Alpha's Choice

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The first Novel in the thrilling Dumas Family Saga: Xander is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company that uses his Alpha DNA to make serums that cure humans of illness. Alexandria is just a new girl at his company, fast promoted through the ranks, but why? She calls to his most feral inner desires while hiding behind a guise of innocence. Will he take a fall from grace over his love for "just a girl?" His pack has special 'Rituals' when it comes to humans, and they terrify Alex. She is thrown into a world of shifters at the pack house where rivalries and emotions run high. It seems their fate was already decided millennia ago by the Moon Goddess, and their destinies are unnaturally twisted in with his older brother Xavier and mate Xenobia, who have their own long tormented history. Follow Alex and Xander through their BDSM fantasies straight into the undead arms of Romulus, the first vampire, who wants vengeance for the many 'infected' humans that are lethal to his kind. Can they survive having the world and fate against their forbidden love? *Adult Content, proceed with caution*

Romance / Fantasy
J T Hafter
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Alexandria's POV

I realize my face is hot and I am blushing a bit as I make the finishing touches. I take time to sketch the lines of muscles I can see bulge through his shirt. I sketch the smooth yet sharp contours of his face. The dark strands of hair that have fallen into his eyes again. In my sketch though he is shirtless and covered in tribal tattoos. He has a smirk on his face and is holding out a pair of handcuffs.

"Miss Alexandria," His deep voice cut through my fantasy, startling me so badly I jumped and squeaked. "Can you read back to me the notes you took on the insurance payouts?" It knocks me back to reality. His eyes were locked on mine. I couldn't break his penetrating stare which was bringing heat to every surface of my body. It felt like I was about to start boiling. I stumbled over myself a bit trying to make sense of the situation.

There are men all around the table, and I am in one of the smaller chairs laying on the outside edges. I feel his heat staring into me. I want to look away and get back to my notes, but that just brings more redness to my cheeks. They aren't notes at all. I was sketching him. His eyes in my picture weren't nearly suggestive enough compared to the real thing.

Xander Dumas, my boss, was one of the most influential men in this hemisphere. He was a huge hulk of a man. His shoulder span filled any doorway. His fitted suits were always perfectly stretched across the vast expanse of his muscled body. He was every bit of 6ft 8inches. He towered over everyone around him. His presence could be felt as soon as he walked into a room, and right now he was staring me down. I swallowed.

They had a term for what he is amongst their kind. Alpha!

I managed to rattle off the answer after I stumbled over my words for a good solid minute, but he was satisfied with my answer and continued on with the meeting. Oh God, did I actually avoid that bullet? I thought I was toast.

I desperately needed this job. I was hired a few months ago into the company as an intern on a lower floor, but the big boss apparently goes through assists like call girls go through condoms. By the looks of him he might also go through condoms like that too.

A 20-year-old graduate working in a position like mine was unheard of, but then again, I did graduate early and was top of my class. I came very highly recommended, which is why HR jumped at the chance to offer me up for the slaughter. I don't even know if it was a real offer or more of a demand. I was told I had the position. I never even applied for it, which is strange in itself. I chance a glance back up at him.

He has his blazer off and he is standing at the head of the table going over facts and figures I almost have memorized, because he is a control freak and obsessively micromanages. But he is a sexy ass control freak.

There wasn't a situation that he didn't seem 100 percent in control of. There wasn't one person or beast who ever tried to oppose him. He was also off the charts compared to normal men and on top of his already foreboding presence he was devastatingly handsome.

He had such hard-masculine features, every part of him perfectly shaped and formed and hard as chiseled marble. He had jet black hair that often fell into his smoldering ice blue eyes, which shined like jewels against his tan complexion. When I feel them turned on me, I don't know if I am being burned alive or frozen solid. He is that sexy and that terrifyingly intense.

Right now they were turned on me. His cold blue eyes met mine instantly like he was waiting for mine. It gave me chills. Too late I remember my replacement saying something about never making eye contact. She said Alphas like submission, and I would do best if I kept my head down. It's not much of a hopeful opening interview, but it made sense now as his eyes burned through me. He kept talking to the rest of the room, but there was a silent conversation we were having through his gaze that almost had me sweating. It certainly had me instantly aroused, like being caught doing something extra naughty. He couldn't possibly know I was sitting here fantasizing about him. Could he?

He has barely noted my presence since talking the position, usually I have a notebook in my face jotting notes. I stay well hidden behind wire rimmed glasses and stacks of files, but he was noticing me now. I swallowed again. My eyes glued to his, as fire spread all over me like a raging inferno.

The meeting ended a few moments later, everyone stood up, and went to leave the room. I was trying to bolt out first after that small encounter I needed to cool down, but I hear his smooth voice cut through the sound of moving chairs and chatter. "Miss Alexandria could you stay behind for a minute." Oh God!

What did he want? He usually communicates with me only via emails or barked commands. I went ramrod straight and felt like I had ice water running down my spine.

The room does not empty out nearly fast enough for my liking as I feel like the time ticks by infinitely slow as every hair on my body stands on edge. I can already feel him bristling with something, and I just keep thinking to myself, this is it. I am finished! I am sure to leave here in tears. Did I not answer him correctly? I could have sworn I was well versed in everything the meeting was covering.

As the last person exits the room, "Shut the door!" He commands. He never asks, and the tone of his voice has become so low and hoarse the man scrambles to do it immediately trying to remove himself as fast as possible. Sure thanks, feed me to the literal wolves. He is messing with how his tie is lying not really looking at me, "Have a seat at the table." He demands, and I comply immediately plopping down to the nearest chair. I have my notebook held closely to me with some print offs from the meeting covering my talents. I keep my head down looking at theprint off instead of him.

I feel his presence draw closer to me until he is hovering above me in a very foreboding manner. I can feel heat rising off him and it makes me feel even smaller and weaker. He stops behind me. He is so close I could accidentally brush up against him, but I am nowhere near that bold. I just want to disappear within the chair instead. I feel him get even closer and I become more heated. The redness moving from my cheeks down into my breasts like a wildfire spreading over me. He takes the seat directly next to mine. He turns my chair towards him very easily on its wheels, so I am facing him.

He swallows up the chair with his massive body. I think I am visibly trembling all over at this stage, but at the same time I am dripping wet. Why the hell are the two connected?He cradles his hands together in front of his face. His massive hands blocking all his facial features except those hypnotically cold blue eyes searing my flesh. "I'd like to see your notes from the meeting, Miss Alexandria. You looked like you were taking some very in-depth notes."

Panic rises in me instantly, and I fight the urge to start hyperventilating. There is not enough oxygen in this room. I can't tell if he is playing with me or dead serious. It doesn't help that half of his face is masked. My notes! I shuffle things around, and glance at my sketch. Dear God, just take me now!

I keep my eyes down. I don't need to be drawn back into the heat of his eyes. "Uhm...I actuallydidn't take many notes, because I'm pretty familiar with the information." I manage to let thewords stumble out of my mouth like a marching band all out of beat and running into each other. I couldn't be more flustered if the Pope himself walked in on me masturbating.

No hesitation on his part, "I said I want to see them. I wasn't asking." Oh Fuck! What do I do? Maybe this is all part of his obsessive need to control everything around him.

I look up into his eyes almost pleading for anything else. The last thing I needed from this man who is already totally domineering is to know I fantasize about him. I wonder if I could just eat the paper. Just tear it right off and shove it my mouth and chew it up. I could just swallow the evidence. What would the consequences possibly be? I could get fired! Can you be fired for eating your own notes?

I sigh heavily. I try to pull my pale eyes away from his, but I swear it's like he is summoning mine to his. It's like a spell that takes over me. His eyes swirl like smoke in a beam of light and my hands slide my notebook across the table to him. What am I doing? Stop! Eat the paper! Don't give it to him!

As much as I try to deny it though, feeling his smoldering gaze on me and the deep resonance of his melodic voice commanding me, I want him to see it!

Wait! No! I don't! But it's already too late as he takes the notebook from my hands. As he stares at the drawing intensely, and I am finally able to cast my gaze down away from his. Well that's it. I am fired!

His face is hidden now behind my notebook, and I wish I could just physically die before having to face any more of this situation. I'd probably be okay if I wasn't actually so talented, but there was no mistaking it was him. It looked just like him.

"I see that the meeting was a bit more interesting for you the rest of the room Trouble!" His eyesappear over the top of my notebook an amused glint in them. There it was again. It's only the third time he has said it to me. The first time was when I tripped over the rug in his office while picking up documents and sent them flying in every direction. I was flustered by being in the room with just him, and I wasn't paying attention. He flew from around the desk and caught me with a well-placed hand on my stomach just before my face would have went crashing into the corner of his desk. He growled, "Trouble!" and somehow, I knew it was directed as a name to me. The second time was when I started asking too many questions in return to his commands. I was just looking for clarification to make sure it was exactly to his specifications, but apparently, he didn't like that either. That time he snarled, "Trouble." It was a bit terrifying and exciting, but it definitely made me shut the hell up and run for the hills out of his office.

It makes sense why his assistants don't last long. He made one of them cry and quit after just two hours. Apparently my cut off was two weeks. I swallowed again. I never wanted to be in a position to oppose him, but here I was face to face with the sexy snarling giant. Except he wasn't snarling now. He lowered the notebook, and I could very clearly see a sinister smirk and darkening glint to his unwavering gaze.

He started loosening his tie and unknotted it from his neck unbuttoning the top button. Then he unfastened his cuff links, rolling up his sleeves. I could see bits of some tattooed tribal art poking out from under his sleeves. He revealed just enough skin to give me shivers all over. Oh God! Of course, he has real tribal art tattoos. Why wouldn't he? That just made everything so much worse. I want to bury my face in my hands and never come back out just live behind my hands, but I can't even pull my eyes from his.

"So Trouble, care to explain how you got my tattoos exactly spot on without having ever seen them?" My eyes were as large as saucers. He hadn't even mentioned the handcuffs, or the fact that he was half naked sporting a giant bulge in his all too tight jeans in my drawing. How did I get his tattoos right? Were they really exact? Does that mean the rest of him was?

For the first time my eyes wandered down to the waistband of his perfectly fitted Armani suit, and what I saw made me gasp! And he noticed! It was obvious by his chuckle. I wanted to die. I prayed the floor would open up and just swallow me whole.

"Come with me Trouble. I'd like to show you something in my office." He didn't look at me again he just stepped out of the room and proceeded down the hall to his office. He left no room for discussion or options. I wonder if I could just walk out the front doors and never come back? I could, but if I just disappear at a moment like this I am done here and probably anywhere, forever. Fuck my life! What have I gotten myself into?

He obviously wasn't accustomed to anyone not listening because he was already most all the way to his office down the long corridor. Sprinting wouldn't have helped me. He wasn't giving me a chance to think about anything. I tried to hurry, but he was in his office and the door was shut. I was left staring stupidly as I continued to make my way towards it.

I hesitated at the door my hand on the knob. Do I really want to enter his office right now after hours? Especially knowing what he just saw. Dear God, what must he be thinking? What am I walking into? This is a werewolf and an alpha who practically ran the western hemisphere.

His pharmaceutical company reigned in golden age of medicine, with serums made from his DNA. They cured everything! That's how powerful he was. He was literally like a king healing all the weak human illnesses.

I breathed in deeply and just waltzed in against my better judgement. I was holding my breath, but I didn't see him when I came in. Oh, but I felt him! His heat radiated near my back, and it gave me goosebumps while all the hairs on my body stood on end.

I could feel nothing but desire emanating from him. It almost buckled my knees. I should not have come here. I spun around but too fast and clumsily. I stumbled, and he was there like before with an arm at my back. "Trouble!" it sounded more like a purr. I shivered, and I swear he sniffed my again as he righted me.

He stepped back from me quickly and it took me a second to gather my thoughts, and then take in the scenery. He was standing there shirtless, just like in my drawing. I couldn't move. I couldn't breathe. I damn sure couldn't think. He was massive and rippling and covered in tattoos under his shirt. It was all tribal art, and holy shit was he mesmerizing like this. He looked primal.

I could feel it seeing him in his business suits, but this just proved it. It was easy to imagine him wielding handcuffs like this or a paddle or... another shiver. I saw him twitch at that one too, letting out a gruff heavy sigh.

He gifted me with a slightly twisted smile. I could see his glare dripping with intentions, and I felt myself become instantly wet with what I knew him to be capable of. Seeing that hungry animal just under the surface made my heart hammer in my chest. I just wanted him to touch me all over so much I could taste it.

He breathed in deep and flexed outwardly as if to shake off the moment. It helped me to drift back to reality too. "These are unique to my tribe. I have earned each one of these through trials with my pack and kin. How were you able to draw them exactly?"

I unfocused my brain from the sheer dominance he radiated and looked at my note book. I did a quick back and forth between him and the picture. I got another shiver. How could I have done this? I was mesmerized by my own attention to detail. My mouth went dry. "I don't know. I was just drawing, and it felt right."

He growled and stepped closer clearly not believing me, and I backed up. I didn't have far to go, before I hit his massive office door. He loomed ahead advancing closer and closer to me. I felt a mix of terror and excitement. What was he going to do to me? Let's be honest, this man could do anything he wanted to me and get away with it.

A massive hand slammed into the door on each side of my head, and he was practically on top of me. "These marks are sacred to my people. How did you know?" He leaned his chiseled face into me. He was a predator, and right now I was his trapped prey. He radiated power. His body was roped in muscles and I was a small thing between his palms.

I didn't dare look at him, but I wanted to. I actually wanted to reach out and touch him, to see if his chest was as hard as it looked, to let my hands explore more of him... He snarled. I shook. I swear he sniffed me again.

'Look at ME ALEXANDRIA!' He didn't say it out loud, but I heard it clear as a bell! I whimpered. If I could hear him, did that mean he could hear me? I panicked further. Oh God! The thoughts I have had! I gulped and looked up into his eyes. The normal cold blue was smoldering grey like a storm brewing, and all I could think was I wanted him to kiss me. I needed closer to that smolder. My whole body grow hot under his piercing glare. I swear he was looking inside of me. Dear God, is this the real power of an alpha? Can they get in your head and take control of you? No wonder this man was so unquestioned and influential. Could I even call him a man?

I was no longer thinking about kissing him. I was filled with real terror thinking about all the things he could make a person do whether they were actually willing or not. I shuddered in terror, but it didn't stop me from being wet while thinking about it.

It was hard to continue to look at him. I wanted to turn my head down, but he wouldn't let me. I could sense somehow that would make it worse. I swear I recognized that he wouldn't hurt me. At least not in any way I wouldn't really like.

I swallowed. There I went again, even though I knew there was a very real possibility he could hear my thoughts. How else would have known to ask for my notes? Oh, I just wanted to die!"Answer me!" Oh Shit, did he ask a question? I honestly couldn't remember. He barks orders like a Marine general and expects things to be done as quickly as they leave his mouth. I had a quick flash in my brain of all the impure thoughts I'd had of him in the past month. I shook my head from side to side trying rid myself of the images.

I looked down unable to hold the penetration of his consuming stare. "I don't know. I am sorry Mr. Dumas. I.." I can't speak any more I just tremble, and I don't trust my own thoughts. This isn't the first time by any means I have had erotic thoughts or even drawings of him. Today was just the first time I put tattoos on him. Why did I do that again exactly? Because somehow, I knew they were supposed to be there.

One of his hands comes down behind my neck gently arching it up to make me look at him. 'Alexandria!' He is in my head again. Somehow this time it didn't scare me it excited me. His eyes bore into mine once more storming with steam. 'Tell me what you want me to do to you.' His voice dripped with dark desires inside my head. It was gruff and commanding, almost forceful.

I had a vision of him turning me over against the door and pinning my hands above my head. He'd hike up my skirt and whip off that expensive designer belt and spank me for my very naughty thoughts. "Say it out loud!" He wrapped his whole hand around my neck. It was that big! A part of me wanted to say it, but I couldn't. There was no way I could make those words come out of my mouth to him.

His lips curled into a lecherous smile, and I felt so weak that I sagged against him. I didn't mean to I just could support myself at the thought of what might come. He growled. I watched him unfastened his belt, and I instantly panicked but in a wanton way. He pulled his belt from his pants. His nice dress slacks dropped a little lower on his hips exposing even more of his delicious v-cut pointing down.

I wanted to let my eyes venture down again, but I didn't dare do it twice. What is he about to do with that belt? My eyes glistened with all the possibilities and I licked my lips in anticipation of feeling the coarse leather crack across my skin. Holy Fuck! Where is this coming from?

I shook my head some more. It was like his presence and this level of closeness only made my thoughts all the more lewd. A part of me wanted to run, but a much bigger part wanted to know what was next. The part of me that wanted to stay knew he was an animal. He was feral. He had no boundaries, with him there would be no limitations. As scared as I was, I dripped with desire for him.

He grabbed my wrists and put them above my head and tightened his belt around them instead. He pulled it just tight enough to bite my flesh there. It was a sadistic pain pleasure complex I had. I knew it.

While my friends bite their lips over the ever-popular Grey novel's steamy moments I thought they only had begun to scratch the surface of what I was willing to try, but I was far too timid to ask. I twisted a bit to test the power of his grip on me, and I was like a goldfish on a shark hook. I moaned with pleasure not even meaning to.

No sooner had the meek sound escaped my lips he was me flipping over with my face was pressed against the cold, solid oak door. My arms were still pinned gloriously above my head. Oh God was he going to spank me? Could he really hear what I wanted from him? I gasped and shivered at the same time just thinking about what it would feel like to turn myself over to a brute of a man like him. What would it be like to be at his mercy and bend to his will?

He leaned in very close to my ear. I could feel him breathing in my scent. He inhaled deeply of it. "Your thoughts betray you Alexandria." I gasp again knowing he had heard everything, but the sheer power he has over me prevents me from caring.

I can feel his chest and legs pressed against my backside. His melodic husky voice has my body humming with need for him. I have never felt like this for a man before. Of course though, he wasn't a man, and I had virtually no experience. I just knew what turned me on, and so far no guy had hit those chords with me.

Yeah that's right. I was a 20-year-old virgin, but it wasn't for lack of sexuality by any means. I hadn't found a man who well made me feel like this one did.

I could feel him back down from me some. Oh fuck, did I just unintentionally tell him I am a virgin? He came in very close to my neck this time. I could feel his breath being drawn in against it. I could almost feel his feather soft lips against my neck but there was definitely his hot breath almost making my blood boil in response. "I won't ask again Trouble what do you want me to do to you? If you can't answer me, I'll stop and wait for you to beg for more."

I shuddered at the thought of him stopping now. I wanted to feel more of him. I wanted to be punished by him. I was sure my overly heated thoughts during the meeting were what summoned him to me. This was my doing as much as anything else. If I wouldn't have been fantasizing about my boss day in and day out, I knew I wouldn't be here, feeling the extra-large mound in his pants pressed against my backside. Oh but this was exactly what I wanted, and now he was threatening to stop. "I want you!" I said barely above a whisper, but I could feel by how his body reacted that he had heard me.

He splayed one massive hand across my entire stomach fully lifting me off the ground. "More." I heard the bark inside my head again. He pulled my body in even closer against his. Every muscle was tight and firm, waiting for the pounce against me.

"I want you to claim every part me." I said breathlessly. All I could think about was if he could tell how hot and wet I was through my skirt which seemed to keep creeping higher and higher up the backs of my thighs.

"Now we are starting to get somewhere!" He growled into the soft hot flesh of my neck right before I felt his canine's pierce me there. A wave of euphoria crashed over me. There were flashes of images some I recognized from my own life and others were new but somehow familiar to me.

I went limp feeling too many emotions overtake me from the inside. For a moment I was bombarded by all of his intrusive memories at once. It was too many too fast to make sense of it all, like infinite streaming snapshots out of order. They travelled through my body almost like it was filing me up, until like a sounding board they reached the inner most parts of me and resonated with what it found there. I felt so much more bound then his leather belt strap was capable of. I was chained to the emotions passing between us, but it was over in an instant.

He penetrated the deepest part of my soul, and then the next second I was sinking to floor as he unfastened the belt from my wrists. Oh no! What had I done? I wanted the heat back, and I suddenly was wrapped all over in cold while my chest ached with unfulfilled desires and need. He snarled viciously and huffed to where his discarded shirt lay. He was ripping it onto his oversized torso. He was clearly disturbed. It was obvious.

"You should go!" He commanded. His voice was loud and booming. He left no area open for opposition. I wanted to though suddenly and was ready to voice my frustrations. How dare he pin me up against his office door, tease me and then deposit me on his floor like trash without an explanation.

After his words another part of me wanted to run happy to have escaped this beast with my flesh still intact, but I wanted answers more. I complied with him why was I being discarded? Maybe I was a little too willing? He was a proud alpha and probably had women throwing themselves at him all the time. I could not have been the first woman whose sexual fantasies caught his attention. He must get drooled over ever where he goes.

I rub my wrists the skin there is slightly pink and sore. I pull myself up from the floor. He has poured himself a drink from the decanter on his desk and is staring out his office's massive glass windows with his back to me. His breathing is heavy and labored, each one a struggle to gasp for breath. He is shaking his own head back and forth. I feel so confused and lost by his actions.

His shirt is still unbuttoned, but I can't bring myself to look at him anymore. I just smooth my clothes over and gather my notebook and papers that were hastily cast aside. I have never felt so rejected. I was just whimpering for him to do his worst. I didn't realize his worst was stopping.

I fly out of his office trying to keep my sanity and emotions in check. Maybe none of this really happened. Maybe I wanted it so bad I had imagined it. That is a real possibility. I drop everything into my office grabbing my bag and jacket to take off. I just want to be as far away from this place as possible. I move swiftly to my vehicle and sink into my car, starting the engine. I am trying desperately to process what just happened.

I feel a sharp pain twinge in my neck as I contemplate never coming back. Ouch! That actually really hurts! What the hell!

I touch my neck where the pain is radiating from. It's not sore to the touch, but the skin there is almost burning hot. I pull down the visor to use the mirror and look at it. It's crescent shaped mark and almost looks like a moon. I remember the hot burning feeling again as his teeth sank into me right after I had told him I want to him to claim all of me. I thought this was just the start.

I had no idea I would be sitting in my car less than 10 minutes later filled with regrets. I struggle not to cry as I think about it. How will I face him tomorrow and every day after? It was already hard enough of a task without adding this on top. Maybe I should just resign?

A burning sensation scorched my neck again, very painfully. What the hell? Five seconds later my cell phone's notification tone catches my attention. I glance down at it. It's from him! "I'll see you tomorrow morning Alexandria, or else!" My eyes widen in horror! This can't be happening! I just want to die of embarrassment, but the heat in my neck doesn't go away. If anything it gets more intense as I drive home. I put ice on it before going to bed, but it doesn't seem to help. I make note to call my doctor in the morning to have it looked at. Just my luck! It will get infected, and I'll end up disfigured from the one adventurous thing I ever did.

The last willful thought I have before sleep blessedly consumes me is, do I really want to know what – or else means, especially from an alpha?

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