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🐾Chapter 3

The room was dimly lit with a few candles he must’ve found right quick. You could tell the room hadn’t been completely put together. The bed linens were a little too big for the queen size bed, but you could tell he tried to make it up as good as he could. But it was cute how under the circumstances he tried to make it look nice just for me.

I caught a glimpse of an open gold wrapper sitting on the nightstand. I guess he wasn’t trying to waste any time fooling around.

“My bad Bae, you know I would’ve had the room looking better than this for you though. I thought Sis said she had the room ready for me. But I guess that meant the bed frame and mattress I bought was ready for me to be put together,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s Tara for you,” I giggled.

I hated when he would look at me with those sleepy eyes like that, it would always open the flood gates. I just couldn’t understand how this 23-year-old could make me feel all these damn emotions at one time. How can one person touch you and have your knees buckle? Just damn weak in the legs for no apparent reason. It was just baffling to me.

He slipped his tongue down my throat while he guided my hands down to his belt. I took the lead unbuckling his pants while our tongues wrapped around snugly with each other. He pulled his shirt off and pushed his pants and boxers down and I watched all those inches thud against his stomach as his dick finally broke free from its restraints.

“I see you ain’t waste no time,” I smirked rolling the Magnum XL condom he already had on further down on his girth. Then pushed him down onto the dark floral comforter adorning the bed at the moment.

I swear he went through the dick line a few extra times when God was creating him, with his skinny self. It just didn’t make any damn sense I thought as I stared at him in all his naked glory.

He sat up on his elbows licking his caramel lips as I pulled the straps down off my shoulders, allowing my dress to pool around my feet. His eyes lit up more and more as they traveled down and around every inch of my nakedness as I slowly stepped out of my dress, crawling right on top of him, straddling him on my knees.

“I still see you like to let that pretty pussy breathe in them dresses huh?” he smiled slipping his two fingers in between my folds.

“Mmmm,” he made me hum from the sensation.

When he felt that his fingers were lathered enough in my sweet nectar he held it out for me to taste. I greedily sucked every last one of them clean.

“You know you gotta let that cat be free sometimes, that’s some grown woman shit.” I giggled leaning down as I fed him my juices right off my tongue into his awaiting mouth.

“Come put that grown woman pussy on me then, Bae,” he gripped on my thighs, pulling me, making me arch up.

That monster knocked right against me, begging for me to let him in. My kitty purred at his arrival as I motioned my hips working him slowly inside of me.

“Ooh fuck, fuck, fuck,” I softly moaned throwing my head back as I froze up on the dick.


“Ugh ugh Coco, don’t start that shit,” he smirked as he smacked me on the ass.

I laughed and shook my head at him, talking shit to me.

“Fuck you,” I chuckled through my heavy breathing.

“I hope so I been waiting 2 months girl.”

I rolled my hips taking him all the way in finding my rhythm. It wasn’t too long before I was bouncing away on him like a pro. I was so wet you could hear my juices splashing against him as I rode and took that dick like he owed me something.

“Oh shit,” he cursed as his head arched back into the pillows. He dug his fingers into my hips trying to control my pace.

"Mmmm, what was that?” I asked leaning down moaning and nibbling on his ear, not missing a beat.

I heard him chuckle as he suddenly slid us down a bit putting his feet on the floor gripping on my thighs again.

“Mmmm wait, wait, Chiae!”

He totally ignored me, bouncing me up and down, thrusting his hips into me. I dug my nails into his chest biting my tongue, trying my hardest not to scream while that chocolate stick was beating against my cervix.

“C-Cummin Chiae,” I moaned shoving my face into the crease of his neck.

Chiae’s hands slid up my back, turning my head as he kissed me, nipping at my bottom lip.

I squealed a bit when tossed me onto the bed, motioning me to get on all fours.

“Get right Bae, you know how I like it,” he smacked my ass, pulling me into him.

I arched my back, reaching my hands behind me spreading my pussy lips for him as he eased back in it. My pussy gripped him through every stroke, while I came back to back.

“Chiae....Chiae.....Papi, pleeasssee,” I begged about to rip that damn comforter in half.

“What you want, huh?” he gripped my ponytail pulling my head back.

“Oh fuck!”

“That dick feels good right?” he asked bucking his hips against me, digging all in my gusts, shamefully about to make me erupt again.

“Uggh, fuck yes,” I moaned.

“That pussy keep cummin right?” He pushed in a little deeper, keeping right on my spot. Keeping us skin to skin, he mixed that dick up in me, stirring up my sweet honey. It wasn’t too long before I glazed him.

“Oooooohhhh Papi!”

“Damn Bae, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm," he said pulling out of me.

I collapsed onto the bed almost exhausted he had me from cummin back to back.

“Oh shit, Chiae. Eat it. Mmmm, yes Baby!”

One thing for sure I did not have to give him instructions on how to lick on my kitty. Damn the circles, a brother was making isosceles triangles, polygons, and quadrilaterals in my pussy. My legs were trembling like crazy clamping around his head like some damn earmuffs. It was so bad he had to push my knees all the way back into the bed.

“Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuccckkk!" I came and I swear I think I pulled a small patch of hair outta his head.

“Bae,” he chuckled laying his chin on my stomach looking at me breathe heavy.

When I opened my eyes he was smirking.

“What?” I giggled, jokingly pushing his face away.

“Just wondering when you gone stop being embarrassed about me making you cum, that shit looks good,” he informed me, fixing his self between my thighs.

He picked my legs up throwing them around his neck, leaning down kissing me. My arms automatically wrapped around his neck as we french kissed. I could feel that pressure again tapping at my door, it barged right in and I couldn’t help but moan into his mouth.

Chiae never stopped kissing me though. Slow and deep he went, he made sure he took his time enjoying every aspect of fucking me.

“Squeeze that dick, Bae. Make me nut all up in this good pussy,” he whispered against my lips.

“Papi,” I whimpered feeling his dick pulsating in me I came once again, digging my nails in his back.

“Shit...fuck...Mmmmm,” he moaned as he finally finished his beat down on my pussy.

He kissed my chin and laid right on my stomach, while I played in his hair. That was always his favorite spot when we’d finished our sessions. I found myself getting really comfortable and I was about to maneuver from under him remembering where the hell I was and what our situation entailed.

“So when you coming to visit me in Atlanta?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea Malachiae.”

“There you go,” he sucked his teeth looking up at me.

“Every time I suggest we do something that don’t involve me putting my dick in you, you shut it down.”

“I do not!”

“What you getting loud for if it wasn’t true then,” he got up looking really annoyed with me.



“Chiae are you in theerrre?! Why-why you got the door locked!? I’m ttrrying to give everyyybooddyyy a ttoourr of da houssee! Open upp da doorrr!” Tara yelled, slurring her words, jiggling at the door handle.

Oh shit! That damn Cougar Trap was getting me caught up once again.

The truth was about to come out, but I was nowhere ready for what was about to happen next.

**Hope you guys are enjoying so far!**

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