Talias Savage

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Chapter 16

Graysons Point of View

I paced outside her room while Mitchell and Xander leaned up against the wall. Jenson was getting her stitched up and resetting her arm. No one had made a sound since we got here. Stopping in front of her brother I had questions that needed to be answered and what better time than now.

“Xander. What happened to her to make her need you so badly?”

“What do you mean?”

“This isn’t the first time you have come to her side or she has come to you. She came to you that night of the storm at the school. You were there when she fought my Beta. You practically lived here after she was attacked by Thompson and now here you are again. I need to know why MY mate needs you so badly?” I knew my wolf added in that last part but either way I wanted to know.

He took a while to answer me. Thinking over his response. When he looked at me his eyes held regret and anger.

“When we were 7 our pack was attacked by Rogues. They took Talia on a stormy night and even though I tried to protect her I was too little to do so. They tortured her for 3 weeks before we finally found their hideout. When we found her she was battered, bruised, and starved. A shell of the sister I once knew.” He looked to the door that separated us from her. “Scared of everything, a raised voice or hand, the dark, storms. I was so overcome with guilt that I couldn’t protect her that night that I never left her side again. I have been there for her through thick and thin. Over time she has become strong but sometimes things set her off. A storm as you mentioned is a big one. She has her own demons to fight and she rises above them every time.”

I was taken aback by his answer. It was similar to my own past except for my sister wasn’t so lucky. “Where were your parents when she was taken?“He looked to me “Our dad was fighting the rogues with the pack and our mom had to help some of the elders of the pack get to the safe house.” He paused and zoned out for a moment as if he was replaying the memory in his head. “We were supposed to run and we did. Just they got to us first before we made it to the safe house. Later we found out that it was a scheme from our mom’s old pack trying to get revenge for her step-father’s death. They sent the rogues and Talia wasn’t supposed to make it out alive.”

“I heard the stories of your mother’s pack when I was little. I thought the Blood Moon Pack dispanded?”

“Yea so did our parents. I just know that my sister has been through things meant to break her and she comes out on the other side stronger than before.” He stood up off of the wall and walked over to me “I mean no disrespect Alpha when I say this but stop calling my sister your mate. You have made it clear you don’t want her and in doing so she is a future Luna and you an Alpha of neighboring packs!”

I balled my fists up at my sides. He had no right to talk to me like that number one and number 2 she was my mate to do with as I pleased. I was getting ready to tell him so when Jenson came out of her room.

“She is starting to wake up. I had reset her arm first so she woke when I did the stitches. She has a sprained ankle and possible concussion plus the obvious a broken arm. She is asking for you Xander you may go in.” Jenson looked to me and Mitchell when Xander disappeared into the room. “What John did to her is inexcusable. I hope you make him pay for what he has put the Luna through!”

I was taken aback by his statement. I have known him since I was a pup and never heard him speak ill of anyone. He must really be taken with Talia. I nodded my head up and down and turned to Mitchell.

“Let’s see what the Elder has to say about his actions shall we!” With that, we left the hospital and headed towards the pit.

Xander’s Point of View

Walking in the room seeing my sister like this brought back many bad memories for me. If I had it my way, I would deal with the elder myself but this wasn’t my pack. All I could do was trust that Grayson was as ruthless as his reputation leads him to be. I pulled the chair closer to her bed and grabbed her hand.

Turning her head in my direction her eyes fluttered open. Fear is what shone through until she realized where she was.


“Yea Tally. I’m here. Your ok now.”

“Where is Grayson?”

Graysons Point of View

I would have to come back and finish what I started later. John wasn’t willing to spill his guts and his answers were lies. Mitchell told me what happened so his story was false. I walked to my room to get a shower and change. I needed to clean off the scums blood from my body before I go and check on Talia.

I stripped down and looked to the tub where I helped to relieve some of her pain. Feeling her silky smooth skin against mine and how tight she was around my fingers caused my arousal to grow. I could still smell her when I came into my room making my wolf go crazy. I guess instead of a hot shower I would get a cold one instead. I can’t mate her unless I am 100% sure its what I want and am willing to do. It goes against all I have grown to believe in but thinking of not having her around made me sadder than I cared to admit.

Once I was clean and calmed down a knock sounded at my bedroom door. Opening it up Jenson stood on the other side. Worry took me over. Did something happen to Talia since I left.

“Jenson is everything ok? Hows Talia?”

“Alpha Grayson! I’m not sure how she is. I thought you brought her back here.”

Anger instantly took over my body and I started to shake. “What are you saying, Jenson?” I knew the answer but I needed him to say it out loud!

He looked scared “She is missing Grayson.”

The wall and my fist made perfect contact as I released a howl from my shaking body. I shifted right there shredding my clothes and running to the hospital to track her scent. No one takes my mate away from me let alone without my permission and the doctor's approval she is able to go.

Linking Mitchell "She is gone. Find her now!"

It didn't take long and I had a whole army on a manhunt for my mate!

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