Talias Savage

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Chapter 18

Graysons Point of View (Trigger warning. Read at your own risk)

How the fuck did I not sense or smell the flea-bitten mongrels as soon as they stepped onto my territory? I was already mad that Xander and Talia thought they could escape me now I have to deal with this. 6 of them were coming at us, my protection instinct kicking in, I pushed Talia behind me to try and keep her safe. Memories started to flood my mind as flashbacks from that day came out to play. Shaking my head I couldn't think about it right now. I had to keep my head in the game. Letting my wolf take over I shifted easily. He was seeing red and was out for blood, and that's exactly what I was going to give him.

I linked Mitchell to get here as fast as he could. Fur, blood, and spittle were flying everywhere. When I would grab one the other 3 would be on top of me. A scream broke my concentration for just a moment while one bit into my hind leg. A growl left my throat as I clamped down on one of their necks cutting off his air supply. Falling at my feet I had just 3 more to contend with, well technically 5!

I looked over at Talia. The one had her pinned down while the other was telling her something. Her eyes were wide with fear. I wasn't going to let this happen again. A scratch down my side pulled my concentration back to the situation I was in, but the plea for help didn't escape my ears. Linking Mitchell again

"Where the hell are you?"

"Almost there."

I cut off the link and bit into the side of one of the rogues. He whimpered and backed off while the other 2 circled again. Besides the growls, I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper. My eyes growing wide I looked to my mate. She was passed out on the floor and that sick mother fucker was over top of her. It was like de ja vu. I couldn't stop them from hurting Angel. I sure as hell would stop them from getting to my mate. I hunched down ready to pounce when I was yanked back by my tail. I grabbed the mutt by the neck and slung him aside.

Jumping over the other earned me a claw to my stomach but I didn't care. Landing on top of the sick fucker I tore his head from his shoulders and tossed it aside. A low growl left me as they circled around. 3 against 1. Not again not on my watch. My vision was starting to become fuzzy around the edges from blood loss. One leaned back on his haunches and was about to pounce when Mitchell showed up with 5 of our top warriors. Thank goddess.

I turned around and shifted back. Leaning over Talia I held my hand to my stomach to suppress the blood flow. I checked her for a pulse and tried to pick her up. Pain radiated from my abdomen and I knew this wasn't a normal cut from a claw. As I went to stand I fell back down. Taking my hand away from my stomach I could smell my blood mixed with something else. A poison I knew all too well. Wolfsbane.

"Hang on Talia we are going to be okay! You're going to be ok. I got you!" I kissed her forehead and leaned against the tree with her in my lap. I tried to stay conscience but the darkness quickly took over sending me back into a moment I hated myself for and I couldn't stand to relive.

Angel and I were walking around the pack just like any other day. Joking around as we always did. I loved my little sister with all my heart and would give her the world if I could. My father linked out an urgent message that we were under attack. That everyone needed to get to the packhouse immediately. Mom linked to me specifically. "Where are you both at?"

"Near the southern border. Were on our way"
"The southern border! NO!" Mom's voice was filled with panic. "Hide now. I am on my way. Keep each other safe"
I grabbed Angel's hand and we started to run. She fell and twisted her ankle on a rock.
"Cmon Angel we have to go. We have to hide."
"Gray, what's going on?"
"Were under attack. Moms on her way. Here hold onto me I will help you walk."
Just as she stood up I was tackled to the ground. "Look what we have here! The Alphas son. Oh... and their daughter. Could this day get any better!" That sickly laugh echoed in my head. I stood up and let out a growl trying to scare them off, but it wasn't much for a 12-year-old. He laughed again and grabbed me up by my throat throwing me to the ground. He held me there as I watched my sister scream and try to run away. Her swollen ankle slowing her down. I felt a sharp prick in my arm and excruciating heat spread through my small body.
The man was about to strike me again when mom showed up knocking him to the ground. I tried to make my way to Angel but my limbs wouldn't cooperate. She screamed for help and I was numb. I couldn't move I couldn't help. All I could do was lay there and watch as that bastard did those things to her. "Angel I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry" I cried. I kept trying to force my limbs to move but they wouldn't go.
Mom let out a yelp and I looked her way to see the rogue with her throat in his mouth. She was clawing at him to let go but it made him bite down harder. Soon I watched as the light left her eyes making me cry harder. I looked back to Angel trying once more to get to her but still to no avail. The man slowly extended his claws and put one to her neck and she begged, I begged.
"NO. NO! NOOOOO!" I screamed but it did no good. My baby sister was chocking, crying, dying. My heart ripped into pieces. the pain all-consuming. They came to me next. Knocking me over the head and pulling me by my hair along the forest floor. They were almost out of the territory when dad showed up. I watched as he fought and I knew he would win. He was an Alpha after all. Soon my system shut down and I couldn't take it anymore. Darkness took over.
I woke up in the hospital. Alone. The nurse rushed in and yelled for Jenson. He came in and checked me out but avoided making eye contact with me. "Where is my dad?"
Taking a deep breath he finally looked my way. "Grayson you have suffered a great deal of trama. From wolfsbane and silver poisoning to a brain bleed. But don't worry son you are healing very well."
The nurse fidgeted in the corner. "OK, Dr. Jenson. Where is my dad can I see him?"
"You have been out for 4 weeks and a lot has happened. Let's talk about it later. Patty, can you go and get him some food?"
She nodded with tears in her eyes and left my room. "Dr. Jenson. What is going on? Where is my dad? And don't tell me later I want to know now!"
Taking another deep breath he closed his eyes. I knew mom and Angel were gone. But dad was strong.
"Grayson, you know about mates don't you?" I shook my head yes. "You know that the mates bond is like no other. You are each other's other half and together you make up a whole." I shook my head again. "I don't know how to tell you this Grayson. I wish I didn't have to." He took another pause, "Son your dad is dead. He couldn't stand to live on this earth without your mom. It happened 2 weeks ago. With your sister gone and us not sure if you were ever going to wake up... He just couldn't take it. I am so sorry."

I woke up in a cold sweat with tears streaming down my face and a machine beeping in rhythm with my heart. Mates equal death no matter how strong you are.

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