Talias Savage

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Chapter 17

Xanders Point of View

I ran as fast as I could with Talia in my arms. The howl Grayson let out sent shivers down my spine. I knew he would be pissed when he found out that I took her and it was obvious I was right. She cried out in pain while I clutched her close to me. She was still in heat which made this so much riskier. We would be much easier to follow. In the distance, another howl erupted and I could hear the sound of paws pounding the ground. Finding strength I didn't know I had, I ran faster. She asked me to take her home and I was going to get her there come hell or high water.

A flash of fur ran by me spurring me on to run faster. I was so close to the border of his territory. Once I was on the other side we would be safe. With the moon shining brightly overhead when a scream wretched from Talia's throat. It finally struck me. The full moon caused her to go into heat earlier than she expected. Unfortunately, I thought the wrong thing at the wrong time and was tackled from the side by Grayson sending Talia flying out of my arms. I tried to go to her but the man on top of me was not having it.

"Grayson listen to me!" His fists pounded into me relentlessly.

"I have no reason to hear you out. You stole my mate and now you will pay!" His eyes were completely black showing how much in charge his wolf was. I put my arms up to block his assault bringing my knee up kicking him where I knew it would hurt. He quickly rolled to the side and grabbed himself between the legs. I scrambled to my feet and grabbed Talia up sprinting once more.

"Xander stop!" she cried.

"Talia we can't. We have to keep going!"

"Stop it hurts to bad. Stop Please Xander!"

"If I stop Talia he is going to kill me. It won't matter that you asked me to take you home."

"Then leave me. I will be ok. I need him. The pain is getting to bad. I cant... I need to be close to him!"

"You only have to get through a few more hours Talia. We're almost out!" I wasn't paying attention and tripped over a rock. Twisting my body so that I didn't land on my sister. She rolled to her side clutching her stomach. I tried to grab her up once more but she pushed me away.

"Talia I don't have time to fight with you. We need to move now!" A growl erupted about a mile behind us. "C'mon get up let's go."

"No! Run Xander go! Get out of here. I won't have you hurt because of me."

"I can't leave you here!"

I watched as tears streamed down her face. "Please. Please go!"

Hesitating for a moment I grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it. "I will be back for you Talia. I promise. I love you, Tally. Be strong."

She nodded her head and I took off running. I was about to step out of his territory when I was taken down by two wolves on border patrol. Pinning me face down on the ground with my arms behind my back I knew that I was in big trouble!

Talia's Point of View

It was stupid of me to ask Xander to take me away. To take me home. I laid on the ground while a large black wolf circled me, growling. His eyes glazed over for a moment before he shifted back.

"That was a very stupid move, Talia. You will pay for it dearly!"

The venom and malice dripping from his tone caused me to back up before he grabbed my leg pulling me closer. "You are mine and I think its time the rest of the world knew it."

His touch started to soothe the pain I was feeling while a small moan escaped between my lips. I wanted to revel in it but the fear I felt as his canines grew had me pushing him away.

"Please Grayson. Please don't. Not like this!" I cried.

A low growl erupted from him and looking in his eyes I could see he was all wolf right now. I was in so much more trouble than I thought. At least Xander got away. He can go get dad and they can come and take me away from here.

"You say no to me little mate but your body is saying yes."

Shaking my head furiously his hands left my body and another spike of pain ran from head to toe. Tears slide down my cheeks as I curled in on myself. He was circling me again watching as sweat and tears mixed together and I cried out from the heat and pain that scorched its way through my body.

"I can make it all stop Talia. But then again maybe you need to just let it finish without my help. Afterall you left me right. You don't need my help! What do you say I just leave you here on the forest floor? Watch you suffer." An evil grin spread onto his face.

So here I was stuck between pain and no pain. I looked at him still seeing a very pissed off wolf in front of me. I rolled onto my stomach channeling what strength I had left, I got on my knees and tried to stand. Clutching my stomach I pushed myself off the ground standing on shaky legs.

"Fuck you, Grayson. I am of Alpha blood too and I don't need you to do me any favors."

A low growl left his throat as his canines descended down. He started to stalk towards me when out of nowhere we were surrounded. The smell in the air hanging thick with rot. Rogues. My eyes shot open wide as they sniffed the air and licked their lips. As if on cue they all attacked at once. Grayson grabbed me and pushed me out of the way but on shaky legs, he didn't realize he threw me into a tree. Hitting my head I slumped down while 2 stalked my way.

"Get back" I commanded shakily but they just laughed sinisterly.

"Look what we have here! A bitch in heat!"

"Get back!" I warned.

A sick laugh escaped the other's lips. Reaching towards me so fast I didn't have time to react he fisted my hair throwing me to the ground. Grayson fighting four I knew he would be no help this time. Jerking my head back the other came up and sniffed me.

"Ahh she smells familiar don't you think brother!"

"Yes she does!" they laughed.

"Stop. Let go of my hair!" I yelled and tried to swing at them but they threw me to the ground twisting my arms behind my back. I could feel the bone giving from the force and I screamed out in pain.

"The pain your in now princess isn't compared to what you will feel."

My eyes flying wide I started to flail. No, this wasn't happening again. I heard the one start to unzip his pants. "Hold her still brother." I looked over to Grayson who had 1 down. There were just too many. I started to flail again trying to break their grasp on me when a snap was heard. The pain from it causing stars to dance in my eyes and pure pain and panic to escape my throat as a high pitched scream rang out! He grabbed my face. "I'm going to enjoy breaking you, princess!"

I screamed out for help. Trying to get Grayson's attention when a hand around my throat had darkness settling in. My limbs going numb as my attackers laughed and started to run his hands up my legs.

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