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Chanel Montgomery has it pretty much all put together when it came to her career in accounting. But when it came to her love life it was like she could never get it right. After a failed engagement, Chanel throws herself back into the dating pond. Unfortunately, she can't seem to keep herself interested in the men she's been dating. The real question is why? Is it really the men she's been picking or is it something else? Chanel's been holding on to a little secret. Good thing Malachiae Warren is here to help her get it all out in the open. Whether she wants him to or not!

Romance / Erotica
Lisa Monae
4.6 16 reviews
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🐾Chapter 1

Oh, shit is that his car?

My date Caesar and I had just pulled up to my best friend Tara’s new place for a house warming party. I cringed a little when I saw the silver drop-top Mercedes coupe sitting in her driveway as I got of Caesar’s white G Wagon.

I could have sworn Tara told me he wasn’t coming back to Florida until next month.

“You alright Chanel?” I looked up at Caesar, interrupting my rambling thoughts.

“Yeah, yeah I’m fine. Why what happened?”

“ just looked a little bit spooked when you got out of the truck,” his full lips smiled gently as he stroked his thumb against my cheek before we both walked up to the front door.

Caesar and I had been dating for about 3 weeks now. We worked in the same building in downtown Miami and after a couple of months of flirting and a few flower deliveries, I finally gave in to his request to go on a date and we’ve been at it ever since.

I was in accounting and he had his own Law practice. Oh yeah, Mr. Caesar was 35 years old, black, fine, and paid.

He was such a gentleman and had been spoiling me like crazy even though he would work a lot. I had wondered why nobody had scooped this man off the market yet until he invited me to his place for a little Netflix and no chill. But hey a woman has needs and hell, look at those big pussy sucking lips and big hands and feet he had. I wanted to test drive the chocolate stick before I decided whether or not I wanted to make it official with him. Well, let’s just say.........

“Girl, the sex was that bad?” Tara asked.

Tara, Shelby and I were in the kitchen helping put together some fruit, cheese, and a chicken wing platter while Caesar was off talking to some of the other guests outside on the patio.

“Aww man, the dick and the head was awful! I just wanted to throw the whole damn man away if he wasn’t so damn fine, ugh.”

“Come on Chanel, I’m sure you can work with him. Sometimes you gotta guide ’em in the right direction,” Shelby laughed motioning her hips around in a circle.

“You know you gotta talk to ’em...No, no Baby, lick right there, no boy circles, circles. I said circles damnit!"

We both burst out laughing at Shelby. She was a damn nut.

“Y’all I think he’s too far gone, and girl his stroke game....oh gawd. Felt like I was being fucked by a Jack Rabbit,” I shook my head.

“Hell I was trying to tell him nicely to slow the fuck down and savior the pussy but I guess he couldn’t hear me through all that moaning and growling he was doing.”

“Girl noooo, not the growl!” Tara laughed.

“Yeah Chile, guess that African was coming outta him, guess he thought he was back in the motherland,” I chuckled.

“Aww ya, Chanel he too far gone. I would have at least said keep him around for a little while if the head was good but shit, he can’t even do that. Well at least he’s nice to look at,” Shelby added as we all turned to look at him through the glass doors.

All three of us just shook our heads as we grabbed the platters and headed outside.

It was a damn shame though. How could you have lips like that and can’t even suck on pussy? It should be against the damn law.

“Hey, Beautiful.”

“You having fun with the fellas Caesar?” I asked as he stood up from his seat. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and kissed my temple.

“Yeah, we’ve been chopping it up talking business and making connections.”

“Really Caesar, you never take a day off. I thought you promised me that you wouldn’t mention anything about work?” I shook my head at him.

“Ahh, yeah I did huh.”


“Yes you did,” I gave him an annoyed look as his phone started ringing.

“Damn, Chanel I gotta take this call, it’s my partner. I promise no more business afterward,” he held up his index finger excusing his self, walking away from me as he answered his iPhone Plus.

Yep, his ass is a workaholic. Don’t get me wrong I love a man who has a great work ethic and about his business. But all business and no play can get boring real quick. I was trying to hold on because I knew I could lose interest really quickly in guys. But Caesar wasn’t giving me much to work with.

I just walked over to the cooler and popped open a Seagrams Gin strawberry wine cooler. I damn near choked when I heard the back door to the house open and close. Finally seeing the real reason why I was so spooked earlier when I arrived.

He looked straight at me with those hazy brown eyes and smirked hard, licking his lips and rubbing his hands together. I swear I thought he wasn’t here but from the look of how heavy those eyelids were, he was probably off somewhere earlier getting high as fuck.

“Chanel, can you get that other platter ready for me?” Tara asked yelling from across the yard.

“Yeah, I’ll get it.”

I looked back to see if he was still next to the door but I guess he had left which was fine by me because I didn’t need any trouble while I was here.

So while it was still safe I made my way back into the kitchen while everyone was partying and dancing to the music.

I was at the sink washing off some more strawberries and grapes to put on that platter when I felt two familiar hands grip my waist. Pulling me firmly into an erection I could never forget, even if someone had paid me too.

🎶🎤“Coco Chanel with the long long ponytail. My lil’ undercover lover. Always got me pulling on her hair when we under the covers. She likes it when I hit it from the back, cause she a damn freak. She so flexible, the way she do a split on ya boy, damn it’s so incredible. She my lil’ undercover nympho, she always on go, always want Papi Chiae to put it in her h-”🎶

“Oh, my gawd Malachiae! Stop that shit!” I pushed him from off of me as he kissed my neck.

“Damn, that’s how you greet me after being away for 2 months?”

“I don’t know what you’re expecting.”

We just stared into each other’s eyes for a few seconds but that’s all it took for me to remember everything he did to me 2 months ago and how I was hoping we could go back to how it was before I crossed that line with him.

“H-Hi Malachiae,” I stammered, quickly breaking that connection and went back to rinsing off the fruit when he ran his hand down my arm and cuffed my wrist.

“So it’s just Hi Malachiae? I remember when it was Papi Chiae and you was moaning Oh, ahh, ugh, don’t stop that shit, for a month and a half straight,” he chuckled as I pulled my hand away.

The sad thing about it he was right. Malachiae was Tara’s brother if you hadn’t figure it out. Little brother at that, he was 21 years old and the age gap between us was very significant with me turning 34 in a few weeks.

I had just sold my condo and I wasn’t set to close on my new house for another 4 weeks. I never thought when Tara let me temporarily move into her place while I waited for my closing date, that I would start fooling around with him. He had come back to Florida to visit Tara for a bit. At first, it was just a little sideways flirting he would do with me but I had brushed it off as he was joking.

After a while, I had found myself flirting back. Then one late night I was coming from the bathroom and he was headed to bed, he stopped me and went to hug me and tell me good night. Well, let’s just say that hug lingered over a little longer than it should have. Than hugging went to squeezing my booty, then it turned to kissing and touching, then the next thing I know I was in his room with my clothes scattered all over his floor and him on top of me under his sheets, busting my walls down.

“Come on Malachaie, we can’t be talking like that. Somebody might hear you, especially Tara.”

He just rolled his eyes at me.

“You so damn scared of her, and it gets on my nerves. I love big sis but I’m grown and the last time I checked I can do what the hell I want....even if what I wanna do is you,” he brushed my ponytail out of the way and licked on my neck. His large hands ran up my torso then maneuvered in front of me, palming my perky full breasts. He squeezed so roughly causing me to moan.

Chiae had me so fucking turned on, my breathing was getting heavy and I had to catch myself from reaching back and stroking that fat snake he had in those pants of his.

“Please Chiae, I-I can’t,” I was finally able to break free.

“We shouldn’t even have been sleeping together in the first-”

“Is he why you stopped calling me?”


“Ya boyfriend out there,” he pointed with his thumb gesturing at Caesar outside, still off in the cut on his phone.

“Um, no, nah, he’s not my boyfriend, we......we’re just friends.”

“But is he the reason thou?”

He leaned back into the kitchen counter waiting for me to answer.

I looked dead into his eyes and lied through my teeth.

“Yes,” I replied grabbing that platter to walk back outside.

“One thing I know is your a badass liar Chanel,” he stood right in front of me blocking my way.

“Move Malachiae, I need to get this outside.”

“I’ll move when you tell me the truth!”

“I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with this? Look I just realized that we couldn’t continue what we were doing. You’re young, you got your music career and your little groupie fan club to focus on. I’m sure you’ll find somebody else to focus your time on when you’re ready.”

He just stared at me and cut his eyes.

“Mmmm, you must be taking lessons on lying from the black Matlock out there,” he chuckled.

“I guess his teaching skills are just as bad as his sex game too huh?”

Damn! I guess he was in the house when he overheard my conversation with the girls earlier.

“What?! I’m not discussing that man’s sex game with you Malachiae!”

“You don’t have to it’s written all over ya face,” he chuckled singing a bit. “Your body looks just as tense as it did before me and you started getting it in.”

I just cut my eyes at his ass. I hate that his ass could read me like an open book.

“Move Malachiae!”

“So it’s not because of Matlock,” he looked at me strangely like he was figuring out a puzzle. “Wait, groupie fan club? Bae was you jealous?” he put his finger under my chin lifting my face so I would look him in his eyes.

I quickly moved my head so I wouldn’t look at him.

“You were catching feelins’ wasn’t you?” He asked tilting his head to the side.

"Maaannn can I go please,” I answered back ignoring his question.

He just smirked hard. A low short laugh left his lips as he moved out of my way finally.

I was about to walk out onto the patio when I heard him speak again.

“You know you my favorite right? If you want me to be Papi full-time we can do that.”

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