The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 2


When we neared our tree we saw someone standing their with there back turned facing us.

“Hey asshole get away from our tree!” April shouted

He turned around and replied “It’s not nice to call someone an asshole, April”

We just stood there jaw dropped.....


Miranda's Pov

“J-Jason” April stuttered

“The one and only” He smirked.

April ran over to him and hugged him as I just stand their still shocked. I didn’t understand why he was here, or how? I thought he said he wasn’t gonna come back...


We all just got back from shopping and of course april went wild when all of a sudden Jason’s phone went off and he turned stone cold and shoved april off him and told us not to follow him. When he took off me and april shared a look but didn’t follow and walked home. When we got to my house there was a note on my front porch

I hate you guys, I’m never coming back to this shit hole town and gonna find me a beautiful amazing girl who will give me what I want. You never were my real friends, I was just using you both and you were naive to let me. I finally can get away and I will so bye and hope to never see you guys again!

Sincerely, Jason

After we read the letter we ran into my room and cried on each other. We nev-


My train of thoughts got interrupted by someone yelling my name

“Hey miranda you ok over their?”

Really, am I ok? That’s the best you got after these three years of nothing. Well no I’m very much not ok, I hate that letter and I hate you! I signed very fast showing I was upset

April looked like everything just clicked into her mind and she punched him while replying

“Yeah you asshole, how was that beautiful girl, and ditching us with a note! I loved you and you left with a note saying you hated us. You have a lot to explain mister.” She said while tears slipped from her eyes.

Jason kissed april roughly but april pushed him away with a scowl and we both started walking to class as the bell rung behind us but jason ran ahead and stopped us.

“Listen I never meant the things in that note guys, I met a girl there yes-”

April interrupted him and shoulder checked him as she walked past and dragged me away with her.

When we got to class april hadn’t said anything and I was getting kinda worried, she is normally talking all the time.

“What are we gonna do about him being back?” I signed

“I have no idea, I want him to join our group so we can be the three musketeers again but I don’t want to forgive him so soon...” She signed back

10 minuted into class the door slammed open and in walked the devil himself I glance at april to see she was hiding the tears in eyes I rub her arm and jason sits in the only seat open which is the opposite behind april.

After the last classes flew by quickly with only science with jason again april and I were headed to the twins school in my truck when victoria and brett were sucking faces on the side of the road on brett’s ugly brown car when they walked more into the road, I slammed on my brakes and they looked directly at us.

“Watch where you going whore, go spread your legs somewhere else! BYE!!” April shouted out her window when we passed slowly.

When april said that victoria turned red, from embarrassment or anger i’ll never know. I dragged april along before anything worse could happen.

A few blocks and songs later we arrived at the school and when the twins saw us they ran over and hugged us both. We said a quick goodbye to april then headed to the house. The twins were talking about their day when we arrived at the house only to see three random cars there. I told the twins to go straight to there rooms while I went in the kitchen and started on snacks only to be interrupted by my “brother” and his friends. I recognized one but didn’t get time to remember his name before a loud ringing sounded and the left side of my face started burning. I so badly wanted to cradle my cheek to make it feel better but I wasn’t going to give him that satisfaction. His friends started laughing along while he just get looking at me angry.

“That’s what you get for being late bitch and hurry the fuck up with the snacks.”

I never responded just turned around and carried on making snacks while they went to the dining room. After I finished the snacks I put them on the plate and carried them into the dining room and laid them on the table. Nobody even glanced my way so I just made my way upstairs to the twins room and we all started our homework.

Later that night after Jackson’s friends went home he went into his room without saying anything. I told the twins it was time for bed and tucked them in and went to my room and started drawing.


*Beep *Beep *Beep

I wake up and realized I fell asleep in my drawing book and my colored pencils were scatted all over my bed. I quickly clean them up, get dressed and go wake the twins. I didn’t what to make for breakfast so I just made the twins cereal and we headed out.

When we got to the twins school Melanie didn’t want to leave the truck

“Baby what’s wrong?” I whispered so nobody outside heard.

“Nothing, Bye!” She smiled but it didn’t meet her eyes. I wanted to ask about it but didn’t want to be late for school so I let it go.


I found april and jason easily but as I walked closer april was making every excuse possible to get away till she saw me, her eyes lightened and she ran the rest of the way to me. I waved hello and we walked in the school all together. As we got to the class we all sat down and turned to each other.

“Miranda what are you doing after school?” Jason asked slowly

"Grabbing the twins and then got nothing planned" I signed.

Well now you do, grab the twins and meet us at our spot.“Jason signed back

"Ha! you think I’m going with you, your funny. I’m going with my best friend to go get our brother and sister." April added.

"All right, so we’ll go grab them and meet you at our spot." I responded

They both nodded their head and the teacher walked in and started the lesson.

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