Talias Savage

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Chapter 10

Two weeks after my attack I was finally back at school. Needless to say, I had a mountain of missed work plus all the training hours that now needed to be made up. I couldn’t complain about it though. As long as I kept busy I didn’t have to think about the last encounter I had with Grayson. Just thinking his name made my wolf cry and my heart hurt. Really it wasn’t that I wanted him as my mate but the thought of being partially rejected was eating me up. I found myself getting increasingly mad at the Moon Goddess. I couldn’t fathom why she paired me with someone who didn’t want me.

I was in the gym training and rebuilding my strength when Xander came to find me. “Talia what are you doing?”

Turning to my brother with a little more venom in my voice than I planned. “Working out. What does it look like I'm doing Xander!” Turning back around I continued to hit the bag in front of me.

“Seriously Tally. What is wrong with you? For 2 weeks now you have had a chip on your shoulder. What's going on?”

I stopped hitting the bag for a moment. Should I tell my brother that I found my mate? I had been blocking him out thus far so he couldn’t feel how broken my heart was or the conversation I had with Grayson. So I came up with the only decision I could to protect myself. “Xander I am fine. I almost died ok. Now can I get back to my workout or....”

“She's mad at me!”

I whipped around to see Grayson standing in the door. His eyes were a dark gray and his face was stone cold. How did I not know he was here. Xander turned to him, “Why is she mad at you? You saved her life?” Turning back to me. “Talia tell me what’s going on?”

I looked at my brother. I normally shared everything with him. He was more than a sibling to me. He was my best friend, my protector, my twin. We made a promise to each other after the rogue attack when we were 7 that we would tell each other everything but at this moment I couldn’t. I could hardly keep my emotions in check as it was. Seeing my mate standing there was tearing me apart. Again why me, why him?

“Shes is mad because we are mates Xander. But it’s complicated and that’s what I came to talk to her about. So if you will excuse us I need to chat with your sister.”

Turning back around to my bag “I have nothing to discuss with you, Alpha Grayson. I know where you stand your intentions were made perfectly clear. Now if both of you don't mind I have a training session to complete.” I started punching the bag once more trying to block out the both of them when I felt him touch my shoulder. I was ashamed at how it made me feel. I loved the feel of his touch. The fire that ignited in my stomach and the butterflies that danced in the flames. I tried to shrug him off. “Talia this is important. We need to talk”

“Listen I don't know what you did to her but she doesn’t want to speak with you, Grayson. So If you don't mind leave my sister alone!” I turned in time to see Xander push him back.

Anger filled his features and his lip curled up. “Listen pup. Last I checked I was an Alpha and you were not even close. I suggest you leave before you regret laying a hand on me.”

Xander was about to buck up to him again when I stepped in the middle. The memory of him laying on the ground in the sparring ring kept playing through my mind. I couldn’t let him get hurt again because of me. Placing my hands on his shoulders “Xander I will tell you everything but I need you to go. Please!”

“I'm not leaving you here with this prick.”

“Watch your tone pup”

He was about to move forward when I pushed him back and let him in. Linking him “Please go.” a tear ran down my cheek as I showed him my memory “I can't watch you get hurt again because of me.” He shook his head no as he said “Talia I will be fine. Let me stay, I can help” It was my turn to shake my head “No you can't fix this for me!” I let him feel how broken my heart was and I watched as his eyes grew wide. “You son of a bitch” He lept for Grayson and it took all I had to hold him back. “No Xander this is why I blocked you out. Stop! You need to Go! Now!” I had used my Alpha tone my dad taught me.

He stopped and looked at me. “I will leave because you asked me to Tally but this conversation isn’t over.” Turning to Grayson “And neither is this one!”

With a raised eyebrow Grayson shook his head up and down. I watched my brother leave the room but before he exited he linked me ”I will be outside. If you need me yell!”

Looking at the man who is supposed to be the love of my life “What more could you possibly want to talk about?”

Graysons Point of View

1 week prior

Its been a week since I saw Talia laying in that hospital bed. Many bad memories flashed through my head just reaffirming why I didn't need a mate. Sitting in my office catching up on some paperwork Mitchell came in and sat in a chair across from me.



"Mitchell I'm busy what do you need?"

"The elders have called an emergency meeting in 5 minutes. So I came here to tell you and then chill out until it was time to go!"

Laying my pen down "What could they possibly want this time. If its to discuss them going above me and releasing Thompson then I will let them say their peace. But anything else is none of their concern at this point!"

"No, I don't think that's it. If it is I think they would have said so!"

Shaking my head I went back to the document I had been reading. I needed to sign and approve for a new building to be built to house more pack members.

A few minutes ticked by "Well we better go see what they want Gray. If not they will send someone to pound on the door!"

Signing the document I got up and we headed to the conference room. Opening the door all 5 elders sat around the table leaving 2 seats open for Mitchell and myself. I stood in the doorway and the anger I felt when they let Thompson go came to the surface. I was about to let them hear my opinion of them when they all held up their hands "Grayson we..."

"That is Alpha Grayson to you." Sharing a look with each other they started to speak once more "Alpha Grayson. It has been brought to our attention that you have found your mate!"

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