The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 6


“Kids we need to talk, and I have a lot of questions.” My mom says walking to us


Noah’s Pov

“What’s up mom?” I asked worriedly

“Noah why don’t you go in the house, lukis why don’t you go check Miranda’s fluids and bring water for sabeena please.” Mom says sternly

“Ok fine.” I grumble

“Yes mamma.” Lukis replies walking away

I walk in and didn’t see bella in her pin, so I went back outside to talk to mom. When I got in ear shot distance I heard something about someone Jackson and then jason notices me and cleared his throat, making mom and april turn towards me.

“Honey, how long have you been there?” Mom asked concerned

“Not long, where is bella?” I ask brushing off the conversation

“Your father is home and took her upstairs to give her a bath.”

“Ok.” I said already walking away.

I hear the bell for mom’s office and in walks kicker and sabeena

“Noah tell mom she’s awake.” He says walking upstairs

“I heard.” Mom said walking in behind me’

I debate going to see her but realize her friends are gonna wanna do that and I don’t want to overwhelm her. I turn and go upstairs and see if dad needs help instead.

I reach the bathroom and see bella splashing water on dad’s suit and him red with anger.

“Dad go change i’ll take it from here.” I said carefully not trying to make him more angry

“No! She is my daughter and i’ll deal with her. Go get me a towel.” He snaps

“Dad, you have had a long day I promise I will deal with it. Go change and relax, you deserve it.”

“Ok, your right I am getting angry at a baby, i’m sorry son for snapping at you. I’ll go change.” He sighed

He walks away and I take care of bella and get her washed off and put her pajamas on, without any problems like usual. I carry her to the bathroom and grab her brush then walk downstairs and sit on the couch with her on my lap carefully brushing her hair.

“Pigtails or down?” I ask and put my fists in front of her so she can choose

She slapped the fist that was meant for pigtails and laughed. I sighed and did pigtails. Your probably thinking it’s weird I am doing her hair and finishing her baths with no problems, well it’s because I am around her more then our parents, who are always working.

Jason walked into the living room “Miranda is asking to see you.”

“Me? Why?” I ask confused

“I have no idea.” he rolls his eyes and walks to the bathroom

I walk down the steps with bella on my side playing with my shirt. I get down there and bella reaches for mom but mom is checking Miranda’s fluids so I put her arms down, she dosen’t fight me on it.

“Hi.” I say and her head turns to me

“Hey” She signs

“How you feeling?”

“I’m fine but no one is believing me.” She rolls her eyes

“You fainted?” I said but it turned into a question

“Where is warrior?” She signed ignoring what I said

“Who is that?” I ask confused

“My puppy, you brought him right?” She signed slowly scared of the answer

“Yes, hang on.”

I called jason because he stayed upstairs.

J=Jason N=Noah

J= “Hello?”

N= “Where is the puppy miranda wants him?”

J= “Be right there.”

N= “Alright, thanks.”

Jason hung up and the door above the stairs opened and warrior ran down and started trying and failing to get on the bed. I walked over and picked him up one handed while still holding bella and put him by her feet.

Miranda smiled really big petting her puppy. He snuggled in her arms and sighed happily.

Miranda’s POV (right after she woke up)

I hear movement above me and it takes me a minute to be able to open my eyes and when I do I see lukis. I tear slipped from my eye because of how much he looked so much like Luke.

I touched his shoulder to get his attention and he jumped

“Hey, your awake. I’ll go let everyone know.”

“Where is my brother and sister?” I signed, he clearly didn’t understand and handed me a notebook

Where is my brother and sister? I wrote down and showed him

“I’ll go get them.” He said with a soft smile

He walks out the door and I close my eyes trying to remember. The door opens again to reveal a women in a doctor outfit, a dog follows along with jason,april, and the twins.

“SISSY!!” Mel ran over to me and climbed on the bed to cuddle with me.

“Careful, your sister is probably in a lot of pain.” The doctor like person says

And who are you? I wrote on the notebook already wanting to leave

“I am doctor Reynolds, Noah’s and lukis mom, but you can just call me daisy.”

Well hello daisy I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell my sister lies. I am perfectly fine and would like to leave please. I wrote angrily

“I understand you are ready to leave but I need to keep you here. My son brought you here, wanting to help you. So that is what I an gonna do.”

I sighed and wrote Can I talk to him?

She read the paper and asked jason to go get him.

Daisy started writing stuff down on her paper and I was wondering if she saw my ribs and scars. I don’t think so or she would be asking a lot of questions.

“Hi.” He says and I turn to him

“Hey” I sign

“How you feeling?” He asked

“I’m fine but no one is believing me.” I rolled my eyes

“You fainted?” He questioned

“Where is warrior?” I signed ignoring his question

“Who’s that?” He said confused

“My puppy, you brought him right?” I signed slowly afraid he is gonna say no

“Yeah, hang on.” He said with a look of recognition on his face while also pulling out his phone.

He dialed a number and I hear ringing upstairs, must be jason.

“Where is the puppy miranda wants him?”

“Alright, thanks.” He said

He put his phone away and the door upstairs opens and in runs warrior. He ran over and tried and failed to jump on the bed with me. Noah walks over and puts him by my feet one handed holding a baby girl in the other and warrior runs over. I smile and he snuggled in my arms and sighed.

Soon enough everyone walked out except for noah and the two dogs.

“So, what is her name?” I signed curiously

“This is my sister, Isabella, but bella for short.” He says smiling at her with love

“Can I hold her?” I signed cautiously

“Sure.” He says

He hands her to me and I smile, remembering when the twins were this young. The door upstairs opens again to reveal daisy.

“Hello again miranda. I set up a guest room for you and the twins. I figured it would be better them staying in here, but first I need to check on your bruised so noah please leave the room.”

Noah grabbed bella from me and walked out and when daisy went to lift my shirt warrior moves and stood beside me in a defensive position growling when she gets closer. I pick him up and cradle him i’m in my arms. He instantly calms down and I smile.

She lifts my shirt and I start shaking. She puts some gel like stuff on my bruised and broke ribs.

What is that? I wrote

“It will numb the pain for awhile.” She replied

When she was done she told me I could get up and move around but I can’t carry warrior or anything heavy. I snapped my fingers twice and and warrior just looked at me, I started walking hoping he would follow he didn’t.

“Try snapping once while your walking.” Daisy said.

I starting walking upstairs and snapped once, warrior was at my side following me instantly. When I opened the door I was blinded by the light, don’t get me wrong there is light down there but it’s dim.

I turn around silently asking where to go. Daisy must of gotten the hint and asked noah to take me to the guest room across from his room. He nodded his head and silently started walking up the stairs.

When we were turning the corner a man who looked familiar walks by us and stops me.

“You look familiar, have we met?” The man said

I was to tired to try and figure out where I new him from, so I just shook my head and kept walking. We walked a little bit longer before we reached the bedroom and noah opened the door.

“Mom should be up here to check and see how you are doing soon.” He says and walks across my room to a door, probably his room.

As he walked through his door he turned around and I signed thanks. His only response was a head nod.

I hear a cry from down the hall and follow it to find Isabella laying there crying. I shut the door so it’s cracked and I pick her up and sit in the rocking chair with her, rocking back and forth. She stops crying and smiles up at me. I keep walking till I hear the door creek open. I look towards the door and freeze. Noah just stands there staring at me and bella.

“Sorry I just hea-” I tried to respond but he cut me off.

“Don’t apologize, you did nothing wrong. If you don’t mind me asking, how do you know how to take care of a child so well?”

I Just look at him shocked he asked me that

“I have to go put the twins down for bed.” I signed quickly

I rushed out of izabella’s room and walked quickly downstairs to tell the beds its time to go lay down. Daisy looked upset, but I ignored her and walked upstairs with adam, and melanie.

We walk by a room and april shouted miranda come here, I tell the twins to go in the room and lay down and i’ll be their in a minute. I walk in the room and see april with tears in her eyes but she smiled and wiped them away.

“Hey apricot what’s up?” I signed

“Me and jason have something to tell you...”


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