The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 5


I looked over and saw the twins and lukis playing with warrior but I wanted him by my side so I snapped three times and he surprisingly new what I meant. He ran over and sat by my feet and looked at me, I didn’t feel so good. I saw noah’s lips moving but couldn’t hear what he was saying then i’ll I saw what blackness.


Noah's Pov

We were at the park watching the kids while they were playing and april got a text. Jason looked at her expectantly and waited. She finally looked up at her phone with a little frown

“It was april, she said the kids can come home.”

“Are you coming with us?” He turned and looked at me

“Sure got nothing better to do.” Was my response

“Adam! Pumpkin! Kicker!” Jason called to the kids

Pumpkin and kicker look over at jason and start to walk our way, but adam didn’t even glance our way. Pumpkin notices her brother didn’t hear so she walks over to him

“Bubby, come on.” She said

Adam smiled at her and took her hand as she pulled him over to us. When they got over here we all got in the cars and I followed them to the house.


When we arrived we all got out and went to the door, april was the first one to get to the door so she knocked and miranda opened the door. When miranda opened the door she looked to be in pain but I didn’t question it. The twins ran inside and adam ran the the little puppy on the floor, melanie ran to miranda and gave her a hug, but the hug hurt her somehow. When melanie let go to go play with the puppy april walked over to miranda and gave her a even bigger hug. Miranda cried in pain and april let go

“Bathroom now!” April said.

Miranda started to walked to the bathroom with april and jason following. Miranda turned around and roller her eyes while shaking her head. I turned to look at the twins and kicker as they are on the ground playing with the puppy who I have yet to figure out the name of. As I was watching the kids play jason walked over and started playing with them to. All of a sudden we hear the bathroom door open again and april is running around with tears in her eyes while jason is following trying to calm her down and I just stare at miranda concerned.

“Jason back off and let me do this” She shouted angrily wiping tears from her eyes.

Miranda snapped her fingers three times and the puppy left the kids and ran to miranda. Damn that dog is trained well. I saw miranda start spinning

“Miranda, you ok?” I asked

“April! Jason!” I yelled when she was going down.

They stopped fighting and ran over. April was crying more now and all the kids ran to where we were in the hallway. I moved her head on my lap and asked april to get the kids upstairs and asked jason to go open up my car door. As he ran out I picked miranda up bridal style and carried her to the car.

“I am taking her to the hospital, you two ok with the kids?” I said as I layed her in the backseat.

“Dude, she hates hospitals, and we are following behind you.” He responds rushed

“Ok, no hospital then, Ill take her to my house.” I said quickly shutting the door to my backseat and walking to the driver seat.

“APRIL!” Jason shouted into the house.

April and the three kids ran out

“Kicker with me, I am gonna need help.”

“Yes sir!” He said proudly

and the others went to Jason’s car. Kicker looked at me with the puppy dog eyes

“Can melanie come with us and help me while you drive?”

“That isn’t up to me, but you can go talk with april.”

He ran over to Jason’s car and I faintly hear kicker ask about melanie. Jason looked my way and I nod my head yes and melanie hops out and runs to my car.

“Melanie you have to sit up front and i’ll take the back.” Kicker says

We pile into my car and kicker gets to work to make sure we will make it home. You might be wondering why I am taking her to my house, well my mother is a doctor and she can help. That is also how kicker knows what to do.

“Noah do u have needle and thread in here like mom told you to?”

“Melanie reach under your seat and grab the black bag under there and hand it to lukis please.”

When she grabbed the bag lukis told her to thread the yarn into the needle and she did as he says and she hands it to him, I glance into the rear view mirror to see him stitching her cheek. Melanie just sits there facing backward in case he says he needs help again.

“Is she going to be ok?” Melanie asks sadly

“Melanie, how did your sister get those cuts?”

“Call me mel, and I can’t say, is she going to be ok?” She asks a little more emotionless

“For a little girl you sure can change your emotions fast.”

She turned back around and turned stone cold while saying

“Just make sure she will be ok or I will hurt you.”

“Mel she will be ok. I promise.” Kicker says sweetly

“We are almost there, how is she?” I ask kicker

“She is still blacked out, and she lost a lot of blood but she will be fine till we get there.” He says

We finally arrive and kicker jumps out and gets the side door on the corner of the front door that leads to the basement where mom works. I notice Jason’s car isn’t here yet. I pick miranda up walk to the door. When I walked in the smell of cinnamon hits my nose. That is the difference between my mom’s office and the hospitals. Hospitals smell like chemicals where my mom’s office smells like cinnamon. I lay miranda down on the bed, and I got a phone call

N=noah A=april

N: Hello

A: Hey, what is your address the neighbors called me saying there was a dog barking so we had to go get the puppy.

N: Oh ok, I’ll text you the address as soon as we get off. Have you figured out the dogs name yet?

A: No, not a clue. Which is hard to make it listen might I add. How is she?

N: She is doing fine, hey I got to go my mom just walked in I’ll text you address.

A: Ok, bye

She hung up the phone and my mom started asking questions as I texted april the address. I wonder how she got my number anyway.

“Noah, name?” My mother asked

“Miranda. She blacked out.”

“Do u know the cause of it?”

Just then kicker came in

" As far as I could see blood loss, but I didn’t check for any injuries sense she is female.”

“That’s ok son, you did good.” Mom complemented

“Oh, by the way her friends are headed this way with her brother and dog.”

“Is the dog a service?”

“If I were to take a guess I would assume so. She snapped three times and it came to her.”

“Ok, well I need you boys to go inside and noah will you make sure your sister is still asleep and get Sabeena down here.”

“Ok, mom.”

Me and the kids walked inside and they went to the backyard to play soccer and I walked upstairs to check on Bella. I walked in her room and see her playing with her toys. When she saw me she smiled really big. I picked her up and walked downstairs with her in my arms.

I went into the living room and set her in her play pin. I went to sabeena’s room and opened the door to see her peacefully sleeping. I woke her up and told her to go to work and she ran out.

I walked back into the living room to Bella and as I started to sit down somewhere knocked on the door. I groaned and got up to unlock it and find april, jason, the puppy and adam.

“Where is she?” April asked hurriedly

“In my mom’s office. Come on in.” I replied

“Where is my sisters?” Adam asked strictly

“Adam chill buddy i’m sure they are fine” Jason said calmly, maybe he is warming up to me

“Come on i’ll take you to melanie, we can’t go downstairs yet but we will soon.”

“Fine.” He said wanting to fight it but didn’t

We walked out back and see kicker and Mel passing the ball to each other. Kicker and Mel are smiling and I look over at adam to see him happy that his sister is smiling.

“Hey sis you doing ok?” Adam asked

“Bubby! Come play!” Mel says happily

“Nah, you look like your having fun.” Adam smiled again

“I think his family is the only ones he smiles for.” Jason says quietly while adam walks to the chair watching his sister play

“What do you mean?” I ask jason

Jason’s mouth drops like I wasn’t supposed to hear that.

“N-no-nothing.” He studders

I look at him confused wanting to ask more but when he gulps I drop the topic.

“Kids we need to talk, and I have a lot of questions.” My mom says walking to us

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