Talias Savage

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Chapter 13

Unknown Point of View

"How is it possible that he hasn't mated with her yet?"

"I'm not sure, but if he doesn't do it soon we cant continue with phase 2 of our plan!"

"We have waited this long to enact our plans. Phase 1 is almost complete. Once they mate then we can enact phase 2. Once we end phase 2 phase 3 will be a breeze!"

"I am sick and tired of waiting. The little twerp was supposed to die with his parents!"

"Patience my friend. Blood Moon will rise again."

Grayson's Point of View

The last two days have been torture. I find myself standing outside my bedroom door more often than working on pack business. Every ounce of energy I have has been used to not turn that door handle. I stopped checking in on her, the urge to take her is too strong so I asked Jenson to do it. I have come too far to slip up now! Mitchell was leaning against the wall with me to ensure I stayed outside.

"Gray tell me again. She's your mate, right?"

Not moving my eyes from the door "You already know the answer to that!"

"Ok. Yea I do. Let me ask you another question. If that was your sister would you let her suffer the way Talia is?"

Rounding on him with my fists balled at my side. "How dare you bring Angel into this! It's not the same!" I yelled with malice.

"How Gray? How is it different?"

"Angel was my sister. Talia is my mate. Two separate scenarios. I would have done anything to keep Angel from pain even if it meant my own life! I offered Talia the drugs to help her and she refused them!"

"So is she supposed to take the pain meds every time she goes into heat Gray? 3 days out of the month where they will knock her out and anyone can do what they want! You know the only way to stop it and help her! Stop being so self-centered and fix the problem! Listen to her!"

Turning back towards the door cries and whimpers filled my room before another scream was heard. Closing my eyes I was trying hard to do what I thought was right. What I felt would benefit myself and my pack. They couldn't lose another leader so soon!

"I'm not self-centered you know. I'm doing what I feel is for the best!"

"Ok, I take it back. Gray your my best friend and as your best friend I have to tell you what you're letting her go through is savage! Just think about it. I know what happened to your parent's man. But not every story ends the same!"

He clapped me on the shoulder and walked off. My wolf agreed with him. I just wasn't sure if I was ready to or not!

Talias Point of View

Two days of pure hell is what I have endured. I am physically and mentally exhausted and just want this to be over. "Oh, goddess please end this. Please I beg of you!" I cried out more for myself than her. She has more to do than worry about my heat! It felt like my insides had melted and all I wanted to do was cool down.

I decided that a cold bath was what I needed but no one was there to help me. Biting my lip I slowly moving my aching body to the side of the bed. Taking more effort than I thought it would I stood on shaky legs. I wasn't sure if it was the movement or effort to do so but the pain seemed to get worse once I was standing. Carefully I put one foot in front of the other until my leg went out and I fell sideways into the dresser.

The door slammed open and I just laid there. I smelt him before I felt him touch my arm.

"What are you doing Talia. You're not supposed to be out of bed?"

Just the way his hand touched me set me on edge. Butterflies erupted in my stomach and my wolf was pushing her way to the front, threatening to take over. I was trying to breathe calmly but my already accelerated heart rate picked up a few more notches. I licked my lips and stared into his eyes trying to remember why I got out of bed. Sadly it wouldn't come to me. All I could do was picture Grayson naked!

"Talia! Why were you out of bed!" He shook me a little and his voice was more stern. Some of my senses came back then. "I want a cold bath!" Panting out the words from the arousal I was feeling and the heat and pain still taking over my body. Shaking his head he lifted me off the ground. I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my head on his shoulder. His smell was simply intoxicating. Carrying me into the bathroom he sat with me on his lap while he perched on the side of the tub.

He turned the cold water on and placed the plug. "You should have asked for help Talia. Not tried to do it on your own!" I didn't say anything back. I was to lost in the feel of his well-muscled chest against me and his very muscular arms around me. I was losing control with him so close and as if my body had its own mind I raised my head slightly and started to kiss his neck right where it curves to meet his shoulder.

A growl came from him as if it was a warning but I couldn't stop. Slowly I racked my teeth across the sensitive skin and kissed up to his ear. His grip on me tightened as a moan came from deep within his chest. My wolf had taken over and I was done. Nipping at his earlobe I started to shift my body so I could straddle him. Placing both hands on either side of his face I slowly brought mine down to meet his.

"Talia. We cant..."

"Shut up and kiss me!" I cut him off bringing my lips to his. Gently at first waiting for him to respond and when he did with more desperation. This is what my body has been crying out for for the past 2 days and it just honestly felt so right. I grabbed his hands and placed them on my ass then ran mine up his chest. He felt like he was made of stone under his shirt and I wanted to see. Desperately I grabbed the hem of his shirt and yanked it over his head, drinking in his god-like body. A low growl came from me as I kissed him again this time our tounges danced and the wetness between my legs grew.

I could feel his arousal between my legs and wanted more. I grabbed my shirt and yanked it off. Reaching behind me he undid my bra and started to massage my breasts while his mouth trailed kisses up and down my neck. I wanted more than kisses. I needed more than kisses. Reaching back over to the tub faucet he shut the water off. Turning back to me he grabbed my shorts and slowly slid them down. Spreading my legs he pulled my underwear aside and ran a finger over my clit.

"Get in the tub Talia." His eyes were black from his arousal! I stepped in the water not even feeling the cold and sat down. He stood up and took the rest of his clothes off and got in behind me. Reaching around he didn't wait before shoving his fingers into me and rubbing me with his thumb.

"This is all I can give you for now Talia!" I barely heard him while his fingers moved against my spot back and forth and the pressure that was building caused me to explode!

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