Oh.” He said sadly

I nodded my head and unrapped it to make sure its not hurt. I frowned when it walked to me. It didn’t walk normally, it was dragging its back leg. I went to fix it but noah stopped me

“We should take her to the vet.”

I ignored his comment and start wrapping it making sure its leg will heal the proper way till I can get back there.

Noah’s Pov

This girl is amazing. I should be upset she ignored me but i’m not, she knows what she is doing.

I just stared at her in amazement and aw till she looks up at me.

“So, how did you learn how to do that?” I asked pretending I wasn’t just caught staring.

After I asked that I immediantly regreted it when she looked scared. What did I say? Was it because I asked how she knew how to do that?

I went to ask what was wrong but adam walked over


She looked over at him and smiled

“What’s up?”She signed

I have always wanted to know what her voice would sound like if she used it. Would she have an accent? Would it be high pitched, or would it be the right volume?

“Noah?” Adam said

I looked up and noticed they were both staring at me.

“You ok dude?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Just asking.”

Melanie and kicker ran over both looked worn out.

Melanie grabbed kickers arm and lead him to the sleeping puppy.

“Is she gonna be ok?”

Miranda looked between her sister and the puppy and nodded her head yes. I couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful staright black hair, and her beautiful sea-blue eyes.

I guess I was staring to long because someone cleared there throat and I looked and saw kicker looking at me funny.

We all decided to head back home and say our goodbyes.

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