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🐾Chapter 5

The party went into the late night, probably ending around 1 in the morning. Shelby and I were helping Tara clean up since she was too drunk to even stand anymore.

“Okay T’ we cleaned up the kitchen and put up all the extra food, so Shel and I are about to get going. Why don’t you go lay down in your room hun?”

“You want me to take you home Chanel?” Shelby asked throwing her purse across her shoulder.

“No girl, it’s okay, you already got a 40-minute drive going in the opposite direction. I’ll just Uber, I’m good.”

“You sure-”

"Nooo, nooo, noooo, don’ttt take no Uber! Why you gone do thhhaatt, it’s crazy muthafuckers out there driivving!”

“It’s alright Tara I think I can handle a ride home, you know I keep the taser on deck,” I grinned at her.

“Fuckkkk that...CCCHHHIIIAAAEEE!!!!!! My Sis nnott bout to tttaaake no Uberrrr at 1 AM.”

Malachiae was in the backyard putting all the folding chairs away in the back shed when he walked back in through the glass sliding doors. Looking at Tara like she had lost her damn mind.

“What T’?!”

“Theerree go yoourr Uber Chanel.”

We both locked eyes and the look on his face was not the in the least excited about taking me home at all.

“Really Tara I’m okay-”

“See, she said she alright,” he cut me off, going back outside to finish putting those chairs away.


“Tara, Sweetie don’t worry about it, he’s probably tired anyway. I think we all had a long day, it was a great party..... See I already called the Uber, so don’t worry,” I held up my phone showing her the Uber App.

By the time I showed her that my ride was on the way, Tara was already snoring, laid out over the couch. Shelby and I just shook our head and laughed as we both headed for the front door.

“You sure you gonna be alright Chanel? I can take you,” Shelby asked me one more time as we walked towards her dark gray Volkswagon Passat.

“Girl go on home.”

“Okay, but text me and let me know you made it home safe.”

“I will love,” I hugged her goodbye as she got into her car and watched her cruise down the street until she was out of sight.

I heard the front door open and close. I turned to see Malachiae with two big black trash bags, carrying them over to the garbage can right as my Uber was pulling up.

Of course, he was still upset with me so he didn’t speak at all as he walked right past me.

“Goodnight Chiae,” he didn’t even act like he heard me as I walked over to the blue Ford Focus waiting for me on the street.

“Are you Chanel?”


All this damn talk about crazy Uber drivers kind of had me scared at the moment. And the fact that my driver looked like he drugs, kidnaps, rapes, and murder women on a regular basis didn’t help either.

“She good man! She don’t need no ride from you,” I heard a heavy voice come up from behind me.

I think Chiae scared the man as he quickly rolled up his window and pulled off.

Before I could even tell Chiae thanks for saving me from that potential death ride he was headed back in the house.

“Hey! How the hell am I gonna get home now-”

My sentence was cut off with a slam to the front door. Unbelievable I thought as I shook my head and sarcastically laughed at this crazy drama-filled day I was having.

I just pulled out my cell and was about to in a bit of desperation, call up Caesar. Praying that his ass would come through for me. Soon as I went to press talk the front door to the house opens again with Chiae behind it. He jumped into his Mercedes and backed up in the driveway stopping right in front of me as he rolled his window down.

“I appreciate you taking me home.”

“Get yo’ ass in the car before I change my mind,” he answered nonchalantly, not even looking my way.

“Ohh, you know I love it when you talk ruff like that Papi,” I sarcastically replied walking over to the passenger seat.

Wait, was that a hint of a smile I saw on his face or was I seeing things?

He threw the car in drive and we cruised right out of the gated community, into these dark South Florida streets.

We were 10 minutes into the drive and the most he had said to me was, “Where I’m driving to?”

After I put my address into his GPS, he went right back to giving me the silent treatment. I hated sitting in silence so I attempted to turn the radio on. He reached right over and turned it off again.

I guess he liked the awkward uncomfortable silence at the moment. But that was Chiae though. Sometimes I would forget how old he was because he would exude this high level of maturity. But then sometimes he could be a brat, reminding me that, yeah he still had some growing up to do.

“I see you dropped the I’m Down Single. I’m glad Llyod came through for you like he said he would.”


"’s Jasper doing? Well besides managing your crazy self,” I laughed, but quickly cleared my throat when he looked at me and rolled his eyes.

"Umm, I know bouncing back from that light stroke can be a lot. Did he ever call my friend so she can set him up on that healthy dietary plan?”


As the silence continued I really started to take in my earlier conversation with Shelby. As I looked over at him and I for once had to admit that she was right about me being in denial. I had to be honest with myself.

Him being Tara’s younger brother bothered me. The groupies bothered me. Him leaving to go back to Atlanta bothered me. Him giving me butterflies when he touched me bothered me. Him giving me this damn twinge in my chest fucking bothered me. Us not talking seriously bothered me.

And when I finally came to grips with the truth that I was actually falling for him, I intentionally pulled away and tried to distract all those nagging feelings with Caesar.

“Chiae...I’m were right. I was catching feelings for you and I couldn’t handle it, so I pulled away from you. I missed you and I didn’t know how to handle all these emotions especially from somebody way younger than me. But the age thing shouldn’t matter as long as they make you happy and treat you right. You didn’t deserve me making you feel like you weren’t worth my time and energy.”

He exhaled deeply, running his hands through his hair, then gripped the steering wheel tightly as he turned into my residential community.

I looked at him waiting for some sort of a response but he didn’t buckle. Well hell, at least if he wasn’t gonna accept my apology, I’m glad I got it all off of my chest. But I did have one little trick up my sleeve that I knew he was always really vocal when I did it.

“What the fuck you doin?!”


“Oh shit! Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!”

I had unbuckled my seat belt and put my hands down his pants pulling out his dick. It instantly started to stiffen between my fingers. I quickly rested my head in his lap, deep throating him before it grew too much for my throat to handle.

My lips and tongue traveled across every vein trailing along the head of his dick. His body quivered freely as he tried to keep his focus on the road.


“Got damn girl.....shit!”


"Fuck! Damn, I hit somebody’s garbage can!”

"Mmmm. Then I guess you need to watch the road then,” I giggled, going back to what I was doing.

My head bobbed up and down in his lap. I smiled contently when I felt his hand grip on my ponytail as we finally pulled up into my driveway. He threw the car in park and moved the seat back a bit, giving me a whole lotta extra room to work my magic.

“Spit on it Coco...yeah that’s right, just like that...make that shit sloppy wet. Fuuucckkk!”

It wasn’t too long before I had him dripping wet. Slurping the excess up and spitting back on it, stroking his girth up and down. I made love to that dick with my mouth, kissing and nibbling on his head while I massaged his balls.

“Put that dick down your throat.”

Chiae held the back of my head while I attempted to take him whole.

“Swallow that shit girl...Mmmm fuck!"

I tried to hold on as much as I could, pulling back as I gagged, spitting back on him as the tears flowed down my face from choking on his anaconda. I started jerking him off.

“Oh shit, suck that nut out girl,” he pushed my head back down on his dick.

I stared up into those sleepy eyes as he started thrusting his hips, fucking my face.

“You gone swallow all this nut?” he bit at his bottom lip, looking down at me. He was breathing so fast and heavy.


He finally allowed me to take control. I wrapped my lips around him sucking and stroking his dick like crazy. Swirling and twirling my tongue against his cinnamon pole like a wild tornado. It was nothing that was gone stop me from having his kids slide down my throat.

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Muthafuck! Gotdamn!” he shouted, emptying his self into my mouth.

His body was jerking so much, I had to follow him around to make sure I caught every drop. He was moving so much, but it was definitely stroking my ego. It had been a minute since I had somebody running from the head like this.

So much, to the point when I finally let go and opened my eyes his ass was in the backseat with his arm over his face covering his eyes, breathing like he needed an asthma pump.

I just smiled at him and mentally applauded myself for a job well done.

“Night Chiae, drive safe,” was all I said to him as I got out of his Mercedes Benz and gently closed the door.

I casually made my way inside my house like I just didn’t suck the hell out of this man’s dick and made his ass jump from the front seat all the way to the back. I walked right to my bathroom and jumped into the shower. I was a little sad though, things don’t always work out how you want. But at least my last memory of Chiae would be of me putting a smile on his face and not of him being pissed at me.

I was tired from all of my extracurricular activities tonight and was excited to see my bed.

Once I finished up in the bathroom I slipped into my nightgown and went to lay down. I was relaxing for about 15 minutes, damn near about to doze off when I heard banging on my front door. I instinctively grabbed my bat I kept by the bed and my taser out of my purse and went to the door.

When I realized who it was I quickly swung my door open.


“Shawty you know you got me all the way fucked up right!” he shoved his way right in, slamming my door close and locking it.

“What’s wrong, Chiae?” I was so confused, I didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Stop trying to case me up with these duck ass muthafuckers you used to dealing wit’! You think you just gone do me like you just did me and I was gone be aight wit’ it?!”

I was laughing inside, I know he wasn’t mad because I gave him some good head and left right after? At least I said bye. I tried to keep a straight face but it was getting hard as he continued on with his rant.


“Nah don’t come at me with the Bae shit, fuck that! I’m not ya lil’ boy toy! I’mma grown-ass man! And startin’ right fuckin’ nah’ I’m your damn man and your ass better start treating me like it right damn nah!”

“Okay, whatever you want Papi. I’m down for it,” I answered softly, looking at him smiling.

“You damn right whatever I want!” he picked me right up.

“Where ya room at?” he asked starting to walk in the right direction.

“Straight down this hall Bae,” I kissed the hell out of those plump lips.

"Mmmm, I hope ya bed got a good ass frame. I’m bout to climb up in this good ass pussy like a tree and go ape shit crazy in that thang gurl!”

Needless to say, I wasn’t going to bed no time soon. My boyfriend had a point to prove tonight and I was happily gonna let him.........

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