The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 14


I didn’t see april anywhere so I assumed she was upstairs. I got the kids in the kitchen and gave them their food. Then walked upstairs with my sandwich and found april in my room, gave her the food and sat next to her.


Miranda’s Pov

We just sat there for a while not saying anything till april broke the silence.

“Thank you for this.” She muttered

"Anytime, wanna talk about it?” I asked

“What is there to talk about?”

"The fact you two were in a big fight when I got there.” I said rolling my eyes

“We were talking about the baby...” She sighed

“What about the baby?”

“He told me he doesn’t know if he wants it, he wants me to put it up for adoption after it’s born.”

I gasped, he couldn’t be serious. He doesn’t want the kid he helped make? He seemed like he was happy and wanted it, what changed?

“It just doesn’t make sense. I am not getting rid of my child.”

“I will help you if he won’t.”

She smiled at me and was gonna say something but her phone rang.

“Hello.” She said

The person on the other end of the phone said something making her smile drop completely and almost had a pissed off look.

“Yeah sure, whatever you want.” She growled out

“No! I won’t allow it, you are either in my son’s life or not. You don’t get to decide when you get to be and when your not.” She yelled

I grabbed the phone from her grasp and hung up on Jason. She leaned over laying on me crying. I hugged her and rubbed her back. She recovered quickly, sitting up and stretched.

“I don’t need his help to be a mother. I am gonna be the best mother to my son without him. I don’t need him.”

“Exactly. I will help as much as you need me. This boy will have a lot of people that love him, he doesn’t need someone who doesn’t want him.” I spoke

She snapped her head to me mouth agape.

“You talked to me. You don’t do that a lot.”

I smiled and nodded

“Come on, let’s go check on the twins.” I said right before my phone dinged

As we were walking out I pulled my phone out and checked the message

From Noah:
Hey, would you mind if I stopped by and hung out Im bored.

To Noah:
Right now isn’t a good time.

From Noah:
Ok, sorry

To Noah:
Don’t be sorry

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