The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 11


I guess I was staring too long because someone cleared their throat and I looked and saw kicker looking at me funny.

We all decided to head back home and say our goodbyes.


Miranda’s Pov

As we were headed home my mind kept running on everything I needed to do to help this pup. I also needed a place for it to stay so it’s not tempted to keep walking. Best case sanerio is I can fix her leg and she’ll be able to walk on it, worse case I would have to amputate the leg and she will have to learn how to walk with three legs.

I was so in thought that I didn’t even realize we were here. We got out of the truck and I grabbed the puppy and snapped my fingers so war would get out. Walking to the house I could hear chatter from inside, thinking mom was home I hid the puppy in my sweater and zipped it up.

I walked inside nudging the kids upstairs and went to the basement where all my tools are located. I unzipped my jacket and put the puppy on the examining table, grabbing all the tools from the drawers. It took a minute because I haven’t been down here in awile.

I grabbed the feather pillows that were left down here from-


I turn around and see a guilty looking adam and melanie.

"I thought I told you to go to your room.”

“We wanted to help.” Mel said sheepishly

I nodded

"Suround the puppy so she can’t walk.”

They nodded and obligned.

I examined the puppy to see how bad her leg really was. Well that’s not good, no feeling, meaning nerve damage. I can’t fix nerve damage.

“So, how bad is she?” Adam asked

I shook my head and motioned my head for him to come closer. He walked over and felt her paw and looked at me confused.

“If you push here, her body should react to the movement...” I whispered

I grabbed the front paw and tapped her ankle showing him what I was talking about.

“Bad movement?” Melanie said

“Yes, do you know the correct term?“I asked using my voice lowly

She shook her head, I looked at adam and he shook his as well.

“Nerve damage.” I explained

Melanie looked deep in thought and adam started walking over to the puppy petting it.

“Does that mean amputation?” He whispered so mel didn’t hear him

I nodded sadly and pet the puppy as well, I really need a name for her so I can stop calling her the puppy.

Melanie finallly snapped out of her own world and looked at me confused.

“I remember when we had lightining you said you can fix anything but nerve damage so what does this mean for her?” Melanie asked

I flinched when she said his name and I felt a tear fall down my face.

"Come on guys, let’s go.” I signed grabbing the puppy and putting it back in my sweater, walking upstairs knowing what I had to do.

I quickly texted jason

To Jason
Hey J, are you and april busy at the moment?

From Jason
Kinda, @ aprils doctors, what’s up?

To Jason
Uh I rescued a puppy and she has pretty bad nerve damage so I have to amputate and I have been keeping melanie and adam away from all that grusome stuff till they are older. I was kida hoping you guys would be able to watch them.

From Jason
April really wants to see them, we are almost down at the apt can I stop by your place and pick them up there?

To Jason
Yes, please don’t tell melanie. I already have to figure it out something to say if the puppy survives. Adam only knows the word and the ending, he doesn’t know the process.

From Jason
Absolutely, see you soon.

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