Talias Savage

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Chapter 14

Graysons Point of View

I left her upstairs on my bed. I was so furious with myself for partially losing control. How could I have let my wolf gain so much control over my actions? I knew I couldn't stop him so I subsided some and gave in. For the moment she had some peace. I kept telling myself it would be over tomorrow but the truth was it wouldn't be. Tomorrow ended this heat but in 3 weeks she would have another. From what I hear the next one is worse. She was proving to me how strong she was compared to my first impression of her. Which in an odd way made me proud. She was not the weakling I once thought she was considering she was going through this and refused the help I had to offer. At least until last night.

The punching bag in front of me was accepting my punches one after another, helping me to relieve some of the anger I felt with myself. It was helping to clear my mind so that I could figure out what to do next. Keep her here or let her go. Letting her go was foremost in my mind and would be for the best.

Talia's Point of View

I woke up on the bed and alone. The pain and heat that flowed through me had subsided some but was threatening to spark back up. As the fog cleared from my mind I started to remember what happened last night. Rubbing my hands down my face I couldn't believe I acted like that. I acted like a whore. My cheeks flamed red remembering the feel of his hands on my body but I quickly shook the thought away. How could I have done that? How could I be so brazen with my actions? How could I let my wolf take so much control?

Throwing my legs over the side of the bed I realized I was in one of Grayson's shirts. It smelt just like him and it hit me. He must have dressed me when he was done. My need to get out of this place had me running for the door. Pants or no pants I was going to shift once I was outside. How could I face him today? Would I even see him today? Who cares I needed to go. Making my way down the stairs I ran into an older gentleman.

"Watch where you are going slut!"

"Excuse me"

"I said watch where you are going mutt!"

I shook my head I swear I just heard him say slut. "I'm sorry I was just leaving!" I tried to move around him but he grabbed onto my arm.

"Who are you?"

I tried to pull my arm free but his grip was tight. "I am Talia. Future Luna of the Crescent Moon pack. Let go of my arm, sir. Now!"

I tried to put on my best alpha tone but this older guy was unaffected. His grip grew tighter and I felt his claws descend into the sensitive skin on the back of my arm causing me to wince in pain.

"Who do you think you are to try to command me, girl!" His eyes raked up and down my body making me realize just how little clothing I was wearing. Graysons shirt might of covered me up to my knees but one wrong move and it wouldn't cover anything. "You are the one who is supposed to be Graysons mate arent you?"

"I asked you to let me go!"

"I will let go when I am good and ready..." Before he was finished he was cut off by Mitchell.

"Elder John, I suggest you let her go! Alpha will not be pleased that you are handling his mate in such a manner."

I looked down at the bottom of the steps to see him just standing there. Then I looked at the man who held onto my arm. I could feel the blood running down to my elbow and so I tried to yank free once more. His grip tightened and I let out a yelp. Whispering in my ear which was barely audible. "Don't worry this is minor to what you are going to get!" I looked at him wide-eyed but before I could ask what he meant he threw me down the steps. My arm bent behind my back at an angle it should never be and my head slammed off the railing.

"What the fuck John," Mitchell yelled up the steps as I sat cradling my noodle arm and darkness blurred the edge of my vision. It hurt so bad and to top it off the heat inside me was starting to rise. Mitchell leaned down to try to help me up but when I stood I couldn't put any weight on my left ankle. I immediately felt dizzy and fell back to the floor! I tried to hide the tears the pain caused but I was unsuccessful. This was all too much for 3 days. I wanted to go home.

"John you will answer for this one. Grayson will have your head!"

"Oh yes, the precious Alpha. Where is he anyway? Not here I see protecting his "mate"! He holds no power over me Beta. And Neither do you!" With a sickening laugh, he turned to walk away but was stopped by a few men at the top of the stairs. "Take him to the pit and do not let anyone let him out until Grayson deals with him," Mitchell yelled.

A short "Yes Beta" echoed through the house and the man was swept away. Mitchell leaned down to try and help me back up but I couldn't see straight. I was spinning yet I was sitting still. Tears, fire, and pain are all I felt. I mumbled out "I want Xander!"

"Talia I can't get him here in time. We need to get you to see the doctor."

Shaking my head no as he pulled me to my feet I screamed and pulled back. "I want my brother! I need Xander!" My breathing was becoming quick and holding my broken arm was bringing back some very unwanted memories.

"Talia calm down. Your ok!"

I tried to step back but fell once more. Damn that ankle. "I swear to the goddess above if you don't get me Xander I will kill you!"

"I linked Grayson and he is on his way, Talia. Breathe, please! You're going to hyperventilate!"

This caused my memories to flash through my mind of the night I was taken. The Rogues, the storm the pain and broken bones. The fear I still felt once I was home. Xander stayed by my side once I was home and promised he would never let anything happen to me ever again. I needed him now. I couldn't breathe. The fear crept its way through me as memory and reality mixed together. My vision was going black when I heard him come in.

"What the hell happened to her." He tried to reach for me but I hit his hands away with my good arm.

"Talia stop you need to see the doctor!" He touched me again and I screamed and started to kick my feet.

They weren't going to take me again I would die first.

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