The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 15


As we were walking out I pulled my phone out and checked the message
From Noah:Hey, would you mind if I stopped by and hung out Im bored.
To Noah:Right now isn’t a good time.


Miranda’s Pov

It has been a few months with april staying here. Jason decided he didn’t want to be a father so him and april aren’t together anymore. April and I were deciding on baby names, but we couldn’t find one she liked.

“How about Jordan?” April asked

I smiled and wrote it down on the list.

“Leo?” I questioned

“That is the one!”

I smiled and nodded my head, crumpled the paper and threw it away.

“What is there to do now?” I questioned

“The baby is due in a couple months and I still haven’t made his bed, I need clothes for him, and I got bottles yesterday.”

“I got a few outfits yesterday. How about we go to the store tomorrow after school is over?”

“Ok, the twins can help us!” she yelled exited


It’s sunday today so there wasn’t much to do other than watch movies, so that is what we did for awhile. Well that is what they did, I was lost in thought not paying attention to the movie. I miss Noah, it’s weird. I have never really missed anyone this bad, not even jason when he left.

“Hey, you ok?” April asked ripping me away from my mind

I nodded and smiled

She just shook her head going back to the movie. There was a bark at the door, I walked over to it confused.

I opened the door and gasped it was a dog, beaten, limping and blood everywhere. I walked up to it slowly and picked him up to take him downstairs, he was really light. Not good.

I walked downstairs and placed him on the examining table to get a better look at all of the injuries. He wouldn’t put much weight on his ankle, cuts running down his back, legs, and a gash on his side.

I turned around and started the water in the bath, then gently put him in it. He whined a little but let me clean off the blood, I knew it hurt because he would yelp every once in awhile. I kept telling him it was ok and petting him. My phone went off but I ignored it and focused on him.

“Can I help?” I turned around and saw adam there

“Will you keep him calm, I need to examine his cuts more?” I smiled

He didn’t say anything but walked over and started talking to him. I got a clean cloth, my tweezers, and a few other tools. In the end he needed a few stitches, a wrap for his paw that he thankfully only twisted. I grabbed him and took him upstairs, putting him on the dog bed.

April was making dinner when I checked my phone

From Noah
Hey, kicker wants to hang out with Mel

To Noah
Come on over if you want, I have a question for you anyway.

I put my phone away and took over dinner so april could go sit.

“So, I know you keep saying it’s fine but are you sure you want a baby running around?” April asked for like the fifteenth time.

“That seems to be your favorite question. Yes, it would be fun, although I’m not sure how to deal with jackson...” I whispered out the last part

“I already have a job after school so maybe we could all move somewhere else, when I get enough money that is.”

“That is a great idea, but I can’t do that to you. You shouldn’t even be working at how far along your pregnancy is.”

“You always say that.” She grumbled

“Because it’s true” I mumbled

Dinner was done and I was dishing it out when the doorbell rang.

“Come in!” April yelled

Kicker and Noah came in smiling, I smiled back.

Noah needed april’s hand with something in the car, I was gonna protest but noah beat me to it.

“She isn’t lifting anything” He said walking out

I gave everyone their food and left Noah’s and April’s on the counter. I went into the living room to sit with the dog. He seemed to be handling everything ok, War was cuddled next to him.

Noah and april walked inside, noah had something behind his back. April grabbed whatever it was and ran upstairs

Be careful I signed

“No running!” Noah yelled up to april I smiled thankfully at him

He smiled back and sat next to me

“You had a question?”

I nodded and moved sideways so he could see the dog.

Do you know who he belongs to?

He looked like he was thinking before he shook his head

“I don’t, but I could put lost dog signs up if you want.” he said sadly

That would help me out a lot I smiled

“It’s final then!”

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