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🐾Chapter 4

“Oh my gawd get off of my dress,” I whispered screamed at Chiae.

He just looked at me and rolled his damn eyes, pulling up his pants.

I was getting frustrated cause he was purposely taking his time moving off of my dress. Which I gathered he had no care about us getting caught at all.

“Chiae whhatt are youu doing, hhurry up!” Tara yelled as she continued banging her fist into the door.

I swear that chick never knew how to take a hint and when to say when. And her being drunk was not helping anything at all.

“Pllleeaassse Chiae,” I begged one last time.

He cut his eyes at me, finally taking his foot off of my dress.

“Man gone and hide ya ass in the closet or something,” he said with an attitude.

“You don’t have to be so damn harsh-”

“Go on nah’, unless ya ass wanna get put on blast for fuckin her baby brother,” he shook his head and walked to the bedroom door to open it.

Chiae’s ass was being real petty right now but I knew I was in no position to argue with his ass at the moment. So to the closet, I ran, hiding far back in there as I could without being seen.

“What the fuck a brother can’t get no privacy?!”

“WWhhhhat the hell you nnneed privacy for? Ya ass just got here....and wwwhy you got ya shirt off....and wwwhy you got all these candles burning? Chiae, yyyooouu better not have none of yourr bald-headed ass skank groupies up in mmyyy house!”

“Wow, your house huh? You acting like I’m not the reason you got this muthafucker. But forget all that right?”

“I juusst don’t wwwantt no skank ass groupies laaayyying up in here, soaking up my damn AC with they hot ass!”

“Why you playin’ me Sis... I don’t fuck with skanks anyway. You know I love me a thoroughbred.”

“Shuutt up Chiae, I know ssomebbody up in here! It smells like scented candles, sweat, and sex. And is thaatt a emptyyy condom wrapperr!? Okkaayy, don’ttt make me fffuucckk you up Chiae!”

I could vaguely make out through the slots, Tara being Tara making her way into the room to look under the bed. When I tell you I broke out into a nervous sweat, praying she didn’t bring her ass anywhere near this closet. I love Tara but I’d bust her right in the damn nose with this closet door if I had to and run my ass up out of here.

“You tripping Sis, ain’t nobody in here and that’s an old wrapper I found in one of my pants pockets. You going off for no damn reason!”

“Whatever! The bbittch better be goonnee beforre I bring eeverybodyy back in the house!” she fussed as Chiae kicked the door closed behind her.

“Fuckin’ Bih,” I heard Chiae mutter under his breath.

“She can be sometimes,” I giggled finally removing myself from that stuffy hideaway.

He just looked at me and rolled his eyes again.

“Yeah but she don’t run shit! I wish yo’ ass would understand that. Who I’m seeing or fucking ain’t none of her damn business and the same goes for you. Y’all let her bully y’all and y’all kiss her ass! She's my sister and I love her to death but that ain’t never gone be me. The only ass I wanna kiss is yours! I came back home early cause of you but you don’t even see that. You just with the funny shit and I can’t get down wit’ it.”

“I’m not trying to be funny with you. It’s...I don’t want us to be judged or looked at funny...I don’t want that to happen. I just know it’ll be an uncomfortable situation for us.”

“No, you mean it’ll be an uncomfortable situation for you! What you embarrassed of me or sumthin’?

“Chiae, Baby, I-”

“Nah don’t come wit’ the Chiae Baby shit. You know what...fuck this bullshit,” he pushed my hand away from his cheek. “You wanna hide what we doing, that’s cool, you wanna have somebody run ya life that’s cool too but I ain’t gone have no parts of that shit no more. So I’mma help you stay out of my closet,” he opened the door to his room, silently kicking me out.

I looked into his eyes and I could see that I really hurt him. So I didn’t try to plead my case, I just politely walked out of his room feeling like shit. And even if I wanted to argue he didn’t even give me a chance to as he purposely slammed the door right behind me as hard as he could. But I had been saying that we needed to end this thing we got. It looks like he was granting me my request.

So why the fuck does my chest ache like this?

Tara finally did her tour of the house and I just slipped back into the party unnoticed to everyone. I was trying to engage myself with all the crowd of partygoers but I was definitely in my feelings.

Especially when Chiae made his way back out to the party and went on to ignore me for the rest of the night. Of course, I couldn’t fool the people who knew me best, they could always see the facade I was putting on.

Well, at least the sober one could.

“What’s wrong my Baby Cougar?” Shelby grinned, handing me another wine cooler.

I just rolled my eyes grabbing the ice cold bottle from her.

“So I take it, by the way, he been cutting his eyes at you every time he looks ya way, your little reunion with young and tender didn’t go like you’d hope?”

“He’s mad at me. He thinks I’m embarrassed by him because I want to be discreet about us kicking it.”

“Well, I thought y’all two were just getting y’all extracurricular cardio in?”

“I mean it was that but he wants more now.....more then what we’ve been doing. I didn’t know he was feeling like that. He wants everything all in the open and I kind of shut him down. I really hurt his feelings, Shelby.”

“I’m sure Chiae will get over it Chanel,” she tilted her head giving me this strange, baffling ass look.

“Wait, wait,” she put her hand on her chin like she was trying to figure out some complicated question.

“No, No, No bitch,” she started laughing. “You done fell off in the deep end in for baby boy huh?”

“You talking crazy Shelby!”

“Naw bitch, I’m talking some real shit. You got that same look you had when you and Devin broke up-”

"Ugggh please, what I told y’all ass about mentioning him,” I rolled my eyes so far in the back of my head.

“Excuse the fuck outta me!” she held her hands up in surrender. “Well that asshole who shall remain nameless, you got that same damn look like your whole world was about to end when y’all two broke it off. So either you got some hella indigestion from these hot ass chicken wings or you got it bad for Chiae and still going through your denial phase you tend to go through with men you try to be in long term relationships with.”

“I do not go through denial phases.”

“Yeah, uh-huh," she rolled her eyes.

“What denial phases do I go through Shel?”

“Okay, when you were seeing the asshole who shall remain nameless, didn’t Tara and I try to warn you that his ass probably was married? You had all the signs in front of you, all dressed up in neon lights and you ignored the shit. It wasn’t until we all went to the movies and bumped into him and his wife and kids that you actually accepted the fact that the man was actually married.”

“Okay, that was one time-”

“And what about Caesar?”

“What about him?”

“Didn’t I tell you after he canceled on you for your first date and left out early on the second, that the man was a workaholic and that you and him were not gonna last long. Cause I know my friend was not about to play second in no man’s life. But what did you do? In denial once again, you just kept saying it’ll get better. So where is Caesar now Chanel, hmm?”

“Alright, alright, I see your point. But I don’t consider it denial. It’s just me giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.”

“You can dress it up and call it what you want Sis, but at the end of the day it’s still denial.” She crossed her arms and gave me that look again. “So are you gonna be for real about how you feeling about Chiae?”

“So what you want me to say, Shel?

“I want you to be honest with yourself and admit that you went and slipped up and caught feelings for him.”

“Cccauught feelins for wwhhhooo?” Tara asked sneaking up on me and Shelby.

“N-Nobody Tara, I think you hearing things hun,” I quickly answered as she threw her hand around my shoulder.

“Oh, Mmmm, okay. I kknnoww you wasn’t talking bout your African Prince. Cause seems llikee his ass turned intttoo a Nigerian scam artist in the bedroom.”

“Girl noooo!” Shelby and I screamed out laughing.

“Wheerree he aaattt anyway?”

“You know, he had to run off to work like always,” I rolled my eyes. “I think this was the last time y’all gonna see him, too bad he hasn’t put as much time into perfecting his stroke and head game as much as he does his lawyer skills. I probably would’ve put up with it a little bit longer.”

“Well you know, sometimes the universe sends you other options......ya know, in nice slim younger packages. All dressed up in some Jordans and Nike sweats,” Shelby said smirking. I just cut my eyes at her ass.

“Whatttt arree you talkin’ bout Shel, you crazzyyy girl,....let’s go party!” Tara cackled, pulling me up from my chair and grabbing at Shell’s arm to go dance.....

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