Talias Savage

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Chapter 11

Talia’s Point of View

“You want me to do what?” Anger rolled off of me in waves!

“Do you think I am any happier about this than you are! Think about Talia. Your heat will start in a week. I need you close to me to be sure that you don't mate with anyone else!”

“Oh so now you’re going to be the prince charming and mate with me”

An uncomfortable look mixed with anger took to his dark gray eyes. “No, I won’t mate with you, Talia. At least not now! I'm going to ensure no one else does. We can drug you so you won’t feel a thing!”

“No Grayson. I can’t do this. I'm leaving.” He grabbed me by the arm and swung me back around.

“Talia either you come with me or I will be forced to make you come!”

Looking at him defiantly “Oh yea and just how are you planning on doing that?”

“I have my ways. Maybe I will use Xander as a little incentive!”

Narrowing my eyes and trying to pull my arm out of his grasp “You wouldn’t!”

“Don’t test me, princess. I will do what I want when I want. If I want you to come with me than I can make it happen! Whether you want to admit it or not you know I'm right!"

Anger boiled inside of me. I knew my eyes were mixing color which is one of the coolest features of having 2 different colored eyes. When I got angry it’s like one side bled into the other! “No Grayson your not. You don’t want me to be your mate yet you won’t let me go and try to find true happiness. What is it I'm expected to do? Come live with you for the week playing happy housewife then I go into heat you’ll drug me so I don’t feel the pain and what... I get to come back to school?”

He looked at me like I grew 2 heads which infuriated me. He was asking me to do the impossible. He acted like this was your everyday run of the mill thing. Being that close to him. Getting to know him. Watching him. It would all only make it harder to walk away. The worst part was being this close to him all I could think about was waking up next to him. How could I make a decision between my brother and my heart?

"I need an answer Talia will it be the easy way or the hard way?"

I looked at the floor thinking for just a moment. I started pacing weighing my options. I knew the logical answer was yes but I could negotiate it right.

"I will go with you on one condition!"

Raising his eyebrow and tilting his head slightly to the side he waited for me to continue.

"Listen I will go with you but only once I feel the effects of the heat setting in. I am behind on training hours and schoolwork as it is. I can't afford to miss any more time than necessary." He watched me intently "And No Drugs! Since you refuse to help me and honestly I will burn them off faster than your doctor could keep up I will suffer through it!"

He shook his head "But you don't have to!"

"No your right I don't have to. I wouldn't have to go through it if you didn't act like such an egotistical bastard either but here we are. Agree to my terms Grayson or I will not come!"

He seemed to be thinking over the scenario in his head and I think I saw regret... no sadness cross his eyes. "You have a deal Talia but you are to immediately contact me the moment it starts. Don't wait or it will go from bad to worse fast! Give me your cell phone!"

I grabbed my phone from my back pocket and handed it over "Here" I watched as he added his number to my contacts list. "I'm serious Talia Not one second late or it won't be good!"

I nodded my head and watched him leave. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I ran to the front door to get some fresh air when Abby bumped into me "Talia what's going on. Xander is outside all upset and why are you crying?" Taking a deep breath to steady myself, I guess its time to tell them what's going on!

A few days later I decided I would go out for a run. Even though I had explained everything to my brother and friends they still asked me a million questions. The worst one was when they asked how I was doing or how I felt about it. Nothing would change the situation that I now found myself in. The air weaving its way through my fur and the dirt under my paws felt amazing. Its been over 2 weeks since I got to just run. The autumn air wasn't terrible but as fast and as far as I had gone I found myself excessively hot and thirsty. I couldn't help but feel so out of shape. Thanks to Thompson I was weaker than normal. A run like that wouldn't have bothered me before. I found a stream and waded into it. The cool water felt amazing and cooled me down instantly. After satisfying my thirst I made my way back to the campus.

A slight headache had started to set in as I shifted back and made my way to the mess hall. A group of guys was training in the field and a flashback of what happened replayed in my mind. They stopped to look at me giving me their full attention. Shaking my head I made my way inside. Xander, Abs, and Justin would be waiting for me but I wasn't that hungry honestly. I was still hot though so I could at least get a bottle of water.
Grabbing my water and walking to my table all eyes were on me. It's like they never saw a girl get a bottle of water before. I sat down in my usual spot when Justin started to stare me down. Feeling agitated by all the stares "What? Why are you starring!"
He was quiet for a moment and started to stutter when Abby spoke up. "Talia your sweating pretty bad!"
"Well, I just went for a pretty hard run. I am nowhere close to being back to my normal self though. Those 2 weeks in bed did me in!"
But I noticed she was right. I was getting hotter. Did they turn the heat on already? It wasn't that cold outside!
Xander looked at me with concern then behind me. I turned around to see what he was looking at when I saw the group of guys that were on the training field slowly making their way towards us. I looked around the room and noticed almost all the guys had a feral look in their eyes and all eyes were on me.
I was about to excuse myself back to my dorm when a sudden flood of heat started to consume my body. I looked at Xander and he was standing. "Xander," I said scared.
"It's going to be ok Talia. Abs get her out of here!"
"How the doors are blocked."

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