The broken girl and her bad boy ON HOLD

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Chapter 9


I rush upstairs ignoring the pain in my ankle. I go over to the twins room and the door is cracked. I open it all the way when I open it, it revealed melanie on the desk drawing but what shocked me was,I couldn’t find adam in the room.


Miranda’s Pov

I turn around and see adam staring at me weirdly.

“What’s wrong?” He says slowly

I shake my head and release a breath I didn’t even know I was holding.

I return back downstairs and finish making the sandwitches I was making. After I made the sandwitches I walk upstairs painfully and walk to the twins room and tell them lunch is done.

They go grab their sandwiches and I was gonna follow them but decided to rest my ankle for a minute. I hear jackson open his door and walk by my door. I held my breathe hoping he doesn’t walk in here.

He kept walking and got to the stairs. I realized that is worse and I should walk down there. As I was walking out my phone dinged. I looked at the message

From unknown: Stay away from him or I’ll find you.-A

To unknown: Who are you?

I heard crying downstairs, I ran/limpted downstairs to see adam mad and mel crying upset.

Adam looked at me and slightly calmed. He gave me a look that said later and sat at the table with his food. I walk over to hug mel and when I look to jackson he was already staring at me, but removed his gaze the second our eyes connected.

He held his usual scowl and grabbed his food and walked back upstairs. I got another message and thinking it was from the unknown number I quickly got my phone out and looked at it.

The message wasn’t from the unknown but from april

From april: Hey, can you come get us?

To april: Yeah give me a minute, what is the adress?

When I sent that to her I was gonna tell the twins to put there shoes on, but I got another message

From april: Hey, don’t worry about grabbing us, Noah is gonna take us home.

To april: Ok

4 hours later

I set the water I was drinking down and went to take the twins to bed but my ankle pain was worse. I grabbed meds and went to the twins room.

I said goodnight to the twins and went to my room and lay down.

I went to lay down but I felt some one beside me and turned and found mel laying there.

I cuddle with her and close my eyes and whisper goodnight.

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