The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 3


“Miranda what are you doing after school?” Jason asked slowly

"Grabbing the twins and then got nothing planned" I signed.

"Well now you do, grab the twins and meet us at our spot.“Jason signed back

"Ha! you think I’m going with you, your funny. I’m going with my best friend to go get our brother and sister." April added.

"All right, so we’ll go grab them and meet you at our spot." I responded

They both nodded their head and the teacher walked in and started the lesson.


Miranda's Pov

After a long day of school it was finally time to go get the twins and head to our spot. When me and april were headed to the truck only to find a new car pull into the parking spot next to mine.

"Who is that?” I asked april

"I heard he is the new kid" April replied

When we got to the truck I realized I left my notebook in class

"I’ll be back I left my notebook." I told her

"All right, but at least unlock the truck first.”

I hit unlock and walked back inside. When I was right outside the class room door I walked in only to notice the new kid and teacher talking. I ignored their looks and went to my desk to not find my notebook sitting there.

“Looking for this?” Mr. Ash asked me

I nodded my head and grabbed it from him. I began to walk out of the classroom when I notice a presence behind me, I look over my shoulder to see the new kid staring at me.

“What’s your name.”

"Miranda." I signed

“So you sign?”

It took me a minute to process what he said and gasped when I realized he new sign language. I nodded yes and started to walk faster down the halls.

“HEY! wait up.” He shouted

When he caught up to him he sighed and I glanced at him

"Are you mute?" He questioned

I bolted out as soon as he finished asking. When I neared my truck I slowed down and saw april blaring music inside. I opened my door and hopped in. When I shut the door april started asking me a lot of questions

“Hey what took so long? Why do you look so upset? Are you-”

I looked over at her as in to tell her to shut it and thankfully she did.

"I just ran into the new kid and he knows sign...he asked if I was mute and I ran out here.” I told her cautiously

I look over at her because she was being to quit and notice her mouth hung open. I just ignored her expression and started driving to the twins school.

When we got to the school I parked the truck and we waited.

“So did you get his name?”

I just ignored her as the twins got into the truck.

I waved at them and saw Melanie was trying to hold back tears while Adam looked really angry.

“Hey, what’s wrong guys?” April asked before I could.

“A boy was talking to my sister and wouldn’t go away.” Adam replied with his arms crossed and a hmph at the end.

“Bubby, he was just trying to be my friend.” Mel (melanie) said sadly

“But he can’t be your friend, I won’t let him! Your my sister and he can’t take you away from me.

“Fine!!” Mel said with tears in her eyes

"Alright you too that is enough.” I signed knowing they would get it

When we finally made it to our destination in the wooded area I helped the twins get out and picked up Mel while april held Adam.

“Hey guys, Pumpkin, Adam!” Jason shouted when we got to him.

“Hey Jay.” They say in sync

We put the twins down and let them run around while we sat on the logs close by.

"It is so relaxing out here." I signed taking a deep breath

"Definitely." april said

Adam sighed “I missed you guys.”

“Yeah, that’s why you left.” April said under her breath not expecting us to hear but we both snapped our head to her.

Adam hung his head “I left to go get someone...”

April gasped quietly, only I heard her. She cleared her throat and said she was gonna go watch the kids.

Adam took a deep breath “You know that message I got before I took off on you guys?” He asked me. I nodded my head confused

“The message was a unknown, it said I had a sister and I needed to get her quick before she got hurt again.”

I just sat there shocked

"I thought your parents died, and as for your sister, sense when?” I asked

He went to say something but Mel jumped into his laugh making him quiet.

“Hey pumpkin.” Mel sighed at the nickname he gave for her sense she was born

“Come pwayyy.” Mel said

“I will in a second k, let me finish talking to your sister.”

“Ok.” She responded

When she walked away he turned to me again, he had a sour look on his face.

"They died in a car crash, the police guy told me 4 years ago.”

After he said that he walked away to go play with Mel before I could ask the question I had. I’ll just have to ask him later.

They went further into the trees and away from the clearing slowly while they were playing and I just got on the ground and layed there.

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