The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 12


From Jason

Absolutely, see you soon.


Miranda’s Pov

As we were waiting, I was watching tv downstairs with the twins. Everyone left a while ago so it was just us. We were watching Flicka when my phone made a noise, I checked it

From April
Here, I want to see my twins.

I laughed but didn’t respond, put my phone away and paused the movie.

“April and Jason are here to hang out with you guys.”

Melanie opened the door and before she did anything adam grabbed her arm

“Don’t run out, wait for us.” He said strictly

Damn I forgot how protective he was, good thing he was there to remind me.

Melanie did an obnoxious sigh but nodded her head. Jason walked to the door before melanie could turn around and scared her

“Hey Pumpkin!” He yelled

She turned around and hit him, I cleared my throat and glared at her behavior.

“He scared me!”

"Doesn’t matter"

While mel was talking to me adam came over

“Will she survive?” He whispered petting my jacket where she lays

“Who told you she wouldn’t?” I asked crossing my arms

“Hey adam you ready?” Jason asked

“Yeah” Adam replied

“We will finish this later.” I whispered to him

After they left I turned around to walk back to the basement when I saw jackson sitting on the top step.

“Where are they going?” He asked looking vulnerable? No my eyes are playing tricks on me.

I didn’t answer and finished making my way to the basement. I thought I heard footsteps behind me but that couldn’t be, jackson hasn’t been down here sense before lightning.

I kept walking, not believing my ears and when I got in I put the puppy on the table and got the amnesia. I hooked her tongue up on my thing so she didn’t swallow it while she was under.

While she was going under I hooked her up to a system that tells me her heart rate, and put an IV in her right front arm.

“Don’t forget to shave.” he said getting on his phone playing the song I haven’t heard since the last procedure I did.

I froze, he hasn’t tried helping me let alone reminding me the one thing I almost always forget about.

I cleared those thoughts out of my head, turned around gave him a tiny nod and resumed what I was doing.


She did good during the procedure and I was waking her up now. During the entire thing jackson stayed at the door not moving, and not talking.

Someone texted me but I ignored it, and put all my attention on the puppy who is still yet to be named.

“The angels must have been on her side.” He commented then walked away

Something happened to him, he almost seemed like his normal self for a second, I miss this side of him. It left a little after my father did...

Wait...Angel. That’s a great name for her.

The puppy started crying so I gave her a piece of meat laced with medicine for this reason exactly. I need to make more of it, no I don’t. I’m not doing this anymore, this was a one time thing. I retired from this line of work.

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