Talias Savage

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Chapter 12

"Xander I need to go! I need to call Grayson!" My breathing was heavy and my body was starting to feel like it was filled with molten lava. The pain was becoming intense and I knew if I didn't get out of here it would be like Grayson said. It was going to go from bad to worse. The crowd was closing in and all I wanted to do was scream.

"Tally where is your phone?" Abby asked me but I couldn't think straight. Xander grabbed my arm and started to back me towards the window. "Justin! Break the Window!" I looked through hooded eyes at him and he was becoming feral as well. He heard nothing that Xander said and I was too weak to issue the command. The whimper that I had been holding back escaped making Xander grip me harder. "Abby go to her room and get her phone. She doesn't carry it on runs. Call Greyson right away."

"I can't leave you here alone."

"Go! NOW! I don't know how long I can hold them off!"

I watched as she made her way through the crowd. This was really just great. I wasn't supposed to go into heat until next week. How had I miscounted? A set of hands reached out and yanked me sideways. Xander countered quickly but another set was right behind those. I stumbled and fell to the floor clutching my stomach and pain started to spread accompanying the lava flowing inside my body. A boy was quickly on top of me before being yanked off by my brother. He picked me up and tried to push his way through the crowd.

They had formed a circle around us and honestly, I was starting to feel hopeless. Another cry came from my throat as I was viciously yanked from Xander's arms and thrown across the room. Hitting the wall I slumped to the floor. Again I was surrounded and was being pawed at. Using what little strength I had left I fought them off but one had me pinned down while another started to rip at the collar of my shirt. Tears flowed freely as I tried to call for help and beg them to stop. Xander was fighting his way into the crowd when one climbed on top of me again baring his canines. Just as he was about to mark me a low growl erupted from the entrance of the mess hall. Silence descended for just a moment before their feral tendencies took back over.

A very angry Grayson pushed his way through the crowd. Bodies were flying left and right until he made his way to me and yanked the guy on top of me away. He stood in front of me protectively as a scream escaped me again. I tried to keep them in but it did no good. Sweat was pouring from my body and I needed to get somewhere safe. A whole other group of men filed into the mess hall efficiently clearing a path for Grayson. He leaned down and picked me up taking in my appearance. He was mad but right now I didn't care. "Grayson!" I whispered to him.

He looked at me with completely black anger-filled eyes. "I'm going to take you somewhere safe. Then we can take away your pain!"

I quickly realized those were his men that filed in and they were clearing a path for us to leave. Once no one stood in our way he took off at a full run getting me out of this situation and back to his territory. I reared back in his arms as another wave of pain took me. Tears streamed freely down my face now with no end in sight.

We reached his home in less than 15 minutes. I could see he was struggling to keep control but no one was struggling worse than I was. Walking straight up a set of stairs he headed for a room that I realized was his. Laying me gently on the bed he stepped back. "You are safe here Talia. Jenson will be in shortly!"

My breathing was coming in short pants. The fire was now mixed with the butterflies that erupted as soon as he picked me up. "Please don't leave!" Begging was originally not part of my plan but it just felt so right for him to be nearby.

"I have to Talia. I can't stay here with you! You will stay here in my room. Hopefully, my scent will help."

Tears I couldn't control streamed down my face "Nothing will help." I rolled away from him and wrapped my arms around myself. Biting my tongue to stop another scream I could taste my own blood fill my mouth. I hadn't meant to bite my tongue that hard but I didn't want him to see me as weak or force me to take the drugs. I heard the door click and realized he left me here.

A moment later a light knock at the door came when Dr. Jenson came in. "Talia how are you feeling!"

I didn't bother to answer him. What kind of question was that anyway? "Talia where is your pain level right now."

I shook my head. I couldn't speak right now I was fighting another wave of pain and sadly losing. I could hear the door open again as another wave of pain overcame me. This one worse than the last!

"Talia let me help you. I can give you some morphine to help with the pain."

I shook my head no. "I don't want it." I cried. "It won't last long as hot as I am!" I panted out. "There is only one way to stop this and it's not even an option."

Jenson's eyes met mine and I could see concern and understanding cloud them. He looked up to Grayson who was behind me. I could smell him as soon as he came in as a new wave of the woodsy scent filled the room. Touching my forehead and taking my vitals. "Ok, Talia here is the deal. I can't make you take it but I urge you too! This will last for 3 days and 3 nights. If and when you are ready send for me ok!" I shook my head up and down as he stood up and left.

"Why are you so hard-headed!" Grayson said as he moved in front of me. "Talia take the fucking drugs."

I wanted to answer but the pain chose a great moment to spike through my body again. I swear I was burning from the inside out as a whimper turned into a scream.

He stood back and clenched his fists at his side. "Fine. But if you think that I will mark you to save you from this than you are wrong. I am offering you all the help I can give Talia. I will check on you soon!" With that, he left me there to suffer alone. It made me wonder what had happened in his life to make him the savage person that he was. Even my father helped my mother in her heat. I knew of their story and the love they shared after. I just doubted I would have the same fate.

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