The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 7


“Hey apricot what’s up?” I signed

“Me and jason have something to tell you...”


Miranda’s Pov

After April told me the news I congratulated them and almost fell over, but Jason caught me quickly.

“Um you ok miranda?” He asked cautiously.

I quickly got out of his grip feeling a little dizzy but tried to brush it off and signed going to bed. I stumbled and he grabbed my elbow keeping me balanced. I pulled my arm out of his grip and told him I am fine. I walked slowly and unbalanced to my room and laid down after checking on the twins.



I woke up to a major headache, and went to move only to find two bodies surrounding mine. Mel was on my stomach sense I lay on my back and adam was laying beside me. I grabbed mel and moved her next to adam as I slipped out and started to walk downstairs. I was headed to get Advil for my head when I saw Noah getting water. He turned to me and muttered good morning, I nodded my head in response then winced when a shooting pain sliced through it.

“Advil?” I signed hoping he would get it this early

He nodded his head and turned around into a cupboard and grabbed a cup and went to another cupboard to grab the pill. He walked over to me and handed them to me with a soft smile.

“Thank you” I signed and took the pill and drank the water

I heard the door from downstairs open figuring it was his mom I creeped back upstairs hoping she won’t ask questions so early in the morning like other doctors would.

I made it to my room without any interruptions and I opened the door to see mel was awake trying to wake adam

“5 more minutes miranda!” I chuckled quietly

Mel must of heard because she turned to me and jumped of the bed.

“Sissy!” She yelled running to me and jumping on me.

I caught her careful and I started spinning again but ignored it and took her downstairs to make her breakfast. When we were walking downstairs I heard some of the conversation going on downstairs between what sounded like Noah and his mother.

“Have you seen miranda yet?” Daisy asked Noah

“Yea she ran upstairs when she heard you come up the stairs, probably running from the 1,000 questions i’m sure your just waiting to ask.” He said and I could hear the scowl in his voice

I walked downstairs still with melanie on my hip, I guess I can’t avoid this forever. I walked into the kitchen seeing them watch my steps as I walk over to the stove still with mel on me. I can still feel their burning gazes on the side of my face. Mel laid her head on my shoulder

“When are we going home?” She asked tiredly

“As soon as you and adam eat your breakfast. Why do you have a boyfriend to get to?” I signed jokingly

I looked at her because she was being quiet and I saw the blush on her cheeks. Suddenly I heard laughter and looked at Noah and daisy who were laughing so hard.

“Who is the lucky boy?” Noah asked mel

“His name is Parker...” She said sheepishly

Daisy walked out as Noah responded

“Lucky boy.”

I looked at him and smiled, and he smiled back.

“Don’t tell bubby.” She said sharply

“Don’t tell bubby what?” Adam said walking downstairs

“N-nothing.” Melanie said stuttering

Adam looked between the three of us and shrugged.

“What is for breakfast?” Adam asked casually

“PANCAKES!!” Melanie said happily

I smiled at my little sister. When the pancakes were done I dished some for Noah, kicker, adam and melanie.

“Aren’t you gonna eat?” Noah asked

I just looked at him and adam answered for me

“She doesn’t normally eat, she drinks coffee and drops us off at school.”

He looked at me weirdly and mumbled “Don’t let my mom know that..”

“Know what?” His mom walked into the room again

Nobody responded to her and I dished her a plate of food.

“Thank you very much!”

I heard more people come downstairs and saw April, Jason, and Mr. Reynolds

I started dishing food for them and suddenly april ran past us into the bathroom down the hall.

“Man, the baby has been keeping her awake all night.” Jason sighed

Daisy choked on her food and everyone stared at Jason as the words left his mouth. I smiled softly at april as she walked out.

“Jason, why is everyone staring?” April sighed

“I said the baby was keeping you up all night and they started staring.”

“Stop staring guys it’s rude” Kicker said coming into the kitchen

He went and hugged april

“I think it’s amazing you have a child in your system.” He said smartly

“I don’t know why you know that but I’m going back upstairs and laying down.”

“Baby girl you need to eat, your eating for two now.” She sighed and grabbed a pancake from me and walked to the table and sat on Jason’s lap.

Jason laid his head on her back and hugged her waist. She sighed happily. I smiled at them, wishing to have what they have.

“Sissy I am done”

I waved her to come here, and she did, I walked her to the sink and she rinsed her plate and I helped her wash her hands. I helped her dry her hands and I felt eyes on me I turned and saw Noah staring at me with a smile and something in his eyes then they switched to confusion

“Shouldn’t your mom teach her that?” Noah asked confused

I just stared at him emotionless

“She practically is my mom...” She said under her breath but I knew her heard her and so did adam

Adam and Noah looked at us. Noah looked confused, where adam just was shocked she said it aloud. I rushed upstairs with the twins at my ankles and we were getting ready to leave and head home. We were almost ready to head out the door when the bedroom door opened to reveal Mr. Reynolds. When he opened the door he looked at me making my whole body freeze.

“D-daughter” He said slowly studding

I just stood there, completely frozen. I couldn’t say anything, or move anywhere.


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