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🐾Chapter 6

“Gawd daaammn Papi! Mmmm Aahhh...big ass diiicckk!”

My hazy eyes just happened to read the time on the clock say 7:45 AM on my nightstand.

Damn, I think we only got 2 hours of sleep. We had been going all night and from the looks of the clock, its gonna be all morning as well.

I swear if he makes me squirt one more time this mattress is gonna end up being a swimming pool.

“You said you wanted it in there though,” he grabbed at my ponytail arching my neck back, kissing my cheek. I loved it when he would talk to me with that big dick energy.

“Mmmm fuck!” I screamed, digging my nails into the sheets.


“Get right girl! Stop fucking playing with me.”

I picked back up my mini wand placing it back on my already swollen and sensitive clit making me moan out even more.

“That’s what you wanted...I’m giving you what you wanted Bae,” his words echoed with his balls slapping steadily against my ass cheeks.

Chiae had me feeling all types of adventurous tonight or maybe it was me losing my damn mind. So I decided to let him stretch me open. It was two firsts for both of us.

His first at doing anal and my first at letting a dick that big up in there.

“Oh, my fuckin’ Gawd! Big ass dick in my ass!”

“Mmmhmm, I knew my Coco was into that freaky shit. You gone let me put it all the way up in there too, right?” he groaned taking a moment to kiss down the crease in my back while he squeezed tightly onto my hips so I wouldn’t move.

“Ooh Gawd, yes Papi! This your ass and pussy! Fuck it how you want!”

I could feel my walls and ass contract as I rubbed my wand around in circles on my pussy. I was about to cum so fucking hard. I could tell from that build-up of tension that it was going to be a straight TKO.

“Arch that that back Coco so I can get deep up in it baby,” his voice deepened.

Hell, I didn’t think he could get any deeper than he already was. I guess I was highly mistaken.

With his hand pressed into my moist back. My face stuffed shamelessly into my goose down pillows and my bottom up in the air. Chiae was definitely on a mission to bang the bottom out of all this ass of mine.

“Mmmm aaahhh fuck, get it, baby! Get it! Oh, gawd yeeessssss,” I wailed, finally succumbing to that orgasm sturring around inside of me.

Needless to say, I squirted everywhere, drenching him right along with the bed.

“Damn Bae you feel so fuckin’ good girl...fuuccckkk!"

Chiae’s strokes started to stagger. His dick pulsated inside of me, I knew he was about to explode.

“Bae I’m bout to n-nut,” his voice went up an octave or two, stammering a bit over his words.

He slid right out of me, snatching the condom off of himself. Stroking his dick while he unloaded his hot cream onto the crack of my behind.

“Mmmm, fuck,” He cursed again, spreading around everything he just leaked out with his dick.

“Are we finished making up for those 2 months now baby?” I giggled as he collapsed on the side of me.

I ran my hand against his moist cheeks, watching his chest flex up and down while he caught his breath. He just smiled taking my hand and pulling me on top of him.

“Naw Coco, that was just a week’s worth of making up,” he smirked. “I’m trying to get all my back time in,” he chuckled.

“You’re a mess,” I laughed mushing him in the forehead.

“I can’t help it......I missed you,” his lips gently pressed against mine, drawing me closer into him while his fingers toyed in my stray hairs on my head.

“I missed you too, Chiae.” I smiled just as brightly.

I laid in his arms for a few minutes before I peeled myself from off of him and went straight to my bathroom to take a shower.

I was enjoying the steamy hot water hitting against my skin when I heard Chiae’s phone ring and then him chatting it up with somebody on the phone. I didn’t think much of it until I heard him start to talk to me from the bathroom door.

“Mama told me to tell you hi Baby!”

“What!?” I quickly asked.

I hastily turned the knobs on the tiled wall, prematurely ending my relaxing shower. I could honestly say relaxed wasn’t what I was feeling at the moment. More like a high-level of anxiety.

“Chiae, what do you mean, Mama Warren said hi!?" I questioned again stepping out of the shower stall, all dripping wet and wrapped myself up in a thick ocean blue towel.

“Mom Dukes just asked what I was up to and what I was doing today. I just told her I was at my girl’s place and that we probably might stop by her house later,” he had a slick ass smirk on his face.

I just looked at him and shook my damn head. I knew we were going to have to break the news to everybody soon. But damn, I thought we could at least keep things under wraps for at about a week or two until we could figure out a plan on how and when would be the best time to do it.

“What’s wrong Chanel? You not getting cold feet on me are you?”

“No Chiae,” I sighed heavily. “I just wanted to have a plan.”

“A plan about what?” He looked at me strangely.

He really didn’t have a clue on what I was getting at. Another testament about the difference in mindset we were going to have to start being more conscientious about.

Ugh, to be that young and carefree again.

“Baby, look, people have a tendency to judge and have strong opinions about couples who have huge age gaps. I already know its gonna be some shit with Tara-”

“There you go with the scary shit again,” he sucked his teeth. “It ain’t anybody’s muthafuckin’ business. We’re grown!”

I grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer to me.

“I know we’re grown Chiae, I just wanna make sure you’re ready for everything that comes along with dating an older woman. Baby, I’m not gone lie and say I’m not nervous, cause I am. But that doesn’t mean I’m already doubting what we got. I really want us to work and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen. But you know family means a lot to me and I know it does to you too. And I see Tara like my sister and your mom like my mom. I just hope to possibly get her blessings. Then maybe Tara will be more accepting of us being a couple,” I smiled kissing his cheek.

“I’ve been ready for you Chanel. Longer than you think,” he wrapped his arms around my waist and pecked my lips. “I’m ready for everything that’s coming my way. I hope you ready for all this love I got to give you.......and don’t worry bout mama. She kinda already gave me her blessing,” he slyly looked away from me scratching his head, like he just revealed a little secret.

“Chiae!” I smacked him on the shoulder. “Oh, my Gawd Chiae what did you tell her!?”

“Okay, okay calm down. Mama kinda already knows we been........kickin’ it,” he chuckled.

“Are you kidding me Chiae! You told Ms. Warren, we been fucking!?”

Tara had always mentioned that Chiae and their mother had a different kind of bond then she had with her. After Tara’s father passed away some years later Ms. Warren met Chiae’s father. They got married and wasn’t planning on having any more kids. But even though she was getting into her mid 40′s I guess God wasn’t ready for her to shut down the baby factory just yet.

Although being pregnant with Chiae wasn’t planned at all, they both welcomed the idea of having him. Especially when they found out it was a boy.

“I mean...I ain’t say it straight like that, but you know,” he smirked giving me the Kanye shrug.

“I can’t believe she knows Chiae. What the hell did she say?”

“Mom dukes was actually cool with the shit. She said we were adults like I been saying and besides she loves you. So she’s been waiting for us to make it official.”

I shook my head at him again.

"Annnddd she wants us to come by for dinner later.”

“Chiae, this shit is gonna be crazy! She’s gonna wanna know every damn detail,” I cringed at the thought of telling Ms. Warren. I loved her but she could be a little bit nosey.

I just took a deep breath to calm my nerves. Well, I guess it was one person down and one to go. But at least I had a little time to think about how I was gone break the news to Tara.

**Ding 🚪 Dong**

“Go get the door baby,” he smiled a little devious smirk and kissed my cheek heading to my bathroom and started up my shower.

I quickly threw on some underwear and found a crop top and some bike shorts to put on and headed to the living room, wondering who the hell was at my door.

“Hey chick what’s the emergency?”

I almost had a stroke when I opened up my door to Tara, barging into my house and finding her way to my kitchen.

“Huh? Emergency?”

“What you got in here to eat. I just woke up and seen your message and came straight here,” she answered grabbing a Jimmy Dean’s sausage, egg, and cheese croissant from my freezer and popped it into the microwave.

“Sweety you must be still hungover from last night. I didn’t text you, hun,” I shook my head. “I ugghh.....I’ve been tied up in bed all morning.”

“Girl what are you talking bout. I might have a lil’ bit of a headache but it ain’t impair my damn reading skills. You text me.....look,” she handed me over her iPhone.

I stared at Tara’s phone, reading the text message apparently sent from my cell phone alright. But it definitely was not written by me.

Fuckin Chiae!

His slick ass was not gonna let me put telling Tara on the back burner anymore. He was forcing me into doing this right now. Whether if I was ready or not.

And I was definitely not the least.

“Umm, I guess I did send you a text,” I nervously ran my hands through my mess of a hair after handing her back her phone.

"Duhh, now tell me what the hell is wrong-”

Tara was mid-sentence, walking towards my living room couch but abruptly stopped talking when she almost fell, tripping over something on the floor.

“You alright?” I asked as she caught my arm, keeping her from smacking face down onto the tile.

“Yeah, girl. Damn, that was close! I saw my life flashing in front of my eyes and I ain’t drop my sandwich. Won’t he do it,” she raised her free hand up praising God, then took a bite of her sandwich.

“Girl you so damn dramatic,” I laughed rolling my eyes at her ass.

“But the real question is who fucking big ass Jordan sneaker I just tripped over Sis?” she questioned giving me this sly smirk as she smacked her lips.

“Ugghh.....mine,” I lied....horribly.

“Bitch, why you lying to me? You wear a size 8 like me, that shoe is at least a size 13.....Oop, wait a damn minute! My good Sis got her a lil’ bit last night didn’t you?” she shook her shoulders from side to side doing a little dance as she took another bite of her sandwich.

I just sighed heavily rolling my eyes.

“Wait a minute and is that your shower running. Bitch he still here?!” She whispered loudly.

Her lips curved into a smile before she asked, “Did the Nigerian Lawyer Bae redeem himself last night? I knew it just had to be nerves since it was y’all first time getting it in together. He had it in him the whole time, huh? Wakanda Forever Bih!"

I couldn’t even laugh at her right now. My nerves were bad and I think I felt a bead of sweat sail across my forehead as I opened my mouth and attempted to finally tell her the truth.

“Umm, that’s not Caesar, Tara.”

“Oh shit, I didn’t know you had backup dick, girl? Anybody, I know?”

“Ugh,.......yes. Look, Tara was unexpected....we...I mean I-”

“Girl just stop beating around the bush and tell me who it is!”

“It’s......It’s Chiae,” I swallowed hard saying his name out loud.

"Chiae? What Chiae?” She chuckled lowly, sitting the sausage and egg sandwich down on my coffee table.

“I know you not talking about my baby brother,” she laughed even louder rubbing her hands anxiously up and down on her thighs. But knowing Tara for over 10 years I could tell she was about to pop off.

“BITCH TELL ME YOU FUCKING PLAYING WITH ME!” she stood up from my couch once she saw the serious look on my face.

“Look Tara I know you're upset, but I care deeply about Chiae. You know I would never hurt him. It just happened and eventually, it turned into more and we’re tired of hiding it from everybody. He wants to be with me and...I wanna be with him.”

“Oh, you done became a desperate stupid bitch now! I told my brother to give yo’ ass a ride last night, not ride your ass!”

“Come on Tara! Why I gotta be all of that!?”

“Bitch your ass is desperate! Seems like your ass can’t keep a man the past couple years. First, it was Jamal, then Caesar, so since you can’t get it right with any of them muthafuckas you're gonna prey on my baby brother?! Sounds like a desperate hoe to me!”

“Fuck you, Tara! You’re talking like I’m some fuckin’ pedophile or some shit! Chiae is 21 years old not 16. And you should talk about being desperate when the last few dudes you dated, you paid all of their bills to keep them from leaving your tired ass!”

I knew I had struck a nerve with that one, it was definitely a low blow. But I was not going to let her talk to me like I was some kind of child molester. I had said what I said, and since I was bringing up my truths I might as well reminded Tara of hers.

Well, it didn’t take long for Tara to lose it, reaching back and taking a swing at me. I loved her and didn’t want to fight my sister, but it was no way I was going to stand there and let her just beat my ass.

Ain’t no damn way!

I figured she was going to want to fight after saying what I said, so I was quick to move out of the way as soon as she swung. I had caught her ass with the two-piece special to the chin when she grabbed at my hair, yanking it, snatching my head down. She had punched me on the side, knocking the wind out of me a bit. I ended up grabbing at her waist, pushing her back into the wall so hard she bounced back forward knocking us both to the ground.

“BITCH LET ME GO!” Tara screamed as I put her in a chokehold.

“Let my hair go then Tara!”

“What the fuck’s going on!?”

I suddenly caught Chiae emerging from my bedroom in a pair of boxers. He didn’t waste one-second rushing over to try and break us apart.

“TELL THAT BITCH TO LET GO OF ME!” Tara screamed at the top of her lungs.

“Then let my fuckin’ hair go Tara!”

“Come on Chanel just let her go,” he looked at me pleadingly.

I just rolled my eyes at him reluctantly loosening my grip on her neck. But I should’ve known better because as soon as I did she backhanded me right in my damn nose.

“Fucking Bitch!” I yelled trying to go after her but Chiae blocked me, pushing me back.

“Bae your nose, it’s bleeding!” he grabbed some paper towels from off of the kitchen bar holding it up to my face.

“What the fuck is wrong with you T’!” Chiae yelled.

“What’s wrong with me? What the fuck is wrong with you?! You thought I was gonna be cool with this bullshit Chiae!?”

“Sis, first of all, I wasn’t asking for your damn permission for shit. For once I figured you might be happy that I was happy. Chanel is my girl now, you ain’t gotta like it but you're gonna respect us and our relationship and if you don’t.......then fuck you,” he hesitantly finished.

"Really Chiae? You're gonna let a piece of old pussy cloud up your good judgment! This shit ain’t right at all and y’all two know it!”

"Old pussy?! Oh hell naw I’mma knock this Bitch out,” I went to push Chiae outta my way but he held his position, keeping me nice and snug in a bear hug like grip.

“T’ you need to watch your mouth! Chill on all that!”

“Y’all two are fuckin’ sick!”

“Well if you don’t like what you seeing Sis, then you know where the door at.”

They both were giving each other the staredown, waiting for each other to buckle but Chiae stood his ground. He was not about to let her bully him into giving in.

"Fuck this shit! You're gonna regret this Chiae! Don’t come looking for me to feel sorry for your dumb ass! And you Bitch...,” she pointed right at me.

“After everything we’ve been through you're gonna do this foolery!? You’re dead to me!" was the last thing she said while she stormed out, slamming my front door closed behind her.

“Bae let me look at your nose,” he asked trying to move the paper towel I had propped up to my face.

“Leave it alone Chiae,” I sucked my teeth pushing his hand away walking off to my bathroom.

“Chanel...Bae,” he called out to me.

He quickly found me in the bathroom running the water in the sink as I attempted to clean all the blood from my face.

“Look Chanel....I’m sorry about T’,” he looked at me with those puppy dog eyes while he watched, leaning on the bathroom door frame. “I just wanted you to stop hiding us from her, I didn’t think she would flip like that since she sees you like family.”

I just rolled my eyes at him through the bathroom vanity.

“I told you this shit was gonna happen Chiae. I just wished you would’ve just listened to me instead of just trying to force me into a situation we both weren’t prepared for. Now look....” I stopped speaking, feeling my emotions brewing over as some stray tears trickled down my face.

Chiae came up behind me pressing his long torso against mine. The warmth from his body comforted me instantly while he wrapped his arms loosely around my neck and waist, pulling me even tighter into his embrace.

“It’s gone be alright Baby,” He kissed my temple as I rested my head into his chest.

“T’ is gonna get over it Bae, trust me alright,” he turned me to face him then pressed his full lips on my forehead.

“We're gonna be good Bae. You believe that right?” he pulled me in for a hug.

“Yeah, Chiae....we're gonna be good....”

I hope......

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