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🐾Chapter 2

“You know you my favorite right? If you want me to be Papi full-time we can do that.”

I just ignored him walking back onto the patio and putting the platter down on the food table.

“You okay?” Shelby asked walking up to me grabbing some chicken wings off the buffet.

My eyes went back on Malachiae walking outside to the party, he gave me a quick smile then went on his way to mingling with the party-goers.

I had confided in Shelby who was also me and Tara’s best friend as well, about all the shenanigans going on between Malachiae and I. So Shelby had peeped exactly what was going on as she looked back and forth at me and him and shook her head.

“Is that why you were taking so long to bring that fruit platter out?” she chuckled.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Mmmhmm, don’t let young and tender get you caught up Sis.”

I just sighed shaking my head.

“I’m trying Shelby. He won’t let it go, and the flesh is weak as hell right now.”

“Well that weak flesh of yours is gonna pull you into the Cougar Trap and you know how Tara can get when she feels like somebody did her wrong. I usually would tell you to go for it and live your best life but I don’t think this one is worth it. But that’s just my opinion, you gotta do what’s right for you boo.”

I just sighed looking at the time, just thinking I need to keep it together for a couple more hours. Then I could be free from this Cougar Trap as Shelby says.

I eventually made my way back over to where I was sitting with Caesar. Of course, his ass was still on that business call. I looked at him like what the hell and he just held the finger up at me once more and mouthed he was so sorry just a few more minutes. I just rolled my eyes at him and started vibing to the music.

It wasn’t that easy though, it was a pair of eyes on me, trying to get me caught up in his silent flirting. I just opened my phone and started fiddling with one of those games I had just downloaded but I should’ve known he wouldn’t tolerate me ignoring him for long.


📱Chiae: I meant to tell you that you look dine as fuck in that sundress Bae. 👅🚀🍆

📱Me: Thank you for the compliment but I'm not your Bae. So if your 🍆 trying to take off, we good over here. So settle down sir.

📱Chiae: LOL don't act like that Bae. Come slip away for a few minutes. Let me give you the attention you deserve. I know I damn sure wouldn't be on my phone with you sitting there looking how you looking.

📱Chiae: You'd be sitting in Papi's lap while my hand be feeling all over that sexy ass body Bae.

“I’m so sorry Chanel, that was Vince. It was an emergency with one of our big clients.”

I looked up from my phone at Caesar, scratching the back of his head, looking really apologetic. So I knew he was gonna say some shit to piss me off.

“By the looks of it, you’re about to tell me you gotta leave right? Cause nobody else can handle it but you, even though it’s your day off right,” I rolled my eyes.

“Chanel I swear I’ll make it up to you, I’ll ugh....oh yeah, that new Habachi grill you wanted to try, we can go next weekend.”

“It hasn’t even been an hour yet Caesar and you’re already flaking out on me. How the hell am I supposed to get home now?!


📱Chiae: Fuck him! Let him go, the Benz right out front. You know Papi Chiae will get you home safe and sound Bae.

“You know what, do whatever you gotta do Caesar.” I looked back up from my phone crossing my arms.

“My bad Chanel, I know you’re upset. I can come back and pick you up, it’s no problem.”

“Nope don’t worry about it I can call an Uber.”

Which is probably what was gonna happen anyway because your ass probably was gonna call with an excuse about work taking longer then you expected anyway.

“You gonna walk me to the front?”

“Nope, you’re a smart educated man, you can find the front door, I’m sure.”

“Chanel, I’m sorry okay, this is really important.”

I didn’t say shit. I just folded my arms and crossed my legs, putting my wine cooler back to my lips, ignoring his ass.

“Well, I....guess I’ll call you later? Okay Beautiful,” he leaned over and kissed my temple.

“Mmmhmm,” I muttered as he reluctantly got up and left.

I think that was my last straw with Caesar, he was a sweet guy but he really didn’t have the time to put into a relationship with his job apparently being so demanding. And I was over competing for his attention. Plus his sub-par performance in the bedroom had me all ready to kick him to the curb anyway.

And there was my sweet temptation making his way over towards me. I thought he was gonna sit next to me but he walked right past me. Going right back into the house but not before I heard him singing.

🎶🎤“I’ll be your substitute when your nigga ain’t lovin’ you.“🎶

He’s such a damn ass!


📱Chiae: Bae stop playing! Come put that Coco Chanel all over me.

I was still outside sitting on that patio chair, just rocking my legs, debating whether or not I should even do this. My eyes wandered around, noticing that everyone was distracted.

Tara especially looked like she was one drink away from being throwed.

Aww hell, fuck it!

I quickly sent Shelby a text saying if anybody asked where I was, tell them I was in the bathroom.

I got up from my chair and slipped unnoticed back into the house.

“Chiae.” I quietly called out to him, not knowing where the hell he was.

I suddenly heard whistling come from down a hallway.

I found Chiae leaning against the wall giving me the come fuck me eyes. He bit on his bottom lip as I slowly strutted down the terracotta painted hallway. Seductively swaying my curvy hips to the beat of my heart thumping fiercely against my chest. Damn, he knew he could make my blood pressure go sky high.

I took the time to run my hands under his shirt, my fingers ran up his bare chest. He didn’t hesitate one second to throw his hands around me, palming my ass and pulling me into him as he hungrily savored my lips with a kiss.

“What took you so long Bae?”

“Shut up!” I commanded pulling him into the bedroom by his Louis Vuitton belt buckle.

His lips curved into a slight smile as he threw his hands up in surrender and followed my lead into the bedroom. He kicked the door closed right behind him and made sure it was locked.

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