Talias Savage

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Chapter 2

The drive to school was long but we made the best of it. Mom cried a few times and my dad would take her hand and comfort her. You could see he was upset also but he wanted to comfort mom more than himself. I only hoped that when I find my mate that he is as sweet and caring to me. It is all quiet for now with just the radio playing in the background. Soon we will be pulling onto the school grounds. I was going to miss them both so much. I sat there with my headphones in looking out the window when the school came into view. It was huge. Dad pointed out the buildings to us and what each was for.

"That tall one in the middle is the main hall. On the left is the mess hall and the girls' dorms and on the right is the indoor training center and the boys' dorms."
I just stared and grabbed Xander's hand. "This is going to be so amazing!" I squealed with excitement causing a laugh from my parents upfront. When we parked I saw Aunt Athena and Uncle Leo getting out of the car with their kids Justin and Abigail. They weren't twins but they should have been. Justin and Abigail are only 11 months apart so they both get to attend this year. I was super excited about that too. I wouldn't feel so alone with all of them here! I ran up to Abby and gave her a hug, almost knocking her down, with excitement flooding my veins.
We all walked up to the check-in tables set up out front and received our dorm assignments and schedules. We each had our own room in the Girls' house which was nice, I wouldn't have to share with some snob, and Abby and I are both on the 3rd floor! We high five for that and started grabbing our stuff and heading to our dorms. Abby didn't really want to be Beta but her dad made her come per the pack rules. Justin, on the other hand, was serious about it so I would end up choosing him in the end.
"What class do you have first Tally?"
"Self Defense in human form. What about you Abs?"
Rolling her eyes "Me too." She stuck her tongue out and pointed down her throat "Remind me again why I had to come her Tally. Seriously I don't want to learn this stuff. My passion is baking."
Abigail was an amazing baker. I loved being in the kitchen with her. She always wore her chestnut brown hair in a ponytail high on her head and her Blue-Green eyes could pin you to the spot until you told her how much you loved her dessert!
"Because I wanted you to come with me and being a Betas daughter you kinda have no choice" I smiled and she frowned. Mom and Aunt Athena were following behind us while dad and Uncle Leo went with the boys.
"Now Abigail it won't last for long. 1 year isn't going to kill you. And once you're done your father and I said, you get through this and you can open your own bakery okay."
I giggled as she rolled her eyes at her mom. "Yes mother"
Abby and I went to our rooms and started unpacking all of our stuff. This room was much bigger than I thought it would be. Not as big as mine at home but still had a small walk-in closet and on-suite bathroom. It housed a queen size bed complete with nightstands on either side a desk pre-filled with school supplies. There was a small seating area complete with a couch and coffee table in front of a fireplace.
As I unpacked the last box my nerves started to set in. I was fine to be away from home on small trips but a year without my family and pack was so long. Xander must have felt it and he linked me
"Hey, you ok?"
"Yea I guess. Which floor is your room on Xander?"
"The first floor. Seriously what the hell."
I giggled to myself and mom looked at me. "I'm on the 3rd floor"
"Nope, Aunt Trixie is though" We both broke out laughing receiving that we know you're linking each other look from mom and dad. That was one perk to having a twin we shared our own special link. The rest of the day flew by and before I knew it Mom and Dad had to leave.
We walked them to their car and I hugged them both trying not to cry. "Talia and Xander I expect you both to be on your best behavior and do as your told!" Dad said to us both in his Alpha no-nonsense tone.
"Yes Sir"
Then he got soft "I am... I mean we are going to miss you both terribly. Xander look out for your sister and Talia you the same." We nodded our heads before Dad squished us a bear hug. "I am going to miss you both so much. I love you. You both are going to be great!" As he started to pull away I saw the tears threatening to spill from his eyes.
I threw my arms around dad's shoulders and cried "I'm going to miss you too dad." Xander went behind him and wrapped his arms around him too. "Yea dad I'm going to miss you." He then proceeded to make fake sniffing sounds which in turn caused dad to laugh and I smacked him in the back of the head.
Then mom came over and hugged us both. "I know you both will be great. I'm going to miss you. Talia don't take anyone crap and Xander back her up!" She squeezed us a little harder like she didn't want to let us go. "Oh, my babies, you both grew up so fast." I grabbed ahold of her and we both cried.
"I'm going to miss you too mom. I will show them I'm just as capable as any boy here."
My dad put his hand on her shoulder "Willow, sweetheart, we have to go. The kids have an early morning and we have a long drive."
She looked at my dad with the back-off or I will bite you look, which was funny to me. Mom and dad hardly ever were upset with each other and when they were it passed quickly. I could tell he was going to get it when they left. I linked Xander "I think dads in trouble" I could hear him snicker beside me "Yea. I wonder if mom will make him sleep on the couch." When he said that I snickered earning curious looked from our parents. They pulled us in for one last hug before getting in the car and pulling off.
Xander grabbed my hand and smiled. "It will be alright Tally. We get to go home for the holidays. Plus we have Abby and Justin here too. So we aren't alone."
I squeezed his hand "I know"
With that we went to the mess hall for dinner then to bed we had an early morning.
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