Talias Savage

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Chapter 3

I woke up and stretched my sore muscles. This first week of school has been rough. We wake up every morning and all the girls go for a run then the boys run after supper. We train for 3 hours then have lunch before heading to our classes. The boys were flipped, they had their classes first then they trained. Eventually, we would all train together but for the first 6 months, this is how it was.

They gave us Sundays off so that we could recuperate from the week. It was a nice gesture but the way I feel this morning I don't think I will ever not be sore. I grab a hot shower, get dressed, and head to the Mess hall for some breakfast. Grabbing my tray I scan the room for Xander. I finally find him sitting in the corner with Abby and Justin. Sitting down I groaned. Just using my leg muscles was so hard. Dad trained us hard but this took it to a whole other level. We all looked so miserable and as much as I loved them I wanted to go get some fresh air and shift for the sake of just doing it not because I had to.
After I finished my breakfast I stood up to leave."Well, I will see you all later. I'm going to go for a run around the grounds."
Abby threw her hands in the air and looked at me like I was nuts. "Seriously Tally! We run every day!"
Shrugging my shoulders, "Well, I'm more or less going to be exploring. I want to just let loose and have fun, not try to show everyone that I can be the next leader of the Crescent Moon Pack."
Xander's face crossed with anger before he smiled up at me. "Don't let them get to you, Talia. You are going to be great." He linked me "Want me to kick some ass?"
I loved my brother so much he was always looking out for me. "No, I'm fine."
"Ok just let me know and seriously don't listen to them"
I was really lucky to end up with a brother like Xander. Even when we bickered about who should lead the pack he stood behind me 100%. It used to be worse when we were little and we would fight about it all the time but now he just supported me. After noticing how people would talk about me and give me sideways looks, he could feel how it was slowly breaking me down. So one morning he got up and just decided the fates were dealt and he wasn't going to let me be downgraded anymore.
I leaned down and kissed him on the cheek telling everyone bye and went out into the woods. At first, I just walked around the school staying in the edge of the woods but I gradually went deeper in. Once I couldn't see anyone I shifted and took off letting my paws kick up the dirt and the wind rush through my fur. I ran for what felt like ever, jumping over rocks and fallen trees, stopping to get a drink from the small pond. It felt amazing to just let loose. I took off at another full sprint, to where I don't know but I had this sudden burst of energy that I needed to release.
"Talia it's almost time for dinner where are you?"
I looked up at the sky only to realize the sun was starting to set. I didn't realize I had been running all day. "I'm on my way, Xander. Save me a seat!"
I turned around and started to sprint back to the school. As I ran I caught the scent of something amazing. I couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was. It smelt more woodsy than the woods and I wanted to find it. I stopped in my tracks to look around and sniffed the air a bit but I couldn't figure out what it was so shaking out my fur I took off running again. I missed lunch and hadn't realized how hungry I was until Xander pointed out that it was almost dinner time. Hopefully, I get there before all the good stuff is gone.

Graysons Point of View
To say I was pissed off was an understatement. Of course, I would go to the stupid ass school and find the one I was supposed to be mated to. I'm glad I sent Mitchell and Louis ahead of me. I didn't want anyone to know that I found her. I didn't want her. I watched from the shadows as this white and black wolf ran through the woods. Her smell hit me first, she smelt like apples and cinnamon, then my wolf started to go nuts urging me to go after her but I quickly stomped him down. I didn't want a mate and I was hell bound and determined to stay away from her.
She stopped a good ways away from me and sniffed the air. I quickly and quietly moved so she wouldn't find me. I let out a breath I hadn't realized I was holding in as she took back off towards the school. So now here I was pacing back and forth. Trying to get my anger to dissipate and formulate a plan to reject her if she figures out I'm her mate.
"Gray I have our rooms secured. First floor in the boy's building. I tried to get us up on the 3rd floor but all were taken"
"Thanks, Mitchell"
I started walking towards the school. Standing out here in the woods wouldn't help me figure out my plan any better than my own crappy dorm room would. Well, here we go. I stopped and shifted and made my way through the grounds catching her scent again as I walked by the Mess Hall. I growled silently to myself and kept going to my room. This isn't going to happen if I have anything to say about it.
Walking through my door Mitchell and Louis were standing there waiting.
"Damn Gray what took you so long?"
"None of your fucking business Louis. Now, why don't both of you get the hell away from me!"
Mitchell held up his hands and shook his head. "Listen, Gray, we don't want to be here either. The sooner we get this done and over with the sooner you will control the pack without the Elders interfering. So don't bite our heads off"
I shook my head and turned around so they wouldn't see my face. If only they knew. When I didn't answer they both left but I could hear them out in the hall talking.
"Wonder who pissed in his cheerios?"
"Don't know Louis but I haven't seen him this mad in a long time. Not even when they said we had to come here?"
"Wonder what it is then Mitchell?"
"Your guess is as good as mine. Gray will tell us when he is ready."
I shook my head and yelled at them both "I can fucking hear you both now go to your rooms and get settled!" I used my alpha tone and they both left without question. The worst part was Mitchell was right. I would tell them when I was ready to but right now wasn't that time. I paced around the room taking it all in and I'm not impressed. Rolling my eyes I settled on the couch, now its time to figure out what to do about my unwanted mate.

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