The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 13


The puppy started crying so I gave her a piece of meat laced with medicine for this reason exactly. I need to make more of it, no I don’t. I’m not doing this anymore, this was a one time thing. I retired from this line of work.


Miranda’s Pov

It has been an hour now, the puppy seems to be doing better and now i’m taking her and going to get the kids here soon. Right this minute I am in the kitchen preparing samdwiches with Angel in my sweater relaxing.

I’m done making the sandwiches putting them all in the fridge exept one, Jacksons. Then grabbing my keys and telling war to follow. I open the passenger door and war jumps in and I put angel next to him, then go on my side and hop in. I quickly send a message to april

To AprilHey, are you guys at your house or Jason’s?

It didn’t take her long to answer

From April
Jason’s, are you on your way?

To April

After replying to her message I put the keys in the ignition and start it. On the way I kept glancing at war and angel to make sure they were doing good but the second time I glance over I see them cuddled up together.

When I arrived I shut the truck off and get out leaving angel in the car but grabbing War. I Knocked on the front door and hear yelling from inside, I open the door to make sure everything was ok only to see Jason looking mad and april crying on the couch with her head in her hands.

"Is everything ok?" I sign

Jason saw me standing there looking even more mad, and pointed to the stairs

“The twins are upstairs in my room.”

I nodded, ”What’s going on?”

“Nothing! Just go get the twins and leave!”

I looked at april and she looked at me desperatly. I nodded and walked upstairs, having a plan in mind. I got upstairs and went to jason’s room to see adam holding a sleeping melissa. I smiled, adam went to say something but saw it was me and didn’t.

"She ok?” I asked

“She heard them arguing and starting panicking so I told her to come here and we layed here and she eventually relaxed and fell asleep.” Adam explained quietly

"Ok, could you go ask april for help for me please?”

He didn’t respond but walked out and yelled down the stairs

“Hey april sissy wants some help.” I heard him yell

I didn’t hear her respond but a minute later april and adam come in the room. April had a tear-stained face and didn’t look well. I walked over and gave her a hug which she hesitantly responded to. She then pulled away and wiped her face

“So, you needed help?” She puts on a fake smile

"Yeah, but first is there anything I can do?”

She shook her head but I could tell she wanted to say something, I ignored it for now.

I grabbed melissa from adam and nodded my head to april hoping shewill take her so I can grab adam. She got what I meant and nodded, taking her out of my hands. Then I grabbed adam and we headed downstairs. I expected to see jason somewhere but I didn’t.

We got outside and put the twins in the back and I got war in the front. I turned around and looked at april looking at me hopful.

"What is that look for?”

“Can I stay with you for awhile?” She said so quietly I almost didn’t hear her

I grabbed angel from the front and put her in back in adam’s arms. She climbed out of adam’s arms and walked into mel’s. Mel slightly stired but grabbed onto angel and they both just layed there and slept.

War was on the floorboard in the front and april got in the passenger seat. We were on our way to the house and april got a text. She looked like she was gonna check it but didn’t, and put her phone in her pocket.

When we arrived at the house she didn’t say anything and walked inside. I got war out then helped the twins. Melissa was already awake so she held onto angel. The twins walked to the house and I locked the truck then followed behind them.

I didn’t see april anywhere so I assumed she was upstairs. I got the kids in the kitchen and gave them their food. Then walked upstairs with my sandwich and found april in my room, gave her the food and sat next to her.

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