The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 8


"D-daughter" he said slowly stuttering

I just stood there completely frozen. I couldn't say anything, or move anywhere.


Miranda's Pov

After all this time....Where has he been all this time? Is he my real father? I dont care, I dont want to know, if he wanted his daughters and sons he shouldn't have left.

I finally got my body unfrozen. I turned around and with an emotionless face I responded

"I'm not your daughter, they are not your twins, and Jackson isn't your son". I signed

You could tell the words hurt him. He glanced at the twins then turned around and walked away. I finally got all the stuff packed and put into Jason's car.

As I was walking back inside he was sitting there. I walked back upstairs to see if Jason and April were ready, only to find Jason playing on his phone and april cuddling up next to him sleeping.

"Oh, hey miranda. What's up?" he asks

"Are you guys coming?" I replied

"Just take my car and pick us up later, I can't get her to wake up."

"Ok" was my only response

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