Talias Savage

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Chapter 15

The darkness that consumed me provided me no comfort. Memories flashed back to me and as if in a weird dream there I stood watching my 7-year-old self! Mom sat in her chair while Xander and I were on the floor playing like we always did! I walked around the room and a crack of thunder brought my attention to the closest window. The storm outside was raging and rain pelted down against the window!

I stepped in front of my mom to see if she could see me when she jumped up and ran through me to me. I knew what night this was as soon as the words left her mouth. "Talia, Xander we need to go to the safe house with the rest of the pack!"

"Why mommy?" I watched the scene with fear. This was the beginning of the darkest days of my life!

"Rogues are attacking and Daddy wants us to be safe with the rest of the pack! Come on sweethearts we don't have much time!"

I screamed at her not to go out there but it did no good, she couldn't hear me. Next, I knew we were in the pouring rain. I watched the pain and anguish my mother felt as she spoke to us. Having to make a decision for the best of both family and pack.

"Do you both know your way to the safe house? Good! Run as you've never run before! We're almost there but I need to help the rest of the pack."

Again I screamed at my mother like it would make a difference "No mom take us with you! Take us with you! Don't send us alone! He's going to take me!"

I watched as she kissed us and sent us on our way when we skipped ahead to when we were attacked by the rogue. I jumped in front of my brother and myself trying to protect us but it did no good. I wasn't really there! Lightning flashed and I watched as he threw my brother to the ground. I pounced on his back falling right through as if made out of smoke.

"Ahh what do we have here? The next heir to the Crescent Moon Pack!"

The scene in front of me scared me but not as much as what was coming next. He grabbed my little arm and my brother got up and tried to attack the rogue, tried to save me. Letting me go he threw him to the ground. Tears ran down my face as I tried to yell at myself "Run! Hurry Run! Go! He's going to take you away!" I ran my fingers through my hair and watched as the rogue knock me out and took me away from my family and my home!

As if you hit the fast forward button there I stood in the corner watching my small innocent self being circled by this man who soon became the center of my worst nightmares! Rubbing my wrists and looking upon my 7-year-old self, I can still feel the silver that burned its way into my flesh.

"You're nothing little girl. The pain you feel now is minor to what you will feel!"

I rub my head. It was as if I felt him put his hand in my hair and yank my head back! This was the start of my nightmares. This place haunted my dreams. I watched as the man broke my arm and beat me. I watched as they starved me and laughed at me when I needed to go to the bathroom with nowhere to actually go!

I sat down and cried watching my little 7-year-old self give up hope. 3 weeks I waited for my family to arrive. To come to save me. 3 weeks those bastards kept me hidden in their hideout. 3 weeks of torture and abuse all played on fast forward through my mind. I couldn't stop it. I couldn't help myself.

Then the day I was saved slowed down. My father found me and the rogues destroyed. I could feel relief wash over both of me. Going home felt so good but lurking in the woods far from the house was a man who looked familiar, but I just couldn't place! I was in the hospital sleeping after Doc reset my broken bones that had already healed when the sound of machines once again chimed in the background and started to wake me up!

Graysons Point of View

I sat hunched down watching her shake with fear. Every time I tried to go near her she would scream. I couldn't help but wonder what was going through her head. What was she thinking? I also couldn't help but feel guilty. Ever since I met her she has been getting hurt time and time again. It was killing me to see her like this and I didn't know how to help her. I had a decision to make be with or without her. If I was being honest without her was not becoming an option. The more I was around her the more our bond grew and her apple cinnamon scent was addicting.

Jenson and Mitchell came through the door and came over to me.

"Alpha. What happened to her?"

I looked at Jenson then Mitchell. "You didn't tell him?"

"There wasn't time Gray. We need to get her back to the hospital. I figured we would explain things on the way. Have you had any luck getting near her?"

Shaking my head no I was about to respond when a very angry Xander came into my home. Immediately running to his sister, "What the fuck happened to her?" The words left his mouth but before I could answer she started to scream and kick her legs sending him backward.

"Xander, she was attacked by one of the elders on my council. He is currently locked up to be dealt with. But right now that gash on her forehead and her arm are my main concern."

I watched as he absorbed my information and started shaking from head to toe. Mitchell walked over to him being the better of the two of us at this moment. "Xander she was screaming for you before this happened. Maybe you can coax her to come to the hospital?"

Shaking his head and going back to his sister "Talia. Talia. Its Xander!" She started to scream again. "Tally. Listen to me. You are ok!" He stood up when his words didn't sink in. "Doctor Jenson do you have a tranquilizer? Its the only way she is going anywhere."

I walked over to her this time as Jenson dug through his bag. I couldn't take seeing her like this anymore. "Talia." I grabbed her unhurt arm "Talia look at me. You are safe. Listen to me." I grabbed her up forcing her to put her head on my chest. Hoping maybe my scent would calm her down. Her whole body was shaking and her screams were ear-piercing. I had to help her. I couldn't help my sister and I needed to help Talia.

As I held her tight in my arms being mindful of her broken arm, she went limp. I pulled back and saw Jenson pulling the syringe from her arm. "Okay, Alpha lets get her moved." I picked her up bridal style and took her to the hospital. She was going to get the help she needed and Xander and I would chat. Only he could answer the questions I had right now.

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