The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 4


"They died in a car crash, the police guy told me 4 years ago.”

After he said that he walked away to go play with Mel before I could ask the question I had. I’ll just have to ask him later.

They went further into the trees and away from the clearing slowly while they were playing and I just got on the ground and layed there.


Miranda's Pov

As I was laying there comfortably, I heard a noise like a car. I scurried to my feet wondering who else new of this place when he came into view with a little boy.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" He asked walking closer to me while also keeping an eye on the little boy

"I could ask you the same thing, how long have you known of this place?" I responded

"This is my getaway space, I come here to be alone."

I just looked at him then at the woods expecting everyone else to make their self known, they didn’t. I looked at him again only to find him staring at me.

"What?" I asked confused

"Nothing...Hey what’s that sound?" He said as there was noise from the woods.

“Hey miranda what-“He stopped talking

“What are you doing here Noah?”

“I was here first, I think you need to leave. Now.”

“Damn baby, chill.” April said to jason

"BABY!?”I asked confused.

The kids walked out from behind april and jason and ran to me. Mel gripped my arm while adam stood beside me trying to act tough.

“What is going on?” asked adam with a gruff voice, I chuckled quietly.

“Look I just came to my quiet place to get some piece and quiet and hang out with Kicker.”

“Kicker?” April asked confused.

“My brother.”

“His name is kicker?”

“Nickname, his real name is Lukis.”

I took a sharp intake of breath and looked down as he said that, it sounded so much like Luke. I look up again and everyone was looking at me. April and jason with sadness, Lukis and Noah with confusion and the twins went back to playing. April came over and removed a tear I didn’t even knew fell.

“Sorry for asking but are you ok?”

I cleared all my emotion from my face and signed fine.

He didn’t look convinced but left it alone anyway. My phone rang and when I looked at it the caller ID said Jackson. I debated answering it or not and decided not to answer. I put my phone back in my back pocket and sat back down.

“Lukis go play.”

Lukis looked at the twins and they waved him over. He ran over and smiled while they all played a game they created.

Everyone else sat down and april and jason started making out. Noah sat next to me and watched lukis closely. He looked lost in thought and I just left him there.

I opened my eyes to see my head was on a window and we were moving. I started to panic not knowing where I was or where I was going. I looked to see who was driving only to be stunned to see Noah there glancing at me then back at the road.

“Don’t panic, you fell asleep and I offered to take you home. Your brother and sister are with April in your car, and jason in his following behind us.”

I just nodded my head. Then it clicked, home? I checked my phone to see

3 missed calls, 7 unread messages.

I looked at the messaged

From Jackson: where are you?

From Jackson: Hello??

From Jackson: answer me you bitch

From Jackson: Fine, don’t answer me, but when you get here you will have hell to pay

From Jackson: If you don’t answer me right now I won’t touch you. I’ll just beat those filthy twins

I couldn’t read anymore and I put my phone beside me. I needed to get the twins to stay away from the house for awhile, but where. Just then an idea popped into my head. I started typing on my notepad in my phone

Pull over at a park please

I put the note next to the radio so he can glance at it and not wreck. He got what I was doing and asked


Please just do it, the nearest one

“Ok.” he sighed

Not long after we were pulling into a park and when we stopped I jumped out and waited for the others. After they pulled up and parked they jumped out and I used my phone again.

Hey apricot, can you play with the twins here while I deal with some stuff at home before they get there?

I crossed my fingers behind my backand even used her nickname I gave her when we were younger.

"By deal with you mean get b-"

I pushed her hands away to say not to finish that and when she gave me a confused face I glanced behind me to see noah staring intently at us. It then clicked and she smiled sheepishly as if to say sorry.

“Yeah i’ll play with the kids, do u want jason to take you home?”

“No! I mean no, I can take her.” He said with a smile

I looked to him and nodded

“Come on Lukis let’s go.”

“No, I want to stay and play with melanie and adam. Please!” Lukis said pleadingly

“It’s fine by me.” April said smiling at the little boy

“Alight, alight.”

Lukis gave noah a hug then ran off with adam while melanie walked over to me and hugged me pulling me down so she could reach my ear.

“Please be careful and don’t let him hurt you.” She said softly, scared almost.

“I’ll be ok. I promise.” I whispered

She hugged me again and ran off to chase after the boys. She whispered in adam’s ear and he glanced at me and I nodded telling him i’ll be fine. He wasn’t convinced.

“Shall we get going?”

I nodded trying to leave before the twins thought to much and made me stay with them.


When we pulled up I thanked him and got out taking my time to get to the front door. When I opened it I was surprised to see my mother standing there holding a big box in her arms.

“Well are you just gonna stand there or help me?”

I walked over and just stood there not sure what to help her with. When she handed me the box I was shocking to hear a whimper coming from inside. I sit down on the couch with a confused face and open it to find a pit bull puppy.

“Well, what are you gonna name him” My mother asked me

I got out my phone and typed Warrior, war for short

“Warrior?” She asked

I nodded my head and smiled at him he is gonna be my warrior. I grabbed him and ran upstairs into my bedroom. I put war on my bed and walked to my bathroom. When I got out Jackson was sitting there on my bed pissed.

“Why did you take so long to get here?” He asked

He didn’t wait for a response before he punched my gut making me land on my knees and then he kicked my ribs hearing a sickening crack I knew he broke at least two. I waited for my mother to come trying to figure out the noise but she never came, I just kept glancing at the door.

“She isn’t gonna save you, she went out with her friends.” he said with a smirk

After a few more hits and kicks he walked out leaving me alone in pain. Eventually I made it to my bed to see warrior chained to my bed, I unchained him and texted april.

To april: All clear

She responded immediately

From april: Ok, on our way. How bad are you?

To april: I’ve been worse. I have someone to show you. BTW my mom stopped by before leaving with her friends.

From april: I’ll see you when I get there can’t wait to meet this “someone”

I chuckled then stopped as soaring pain came from my ribs. I layed down with warrior and just thought about my life.

I was tore from my thoughts as the doorbell rang. I got up slowly still feeling the pain and got to the door with warrior at my feet.

The twins ran in and adam started playing with warrior as melanie came over and gave me a huge hug. I winced from the pain in my ribs and she pulled away confused. I just smiled at her and told her to go play while I talked to april.

As she walked in I saw jason and noah come in followed by lukis. I just smiled at everyone as april gave me a bigger hug than melanie did. I pulled away quickly and tears started to flow down my eyes no matter how much I willed them to stop.

“Bathroom now!” April said

I started to walk to the bathroom downstairs and april followed and I noticed another pair of footsteps behind us. I glanced back and saw jason following. I stopped and rolled my eyes but shook my head at him. He gave the puppy dog eyes and april pushed him back to the living room. We got to the bathroom and I shut the door and as soon as I turned around she had my shirt up and saw my bruised and out of place ribs. She gasped as she threw my shirt down and ran out crying. I walked out to see noah staring at me concerned and confused and april running around with jason following her trying to get her to talk to him.

“Jason back off and let me do this!” She shouted angrily still wiping tears from her eyes.

I looked over and saw the twins and lukis playing with warrior but I wanted him by my side so I snapped three times and he surprisingly new what I meant. He ran over and sat by my feet and looked at me, I didn’t feel so good. I saw noah’s lips moving but couldn’t hear what he was saying then i’ll I saw what blackness.

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